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Acacia yellow for hedges

Made with their hands a hedge of acacia is a plant that is planted for protection and fencing of a certain territory. The most common seedlings for such a fence using trees, vines, shrubs.

Acacia yellow for hedges

Varieties of plants for planting ↑

Plants suitable for a living fence, subdivided into several varieties:

  1. The embodiment of flowering:
  • blooming;
  • evergreen;
  • deciduous;
  • curly.
    Acacia yellow for hedges
  1. Height:
  • low (up to 1 meter). For such fences pick currants, barberry, boxwood, bloodroot;
  • medium (1-1. 5 meters). This fence is made from Privet, juniper, cotoneaster;
  • high (greater than 1.5 meters). Involve the planting of lilacs, ornamental Crabapple, Linden, hawthorn.
  1. Type:
  • formed;
  • free growing.

Free-growing form of fences, flowering shrubs and plants with bright fruits and flowers. Due to contact between crowns of trees, the area does not get sunlight.

Hedge assumes a regular geometric form, suggests a systematic haircut.

Shrubs of acacia yellow is the best option for the design of the suburban area.

Acacia yellow for hedges

Hedge of acacia yellow well propagated by cuttings, sliced from a year branches.

The harvesting of cuttings, preferably in spring and autumn. In the fall, a similar procedure is carried out after the completion of the period of vegetation of plants in the spring before Bud break. Cuttings after harvesting need to sprinkle with soil to protect them from the preliminary drying.

The benefits of using this plant:

  • the original design of the site;
  • introduction «lively» the option of the enclosing structure;
  • the aesthetics of the suburban area;
  • protection of a garden small house from wind gusts;
  • the production of oxygen by plants «a living fence» – a method of producing clean air;
  • additional insulation of various noises.
The Council! When dry and hot weather requires constant watering seedlings. To retain maximum moisture on the landing place of acacia, can close the hole with humus or manure.

Disadvantages of planting shrubs:

  • long period of the formation of a living fence;
  • ongoing care of the tree, replacement of dead shrubs;
  • the need for the crown formation, the periodic cutting of acacia;
  • the periodicity of flowering leads to the fact that in winter, the fence will be «naked».
    Acacia yellow for hedges

Features planting ↑

  • The optimal time for planting the cuttings of this shrub is early spring. After thawing of the soil at 15-20 cm you can start planting live fences;
  • planting cuttings is carried out in the wells, which are pre-made wooden pointed peg.
Attention! Cuttings of acacia yellow is impossible to stick into the soil until the hole is made at the plant, otherwise there is a high risk of damage to the root system.

Acacia yellow for hedges

The nuances of the formation of a living fence ↑

Pruning of the crown. Pruning acacia yellow allows you to form a crown, to increase the splendour of plants, and stimulate plant growth. There are three types of this process: the formation of sanitation, a rejuvenation of the crown.

Trim molding allows you to:

  • to give the shrub acacia some form;
  • to limit further growth;
  • to regulate flowering.
  • to prevent the appearance of dry twigs;
  • to eliminate zahumensky;
  • to protect the acacia from diseases and pests.

Acacia can be given a conical, cubic, columnar, spherical, said to be of parallelepipedal shape.

Rejuvenating pruning of acacia allows you to remove a living fence of old branches. This procedure contributes to the development of the root system, stimulates the body.

Acacia yellow for hedges

The formation of the fence begins in the first year of planting. First trimmed annual growth, the lower buds partially leave. Video:

The Council! Pruning acacia is held 2-3 times in one season. After achieving a decorative shrub age, pruning is performed in spring (before Bud break) and autumn (after leaves drop).

To improve the appearance of a decorative fence of bamboo, it is important periodic sprinkling. This allows you to refresh the crown sheet, to remove dust, improve the metabolism, removed from the acacia spider mites, aphids.

During the complex care of decorative fence like bushes, adherence to feeding, watering, this plant will delight their owners with beautiful blooms, pleasant smell, amazing tenderness. With decorative shrubs to your gardening area, you will see a piece of Paradise.

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