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Weed control on the lawn or how to save your lawn

Weed control on the lawn or how to save your lawn

If the grown young vengeance raged lawn weeds, it’s time to declare immediate war. Otherwise, the immature grass will be squeezed out of a more powerful root system of weeds, and when they will enter a phase of insemination, to bring them will be much more difficult. Tune that weed control on the lawn will be one of the points of the permanent care of the lawn, because even after three years, the sod is able to break the dandelions, couch grass and other perennials.

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The beginning of the struggle for six months before planting grass

According to the rules of farming the first battle the weeds give when just starting to prepare the ground for the establishment of the lawn. Ie host delineates the boundaries of the future lawn and from the soul sheds its surface herbicides continuous action, which destroy all vegetation polls. Such drugs include Errokiller, Tornado, etc.

The action of herbicides appears 5-7 days after spraying, and the plants gradually dry up. After 2 weeks you can dig up the soil, choose all the roots of perennial weeds and compacted the pad, not zaseeva her. Then waiting on the field ready to rise a fresh crop of weeds, spill it with the same herbicide and leave for a month alone to complete the expansion of chemistry.

The chemical weeding of weeds before planting the lawn

During the preparation of sites for seeding lawn grasses, the land is treated with herbicide twice to skopke and after the first weed

Sowing grass beginning not earlier than a month after Straits herbicides. Otherwise surviving in the land of the poison may partially destroy the seeds.

As you can see, the pre-fight is stretched in time, and better to start it either in the summer and in the fall to sow grass, or in August-September, leaving the lawn for the winter «fallow», and in early spring sowing. This method of treating burns great annuals that particularly bother the grass in the first year of life. But the roots of dandelion, couch grass, plantain can survive in the soil even after such a harsh Hieropolis.

Destruction of weeds in the first season of the life of the lawn

If pre-treatment of the weeds were not in the first season, they actively begin to win a place in the sun the thin shoots of grass. Honestly, even after herbicides are harmful «neighbors» still appear, but not in such numbers. So the struggle continues, but becomes more careful to preserve the young greens.

Beauty haircuts: inhibit the growth of annuals

To destroy annual weeds in the lawn, try to mow them with the grass before the onset of flowering. In this case, they will not have time to form seeds and scatter them across the ground. From cutting the roots of annual plants do not die, but the plant will become weakened. Second and subsequent harvests completely «will finish» pests. Mowing the lawn as overgrown, but not less than once in two weeks.

Tip! The first mowing try to spend only when blades of grass rise to a height of about 7 cm, otherwise it will be difficult to recover.

Combing rake: destroys low-growing creeping weeds

In addition to annuals, there are creeping plants that do not fall under the cutting height and quietly move on. These include chickweed, bindweed, etc. are at war With them with the help of mopping the lawn with a rake. When cutting with trimmers you still have to shovel left on the lawn grass, but the lawn mower to collect anything not necessary. So the owners specifically combing the lawn, to undermine the roots of creeping plants and scrape the felt, which accumulates near the roots of grass. Felt form a dried blade of grass. If not removed, the quality of the pitch will become worse and can develop bald spots.

Equipment and accessories for the war with perennials

The worst enemy of the lawn – perennials with strong rhizomes: sow Thistle, dandelion, plantain and others with Scythes and mowers don’t take it, because the roots will immediately Wake up the dormant buds which will grow even more powerful plant. This type of weeds in the lawn are removed by hand only. And remove must be so stretched out the whole root. Any remainder will form a new weed.

Manual weed

If long time no rain, then to pull perennial weeds by hand is useless: part of the roots still remain in the soil

If the entire procedure is done with their own hands, the only convenient time – after the rains. The soil should be some dry so that the roots just slipped from her. But it happens that weather this feature you have not provided, and time is short. In this case, use garden tools designed for digging out these weeds. They produced several variants.

Extractor weeds. Developed by the German company GARDENA especially for gardeners who for health reasons are unable to weed bent. Has a length of 110 cm, so you can remove the weeds in a standing position. Working principle: put the tip in the center of the weed, roll and pull along with the plant. Fixture expensive, but experienced growers claim that justifies itself.

Extractor weeds

The principle of operation of the extractor of weeds is simple: insert power pin to ground, roll 180 degrees and pull the plant along with root

Blade to eliminate rhizomatous weeds (second name – cornouaille). Similar in form to the child’s shoulder, only working part narrow and elongated to 30 cm Metal has a bend angle to cover the weed from different angles. Enters deep into the soil, pulling the plant with roots, but in order to drive the tool in the long-term lawn will have to exert considerable force. Such a tool produces and GARDENA, and the Russian brand Cybertech.


Corneoscleral easy in the soft soil, young grass, but in the tightly bound sod it necessary to drive with force

If such a purchase you do not have the funds, take the metal area with a length of two feet or more, sharpen its edge at an angle and weld the top arm so that she was to take two hands (shaped like sword). This area you will be able to drive to a sufficient depth and to hook even the huge horseradish roots. However, have to bend down to pull a plant.

If you use any of the tools after removal of the weed is in your lawn will remain empty earthen hole. It is necessary to stamp down, and if the diameter is large, then interplant the grass, otherwise the wind will cause new weeds.

Rules for cleaning the lawn «at the age of»

Do not expect that a year from turf grass from weeds to get rid of. With all your efforts, the seeds will still germinate, because they are in the soil billions. So even on thick-rooted lawn periodically «enemies». If the lawn is already a year old or more – go to chemical attacks by using selective herbicides. Most popular Lontrel-Sood created specifically for the processing of strawberry plantations and lawns. He destroys on the lawn all vegetation except grasses. Especially good against dandelions. Treated sites one week after mowing.

If perennials were scattered across the area, and only in certain places, you can use «acupuncture». For this purpose, a conventional medical syringe, in which pour the ready solution of the herbicide. Insert the tip into the center of the weed and release the poison directly into the stem and the beginning of the root. Such an approach allows not to overload the chemistry of the grasses, and dandelion, which did «vaccination», will gradually dry up and disappear. In this case, the lawn will not appear empty seats, which will have to interplant.

Treatment with herbicides

Herbicides are not sprayed on the entire lawn area, and locally, in places of a congestion of weeds in order not to poison the chemistry of cereals

Why is the lawn overgrown with moss and lichen?

If the problem lawn were the mosses and lichens, their appearance provoked poor care and remoisture soil. Try first to improve aeration through perforations turf garden views or a special foot operated aerators. Feed the grass and proizvestkovat. And if that doesn’t help, have to think about the drainage ditches at the edges of the lawn.

Aeration from mosses

Often mosses and lichens disappear from the lawn after you establish a permanent aeration, cutting sod with a garden fork once a week

Often mosses are attacking the lawn, located in a shady place. If the create shadow trees, try them lightly prune and thin out branches. And to control weeds your lawn has received even greater benefits, make of them a liquid fertilizer and fertilize the grass periodically.

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