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The rules of the autumn whitewash the trunks of fruit trees

The rules of the autumn whitewash the trunks of fruit trees

With the onset of cold weather, when fruit trees have already given their crops and threw leafy outfits, a garden as it freezes, plunging into a deep sleep until the first spring sun rays. This period is the best time to carry out essential activities for the preparation of the winter garden. Whitewashing fruit trees in the fall allows not only to increase the yield for next season, but also to protect the garden from many troubles in the cold season.

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Autumn whitewash the trunks of fruit trees performs several functions:

  • The reflection of the sun. Winter sun is deceptive. Its rays, especially during the thaw, often cause the appearance of burns on the bark of trees. The trunks, covered with white lime, is able to reflect the sun’s rays, speaking thus preventing overheating and cracking of the bark.
  • Protection from temperature extremes. Whitewash is a kind of thermal insulation «coat», through which the tree trunk does not overheat on a winter day and freeze at night. This «coat», speaking excellent protection of the tree against frost, prevents morozovoy on the bark, which serve as an environment for the development of the disease-causing spores and other pathogens.
  • The destruction of pathogens. Included for whitewashing fruit trees such as lime and fungicides, penetrating deeply under the bark of plants, capable of destroying the influence of the colony of harmful insects and to destroy micro-organisms and fungal spores.

A variety of whitening compositions

Option #1 — homemade whitewash

The most simple and cheap variant of the manufacture of the whitening composition is a solution of slaked lime in a simple whitewash. The ratio of the components of such a solution is: spiegasti 2 kg of lime, 300 g copper and 500 g of ferrous sulfate in 10 liters of water. Adding a solution of 1 tbsp. spoonful of carbolic acid you can further protect trees from the attacks of hares and mice.

A mixture of suitable consistency

Solution of lime whitewash mixed in a bucket until then, until it will have the consistency of thick cream

This solution is used by many gardeners since time immemorial. Though the degree of protection of such whitewashing and not high enough, but thanks to the affordable price and ease of manufacture, it remains one of the most popular for most gardeners.

In the absence of the ability to treat the surface of the barrel whitening composition, you can always use another old-fashioned way — coat the trunks in the usual mixture of clay with mullein. For this capacity to mix 2 kg of lime, 1 kg of clay, 1 kg of cow dung and 250 g of copper sulphate.

Option #2 — ready garden mix

Garden mixtures of lime and clay allow the tree «breathe».

Whitewashing of trees

If lime mortars can be applied only on the stronger trees, the clay mixture without damage to growth may be applied to young seedlings

The only disadvantage of this solution is that during the winter it gradually washed off from the trunk. Therefore, early in the spring whitewashing of fruit trees it is advisable to spend again.

Option #3 — acrylic and water-based paints

Acrylic paint, has antifungal and antibacterial components that can effectively protect the trees from any pathogens.

Store the mixture to wash

This whitewash is appropriate if the landlord is unable to timely monitor the condition of the trunk of trees: are there any protective paint on them after the winter

Council. Acrylic plaster is not a «breathable» foundations and therefore it should not be used on young seedlings.

Latex paint effective against the winter cold, but she is not able to protect the tree from harmful insects. Therefore, prior to its application in the paint domeshivayut copper components.

Rules of conduct pobelochnye works

Whitewashing of trees can begin in the second half of autumn, when the rainy season has passed, and the air temperature settled in the area of 2-3 °C. For carrying out the whitewash is better to choose a Sunny dry day.

Whitewashing can be carried out only on trees came into fruiting. Bought in the autumn season with young saplings in the winter is not bleach, as protective paint only clogs the pores of wood and does not allow the plant to develop fully, leading to his death.

Protect young seedlings from morozovoy

One-two year-old seedlings only tied with any covering material. For these purposes, best suited agrotextile

Plastic film – not the best choice, because delaying moisture, it provokes the development on a private section of the trunk mold and mildew.

Preparatory work

Before wash, you must carefully examine trees to eliminate the breeding grounds for pathogens. Tree trunks and lower bases of skeletal branches must be clean dry and sore crust, old growths and moss. Lichens, though not harm the bark of trees, but infests them. To get rid of lichens allows «washing» trunks with a solution consisting of 1 kg of salt, 2.5 kg of ash and 2 pieces of soap. All components needed to mix and pour 1 bucket of hot water, bring to a boil and cool.

Gentle cleaning of the barrel with a spatula

Cleaning can be carried out wooden spatulas, metal scrapers or brushes, to use a toothed saw blade

Work tools must be done very carefully, so as not to damage the bark of the plant. After cleaning all the wounds and damage to processed garden pitch.

If you do not have a garden Vara, you can do it yourself healing putty. To do this, mix 2 parts clay with 1 part manure, adding to the mixture of copper sulphate and straw dust. The putty should be thick like sour cream.

Holding whitewash trunks

Whitewash the trees as you can with a normal brush or using a spray gun. However, with this handy device you should be prepared for the fact that paint consumption will be much higher in comparison with the traditional way of whitewash. To facilitate the painting, it is desirable to prepare in advance of the brush corresponding to the thickness dimensions of the trunk and skeletal branches.

The application of whitewash on the trunk of the tree

Whitewashing must be carried out beginning from the lower part of the trunk and gradually rise to skeletal branches. The height of the whitewash skeletal branches should be 20-30 cm from the point of branching

A visual aid showing the main secrets of a competent whitewash:

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