Installation of cables in pipes

Installation of cables in pipesPlastic and steel pipe wiring usually is only the case if the application of any other solutions becomes impossible. Usually this is done in order to protect against mechanical damage the wires themselves. Or to adverse effects from the environment does not harm insulation.

Installation of cables in pipesThe pipeline may be not fully sealed, if it helps to provide more protection. But dust and water resistance a must for anyone who really wants to achieve a good result. The connection of the pipes with each other must be sealed to make the pipe airtight. The same applies to the area where they are connected to various electrical devices, junction boxes.

Why apply this decision? ↑

Compared to Strabane, pipes always give more benefits to the owners.

  1. Cable at any convenient time, you can win, and not be afraid to compromise the integrity of the walls
  2. The line length of the wiring becomes smaller. This means that it is possible to save the cable.

Length of cable lines is really getting smaller. Go down all the off line power to the house or apartment. They reach the places where are installed the usual outlets and other types of switches. But once directly on the junction box it is necessary to raise the power supply line from the electrical panel. If it’s not to calculate in advance, in the future you may encounter some difficulties.

Important notes: Smooth pipe brands HDPE smooth or corrugated products are used for concealed wiring in walls or floors based on burning materials. Smooth pipe made of PVC suitable to hold an open transaction.

Installation of cables in pipesInside the pipe, there is the presence or absence of the so-called pullback. It allows you to easily attach the cable and tighten it if necessary.
When wiring is laid on combustible bases, e.g. wood, use only metal hose, metal pipes. This is important in the sense of General security of a house or apartment.
Staples of the appropriate size are used to attach HDPE pipe and metal products. The special plastic fasteners are used for the construction of PVC.

What is the job? ↑

Route marking of wiring – the first stage is where it all starts. In addition, at the same time carried out the operation inside the preparation of foundations, floors, partitions and walls of the nests, niches, beards and holes. You first need to make measurements for different pipe sections. Based on these data, is compiled a special form for workshops that will engage in the production of pipes.

Procurement of pipes in the MEP for the metering groove is the next stage. Usually this includes actions such as rolling or thread cutting, chamfering and bending of tubes, cutting, drying, painting, cleaning. When was created the necessary elements, products are labeled and packaged, is collected in ready-made kits.

What about the gasket? ↑

Installation of cables in pipesIs the next step. Emulsion, oil, dust, condensation, or moisture on the surface of the pipe to get in any case should not. This sealed the joints, are the gradients of the pipes to lingering boxes specifically established in advance. This will help the condensation to evaporate easier in and out of the system, even if a small amount still will appear. At low temperatures the pipes become brittle, therefore require caution.

Installation of cables in pipesClamps, straps, clamps, brackets help to consolidate the steel pipes are open. Welding is used in this case is prohibited.

Installation of cables in pipesFinally, the last step – tightening the wires. The main thing – in advance to test how reliable the design, inside which they are placed. In pipes must be tightened steel wire with a diameter of 2-5 mm Before tightening the wire, align and assemble into bundles. And connect them with a steel wire.

Features of work with HDPE pipe ↑

Installation of cables in pipes

These pipes are used not only in private houses and apartments, but also for urban water supply. Themselves products of this group can be corrugated or smooth.

Smooth-wall HDPE pipe is the solution that has found the most widespread. Wiring in this case is placed in a brick wall or into the floor. Used for mounting brackets made of metal. And then it is filled with concrete.

To turn often acquire special corrugated elements, although the modern market can offer a fairly wide range of connecting elements. If the pipes will slomaetsa the cable stretching will not be possible, because it is better not to bend the product too much.

To pass from one line point to another it is recommended to cut solid pieces. The elastic metal wire or nylon special drawing will help, if you need to tighten the wiring with the length.

What about the usual steel pipes? ↑

Such pipes are used only in the case if the base is flammable. For example, if it’s wood. The installation process in this case will be a very time-consuming when compared with plastic.

Only threaded connection or welding will help in this case to connect the pipe. Pipe Bender is a special device which, if necessary, the pipe is bent in places turns or climbs.

Any metal surfaces should be earthed. They will be connected to the PE bus switchboards. Paint special primer will help protect against corrosion.

To inside was not going to the condensate pipe is mounted with a certain slope relative to the floor. In this case, the mount will help to make the brace with the most appropriate size. This work can require some pretty serious cash outlay, and time-consuming. Themselves a metal pipe often are much more expensive than PVC or HDPE.

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