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Decoration of flower beds: the basic rules and examples of creating with their hands

Decoration of flower beds: the basic rules and examples of creating with their hands

Flower beds and flower beds in the garden are primarily intended for aesthetic enjoyment. But beyond that, they serve another important role: acting as a continuation of the house, flower arrangements enable you to piece together the appearance of the buildings with the vegetation of the garden. The knowledge of the secrets of landscape designers how to design a flower bed will allow any gardener to create on the suburban area of floral arrangements that aside from aesthetic appeal, create an atmosphere of harmony and comfort.

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General rules of creating beautiful flower beds

Thinking through the design of the beds with their hands it is advisable to follow the basic rules of landscape design.

Rule #1 — the integrity of the picture

Garden – the picture that is emerging from the collection of landscape compositions. The task of the gardener: to bring each of the elements of the landscape to perfection. Meaningless Seating of plants on site will not give the desired result. So, not being able to weed the whole area, to get started is to elevate only a small part of it, but to make it complete.

Tiered flower garden on a Sunny plot

Harmonious beautiful flower beds are created by a combination of mixed plantings, which includes both annuals and perennials as flowering and dekorativnolistvennye plants

Rule #2 — placing the plants in growth

The principle of stacked involves placing in the foreground groundcover and low-growing plants that act as a backdrop for flowering medium flowers.

A medium-tall perennials, speaking soloists flower garden, will be the center of attention. The most impressive look of tapeworms in the background tall plants with ornamental foliage or flowers in contrasting shades. Successful and the combination of perennials and tall and medium-tall companions that match the color and shape of.

Elegant “pillow” of podvorotnya

Quite unpretentious and with a distinctive texture and leaf color diversity of povorotnyi, can quite quickly fill the empty places are perfect for decoration of flower beds at the cottage

Rule #3 — the architecture of the flower garden

Depending on the landscape features of the site and its dimensions, the design of flower beds can be made in the form of flat compositions, and slightly raised and framed decorative tiles or stones.

Flower garden design for corner plot

Shapes of flower beds can be highly diverse, ranging from free do not have clearly defined boundaries and completing the original curly and wavy

Originally designed flower garden

In order to give the unusual shape of the flower bed, you can use any of the items in everyday life: the barrel and basket, old cars, boats and even beds

In order to make a flowerbed in front of the house, which will be the expressive decoration of the garden and will enjoy a blooming splendor during the season, you need to start draw a plan on paper. This creative work will allow not only to organize the thoughts in my head, but to visualize the images of floral arrangements, creating the most successful combination.

The layout of the plants in the flower garden

For work it is desirable to use colored pencils: bright paint stains schematics group and point soliternyh planting in the flower garden allows to distribute plants with different colors and flowering periods

Scheme beds of perennials that bloom in the first year

According to the plan in the background will house Terry mallow (1) door with decorative sunflower Teddy Bear (2), before him — Bush poppy (3) and St. John’s wort (4). Tape lobeline (5) give the composition of dynamism. Purple blue accents will put Catnip (6), bell (7) and Kalanchoe (8). The foreground is a Geum (9), stonecrop (10) and Aquilegia (11)

The scheme is just a rough sketch: the final decision of the optimal placement of flowers will come in the process plant.

Scheme original design flower beds

Painstaking choosing and combining flowering plants, you can create many variations of flower beds, in which will reign the beauty of the first days of spring until frost. Greatly facilitate the process of creating flower beds will allow the finished projects flower beds.

Option #1 — Central flowerbed

The scheme of the Central flower bed is one of the simplest.

Schematic design of a simple circular flower bed with a selection of plants

The shape of the flower has the form of concentric circles: the centre is filled temnolistnaya Cannes (1), which are the soloists of the composition, then in a circle planted zelenolistnyh Cannes (2), dekorativnolistvennye the gnafaliumom (3) and snapdragons (4)

Option #2 — «Vienna flower»

One of the options how to make beautiful round flower bed to create a composition in the form of a flower. Flowerbed, decorated in the form restrictage flower looks especially elegant and festive, and because under its arrangement it is desirable to take a Central place in the garden.

Schematic design of flowerbeds “Vienna flower” with a selection of plants

The center of the composition are beautiful white Wallflowers (1), framing serves as a border planting Alpine forget-me-not (2) against the background of turf grass (3). The outer contour of the ornament create a viola (4), primrose (5), zinnias (6) framed dekorativnolistvennye speckled beauties alternately (7) and financecom (8)

Option #3 — «Curlicue»

Round bed, decorated with repetitive wave-like elements, which are a motley sun-loving perennials, allows you to create a real parade of colors at solar stage.

Schematic design of flowerbeds “Whimsical pattern” with a selection of plants

In the center of the bed is squat hamerops (1) with a gorgeous crown of fan-shaped leaves, in its shadow hid Georgievna zinnia (2), a contrast which made the Coleus (3). Solitary planting dracaena (4) in conjunction with group plantings of pelargonium (5) and begonias (6) create a whimsical pattern of swirls, which looks impressive against the background of turf grass (7)

Option #4 — «A piece of cake» in the corner of the garden

The flower of this form there is a place in any corner of the garden.

View of flower garden “cake”

Plant composition in Burgundy-red, fringed with silver fringe, which is only a few metres square, will become an elegant decoration for garden

Scheme corner flower beds

The angle of flower beds filled three Bush daylily with maroon flowers (1), a contrasting background for the silvery leaves of wormwood (2). The center of the composition – clumps of bright red plant (3), the corner elements are bushes korostovychi Macedonian (4), silvery edge – Stachys (5)

The proposed schemes are only a guideline: for lack of desire or ability to buy a particular plant it is always possible to replace a favorite flower, represented in the same colours and have similar flowering periods.

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