The electrical wiring in the bathroom

Wiring with your hands in the bathroom needs professional knowledge and skills. Otherwise, all work associated with the electrician, it is better to trust the professionals. Because electricity in the event of any fault can bring down household appliances, and at worst, cause significant harm to the health.

The electrical wiring in the bathroom

How to start the installation ↑

In the bathroom the water the threat of electricity increased by several times. Precisely because it is so important to electrical wiring in the bathroom and the toilet was very high quality.

The floor plan ↑

Wiring in the bathroom with their hands begins, usually, with the fact that the plan of the building. The wiring diagram in the bath specialists is created with the help of special computer programs, but novice craftsmen convenient to do it simpler: a regular pen on a piece of paper. Thanks to the roulette can all measure and draw a diagram of the bathroom, not forgetting to chart the location of doors, sewer pipes and so on.

You also need to think about the location of furniture and sanitary, because on these interior components will be chosen a place for electrical outlets.

The electrical wiring in the bathroom

The number of devices ↑

You need to calculate how much the building will devices. At least it’s the washing machine. Plus one electrical outlet is required for household appliances such as electric shaver, Hairdryer, hair tongs and so on. Another electrical outlet is needed to provide a reserve – in case of connection of new equipment, in particular shower cabins shower or towel rail.

To the walls of the bathroom were not everywhere covered with sockets, it is better to buy a double. This not only saves space, but also requires less physical effort, because for each electrical outlet in the wall to make the chase, and this is a difficult and dirty job.

Safety measures ↑

The wiring in the bathroom must meet several specific requirements.

The electrical wiring in the bathroom

Necessary conditions ↑

You can not worry about security when:

  • wiring the bathroom has a hidden method;
  • all electrical appliances are grounded;
  • no distribution electrical switchboards and switches;
  • wiring in bathroom contains a set of the RCD;
  • the sockets have a protection level against the penetration of water not less than IPX 4;
  • the outlet is mounted at a distance of not less than 60 centimeters from sources of moisture;
  • all of combining and wiring was carried out outside the room without the use of terminals,
  • in the bathroom, where powerful electrical appliances (in particular, boiler or washing machine), mounted autofilllocation.
    The electrical wiring in the bathroom

Grounding ↑

Special attention must be paid to grounding. If the building was built in the 21st century, this nuance, as a rule, been taken into account by engineers. If you live in an outdated house, then the grounding of the appliances need to worry yourself. This is done simply enough – via a switchboard, which is located in the stairwell.

Some have carried out the grounding of the instrument is quite dangerous method – using battery or sewer riser. Such a hasty decision life-threatening, because unknown, in what state are the pipes outside the apartment. The electrical wiring in the bathroom – that’s exactly the case when it is better to do a proven way, instead of looking for original solutions.

The sequence of work ↑

Separately, it is important to consider the organization of the system, allowing to equalize the potentials. This applies to a special power cable, whereby the pipe combined with cold and hot water, washing machine, sink and tub. All this combined with a ground bus, which is available at an introductory fuse box.

The construction of the grooves and connection of electric wires ↑

First, you need to prepare the walls in-depth niches in order to lay electricity cables and electric sockets. To do this, thanks to the punch doing excavation pits under electric wires (grooves), and also nests under the electrical outlet and distribution box.

Then install the escutcheon and the junction box. Electrical wires are placed in grooves, securing them to the dowels, clamps or cement mortar. The end of the wires connected to the escutcheon, not forgetting a preliminary way to protect against isolation.

The electrical wiring in the bathroom

Mounting sockets ↑

The next stage – installation of sockets. Experts suggest to consolidate the elements of the outlets that is visible after finishing work in order not to stain their materials.

Further wiring connects the machine and the device of protective switching-off. Correctness of installation check with multimeter – a special device that can detect the presence of a short circuit.If done right, the grooves can be repaired by using plaster Rotband or mixture.

The electrical wiring in the bathroom

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