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Tiered and raised beds: design rules

Tiered and raised beds: design rules

Tiered flower beds as an element of landscape design Dating more often, but still remain a novelty. This bed looks very original, impressive, volumetric, space is less than usual, because the lower tier is not too large, followed by smaller area. Bunk beds with their hands to create many vacationers, making your garden more attractive and bright.

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The main points when creating multi-layer composition

There are many options for creating a multi-tiered flower beds using different materials. The construction didn’t seem bulky, and looked elegant. When you create a vertical flower beds need to pay attention to the background. The best background for the flower beds – the green of the grass, hedges or shrubs.

Kind of beds depends largely on the colors: when using colors of the same color it will look completely different than planted with colorful flowers.

Designers not suggest to use single layer flowers of different sizes. Tiered flower beds look very organic, if in the lower layer to plant the flowers with the largest inflorescence, and in the subsequent use of smaller flowers. But if at all tiers of flowers are used, the size of which is approximately the same, the bed also looks great.

The bed of wooden barrels

To create bunk beds used wooden barrel, the result is an interesting composition, where the upper parts look good dahlias at the bottom — the succulents. The barrel can be installed anywhere in the yard and garden

Bunk bed wood

An example of creating a tiered flower bed made of wood. Used four containers without a bottom, positioned in a special way, in educated corners decorated with flowers

Tiered flower bed

The result is a beautiful three-dimensional flower bed that will enhance any area in the garden. Colours are well matched in color for each layer, forming a harmonious combination

Design flower beds of this type is that water from the lower tiers will flow away, going downstairs. Accordingly, for the bottom you need to choose moisture-loving flowers and plants and drainage, and for the top – those not afraid of drought. When creating a multi-tiered flower beds choose flowers with long flowering, which bloom at the same time – so flowerbed for a long time will keep an attractive appearance and does not need to be updated. Although some like the contrast to change the appearance of the flower beds for summer, planting new flowers. It’s a matter of taste.

To create a multi-tiered flower beds will suit such unpretentious flowers, as pansies, Petunia, nasturtium, pelargonium, begonia, calendula, marigolds. Flowers can be combined arbitrarily. If the flowers of one plant have different color, such as pansies, begonias or petunias, you can create a beautiful flower bed, using only one plant with different colors. Work on a multi-tiered flower bed — it works where you are virtually unlimited. Unleash your imagination, and you will be able to create a masterpiece in your garden.

What is the easiest way to make a flowerbed?

Building blocks

Building block can play a role of container for flowers, which can be collected from the flower garden. The blocks of porous concrete light, flowers whether planted in the hollow inside. In the ground dug in a recess in the form of beds, down filled layer of crushed stone. Then tier for tier in accordance with the selected shape laid out the blocks, they poured earth and planted flowers.

Flower bed blocks

To create a vertical bunk beds are special blocks-trays having truncated side. Such beds will not have problems with the outflow of water from the upper tiers, you only need to create a good drainage layer at the bottom

Blocks-trays have truncated sides, available construction firms, specially for beds. Tiered design and flower beds can be manufactured to special order in one of the companies that does that.

Old tires

Flowerbed of tires can be a decoration of your garden, if you get creative, paint old tires and place them in an interesting way. As with any vertical beds, the bottom is drainage – expanded clay, gravel, branches. The tires are cut crosswise and then into strips, the largest is used as the bottom base. The lower band is rolled into a ring, slightly deepened in the ground and filled with earth. Similarly, create the following tiers. Watch that space for planting flowers was enough, given that over time they will grow.

Flowerbed of tires

To create such beds used whole tyres, for the top levels of the bottom to make a tray. The bright colors used for painting tires, harmonize with the bright colors

How to make a bed out of tires

Flowerbed of tires, cut into strips. In this case, all the tyres are painted in one color. Holes for planting flowers at the right distance with the growth of plants

There is a good video on this topic:

Another option is a raised flowerbed

Covering the topic, it is impossible to say about raised beds. This element of landscape design came to us from England. This flower bed is broken in the florist raised to a distance of 15 cm to a meter above the ground.

A raised flowerbed

The original look of raised beds, round in shape, this is a worthy decoration for any corner of the garden and yard. You can arrange them on the ground and on a solid basis

A raised flowerbed can be fenced with walls of different materials – wood, stone, brick. Inside the structure it is necessary to make a drainage layer. Similar beds have been successfully used for decoration of venues for recreation, barbecue, but by itself, a single raised flower bed to decorate the yard and garden. For such beds it is better to use annuals – bulbs and perennial plants above ground level can not withstand harsh winters and freezing. The material used to create flowerbeds can emphasize the style of the garden. For example, for the garden in country style will fit the bricks in a regular garden beautiful flower bed with natural stone.

From raised flower beds, in addition to the original kinds, there are other benefits. If the soil in your area is not fertile, the inside of the flower beds you can create any terms and to plant interesting plants. Plants have space to grow more than in the container and care for them easier as no need to constantly bend, as in the care of an ordinary flower bed.

Option raised flower beds

A raised flowerbed in a rustic style. Bright flowers look great against the greenery of the lawn, and take care of the flowerbed is easy and pleasant

For creating tiered raised beds and convenient to use building blocks. Especially just to use them to create a rectangular flowerbed.

Raised flower bed – the place where they will grow well and look showy ornamental grass – casual arrangement of Japanese pampas grass, giant feather, comb Wheatgrass etc. Well it will look and wildflowers if the background is green lawn. Plant on a raised bed need more frequent watering, just like any other elevation. And vertical stacked, and a raised flower bed in the evening, highlight, light sources can be positioned both on the ground and among the plants.

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