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Design monochrome flower beds and monocortical: how to create a monochromatic garden?

Design monochrome flower beds and monocortical: how to create a monochromatic garden?

The last peep of landscape mode – Monovette and monochromatic flowerbeds. They decorate a very solid place: the front entrance to the presidential palaces, the main urban squares and parks, the area’s luxury hotels and resorts. What our cottages and country houses are worse? To create a newfangled design of flower beds and flower beds easy. But the area immediately acquires a festive look. The main thing is to combine plants and make sure that after flowering the flower bed, not emptied, and kept attractive. Try to understand all the intricacies of creating a monochromatic floral «decorations».

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Monochrome flower bed and monoclynic: what is the difference?

Foreign console «mono» suggests that the bed will sit only one variety of plants. Ie you create a sort of a continuous carpet of tulips, hyacinths, Salvia, etc. Colors do not necessarily have to be all one color, but the appearance, height and time of flowering must coincide.

Flowerbed of petunias

Three species of Petunia used in the flower bed, broken only by a silver band cineraria, which serves as a transition from dark pink to light varieties of plants

Plain flowerbed – another variant of the design. In this case, the plants are planted different ways, but choose only those that match the color of the leaves and buds.

Rules for creating monolitico

As monolithic has a Grand, even slightly Royal look, it is not suitable for so-called natural styles of landscape where all the plants look naturally like in the wild. This country design flower beds shows only regular styles with precise geometry.

The elongated bed of roses

Flower garden of roses twine stretches along the entire length of the site, creating a hedge, and perfectly contrasts with the short cropped grass

The choice of the location

The most beneficial look moniklubi at the main entrance to the area near the front doors and in the area. It is desirable that such a flower could be made out from all sides of the site, because of the bright flowering plain spot is sure to attract the stares of curious passers-by.

Define the shape of the flower beds

To enhance the solemnity of floral decoration, flower bed, decorated in clear geometric shapes: square, oval, circle, rhombus. Be sure to use some fencing to highlight the boundaries of the flower garden. It can be a decorative fence, mulching with bark, vystlannye colored gravel, etc. the gravel should not repeat the colors of the blossoms, but to be contrasting. It will emphasize the solidity of the flower bed and make it a brighter color.

Rules of selection of plants

It seems that monocromo easier to create than the combined where it is necessary to consider the compatibility of plants, their different requirements for soil, etc. And then planted the same in the whole area – and you’re done. But in this lies the main difficulty: combination flower garden always decorative, because while some grow the flowers, cover them with perennials and ornamental shrubs. In monochrome will cover no one, because all plants germinate at the same time, bloom and …will begin to disappear. Therefore, the main task of the cottager is to consider the selection of plants that flower bed were not empty until the fall. I.e. as soon as the wither alone, should be finished other seedlings for planting. Either pick up the flowers those that are decorative all season due to leaf.

Flower garden of tulips

Flower garden of tulips creates a beautiful clear picture, giving the whole landscape an organized and strict form, and harmonizes perfectly with paving slabs

Various embodiments of monokrom

The easiest way to make a flower bed from «LP» plants. For example, from Cannes. In the centre are planted tall varieties, and closer to the edges of Cannes a little smaller. Due to the different heights of the bed will look with a pyramid of when to begin flowering, the inflorescence, tiered, to create an interesting, far-visible effect.

An example of a solid decorative carpet can be monoclona of lilies of the valley. Low plants have a glossy textured leaves, which lose their appeal only to the end of autumn. And white bells in may and red berries in August look like a forest glade dotted with small flowers or fruits.

Flowerbed of lilies of the valley

Monocromo of lilies of the valley create a profitable in areas of constant shade, where other plants will not have enough sunlight

Urban design often use Monovette removable type in which the decorative effect is maintained due to timely planting new plants. So, for spring flowering use bulbs that are planted in the autumn, so in early may to have a luxurious blooming garden. The most gorgeous, of course, tulips. If their height does not fit into your design at the cottage, use for the flower garden hyacinths. While the flowerbed is blooming on the windowsills or in the greenhouse must grow seedlings for the second planting cycle. This can be a Pansy, Petunia, ageratum. Then comes the turn of Salvia, marigolds or fall asters, which will decorate the site with blooms up to the first frosts.

Flowerbed of marigolds

To accelerate the development of marigolds and make them fast to bloom, it is necessary to grow seedlings in the greenhouse, as soon as the April days

The principles of combination of plants in monochromatic flower beds

Picking flowers by colors

When complete one-color flower bed, then to get into one tone is quite difficult. Usually choose the monochrome palette. For example, if you select the main tone of pink, the flowers can be light pink, dark pink, blurred red, and so on from Afar this flowerbed will play shimmering tones and it looks beautiful.

Depending on the location and size of the flower bed, make it the same height or tiered. Small flower beds look more advantageous with low-growing flowers, large with multistage compositions.

Lilac flower garden

To divide plants into tiers using transitional links, like grasses or tall grasses that add to the picture of greenery and slightly break the monotony beds

Be sure to take into account the flowering period of all landings to a flower bed bloomed all season, keeping the specified colour.

White bed

If the house planned a summer wedding, white flower beds will be the perfect natural backdrop for such a celebration, giving the ceremonial mood of the entire plot

Option #1 — blue flowerbed

For the blue flower beds, you can collect the following types of plants:

  • early flowering: some sort of anemone, hyacinth, Scylla;
  • may blossom: Muscari, Viper onion, iris, len;
  • June: Phlox, Veronica austriaca, Nigella Damascus;
  • July-August: gladiolus, geranium meadow;
  • blooming all summer: Lobelia erinus, Felicia amaleena (different blue Daisy);
  • autumn asters.
Purple plant diversity

Of this purple variety of plants you can choose the ones that better survive in your climate and are inexpensive

Option #2 — yellow flowerbed

For flower beds yellow shades are best suited:

  • early flowering: primrose, forsythia (ornamental shrub), daffodils, crocuses;
  • may flowering: tulips, irises, Aquilegia;
  • June: doronikum, twine roses;
  • July-August: heliopsis, decorative sunflower, rudbeckia;
  • flowering all summer and autumn: gelenium, marigolds, yarrow targowy, Cannes.
Yellow-orange flowerbed

Flowerbed in monochrome yellow and orange colors created just two types of plants mixed together. Moreover, the lower layer serves as the backdrop for tall tulips

Option #3 — red flowerbed

For the device the red beds use:

  • early flowering: primroses, anemones;
  • may flowering: tulips, red periwinkle (Vinca);
  • June: geranium, twine roses, peonies, a poppy;
  • July-August: Astra annuals, dahlias, Malva;
  • flowering all summer and autumn: red daisies, Salvia, begonias, Cannas.
Red flowerbed

The red effect from the beds reinforced with the same color of the gravel and stones that distinguish this area and concentrates on her looks all the guests of the area

When you create a monochromatic flower garden design with their hands, it will become a Central focus in your yard, because this enhanced the concentration of color involuntarily looker.

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