How to connect electrical wire

The process of construction and home renovation doesn’t end at the walls and the floor, an important event is the correct location and the wiring in the house. However, not everyone knows the algorithm of installation of wires and junction boxes. Typically, this call a qualified electrician, but, if for any reason, it is possible to splice the wires yourself.

It is important! If you do not have the necessary skills and knowledge, it is better not to undertake the wiring is dangerous to life.

How to connect electrical wires ↑

Depending on the type and method of fastening wires, assignment Postings, at home use different types of connections. This is due to the rules of electrical safety and the features and operation of network.

There are four kinds of connection wires, all regulated by the rules of the SAE. This condition is important due to the fact that these methods meet all safety standards.

Connection terminals ↑

The installation of electricity cables is necessary to choose high-quality products is the key to safe and reliable operation. As a rule, use copper. However, in everyday life can be a situation when you have to interconnect aluminum and copper channels how to connect them in this case? It then uses this kind of connection.

Terminals represent the brass of the device, which is filled with helium. This filler prevents the oxidation of metals.

How to connect electrical wire

The terminals used for connection of wires of the same type and different types. Such connectors klassificeret into three types: spring, knife screw depending on the fixing type.

Clamps or spring clamps used to bond the channels. The mechanism of the device is simple in construction includes a spring, which lived attached to the cover, forming a safe and compact connection.

You can find the terminal connections of various types, depending on the diameter, amperage and voltage. These settings are specified by the manufacturer of the device.

How to connect electrical wireHow to connect electrical wireHow to connect electrical wire

Screw terminals are used to connect wires of different cross-sectional diameter, and stranded bundles in case they have brass ferrules. Design is a screw-pin, which is fixed to live. However, the maximum number of wires in the bundle of not more than three.

It is important! Be sure to strip the wire before winding the screw terminals.

This type of terminal is suitable for installation of copper cable in the AUX in the first place, the fact that the junction is compact and fits easily inside the box. The disadvantages include the point that the wires can zalamyvaniya and lose contact. As a result, this device requires preventive and diagnostic measures, in contrast to the clips that are guaranteed to serve up to 30 years.

Stab connectors are used to tie in main channel branches off the wires. Usually this method is used for mounting the wires to the outlet box or ground wire. The title of this kind received from the design features, which includes a knife which cuts through the wire braid, separating it.

The wiring caps ↑

Connective insulating clips(PPE), or caps used to connect wires, made of the same material. Use them both for stranded and solid wires. When installing the channels clear of insulation and twisted together. For more durable connection is required to find the optimal size, which is specified by the manufacturer. If the size is not suitable, then the quality of the bond is reduced, in fact, as the level of security.

How to connect electrical wire

Welding channels transactions ↑

Welding – the most reliable way. The peculiarity of it is that welding can only wires of the same material. However, this method has several disadvantages. First, the process requires the use of special equipment. Second, skill.

The process is simple: the channels are cleaned from coil and curl, then the end is cut off to equal lengths of each object. Only after this welding of components.

How to connect electrical wire

In an insulator the bare ends of the use of PPE caps. The application of this method is a guarantee of long operation life and reliability.

The binding posts junction ↑

This type of connection is usually used outdoors. «Nuts» or junction clamps are used for connecting the secondary channel to the main core of the wire. You can connect and diverse products, such as copper and aluminum. They are separate containers, which houses the bundle of wires.

Besides these methods, use the method of twisted wires, however, this method is unsafe, even if the ends are treated with an insulating material.

How to connect electrical wire

Therefore, the rules provide for the bonding channels of the grid just above and approved by the SAE methods.

How to connect electrical wire

We pointed out the main methods of bonding electrical conductors, but what is optimal in your situation you choose.

How to connect the wires in the junction box independently depending on the individual case? In this video, you can find a more detailed answer.

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