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Irga for hedges

Irga for hedgesHedge – a great alternative to the fence. It is not only beautiful but also functional. Properly planted trees cottage hidden from prying eyes residential buildings, will protect the area from debris and dust and also will saturate the air with oxygen. If the hedge be planted from the fertile shrubs such as Saskatoon, it is possible to gather a great harvest of juicy berries and useful.

How to plant irgu ↑

Planting of Saskatoon needs to be timely and done according to a strict algorithm. If the process of planting the berries are produced with errors, lush and fertile hedges can not be achieved.

There are two types of landing:

  1. Sowing seeds and nurturing saplings independent.
  2. Planting already grown plants, store-bought.

Irga for hedgesIrga for hedges

Of course, the first option is the most laborious and time-consuming, however, it allows the selection of the most sturdy and high quality seedlings for hedges. The seeds of amelanchier sown in a specially prepared greenhouses require copious irrigation and cultivated for about 2 years.

If you grow seeds there is no time or a green thumb is not enough experience, it is better to give preference to the purchase of seedlings. In this case, you should very carefully approach the choice of material for the future hedge. Good procurement is considered a young tree with a length of not less than 40 and not more than 70 cm Trunk diameter should be almost 1 cm Roots good seedling shadberry represent half of the barrel and reach a length of 35 cm.

Irga for hedges

What kind of game is best suited for hedges ↑

In the CIS the most common species of amelanchier, which are used for hedge:

  • Saskatoon berries;
  • Ordinary;
  • Canadian or Saskatoon Lamarck;
  • Eared;
  • Rotundifolia.
The Council! If subsequently, a hedge Tinker is not desirable, it is better to give preference to the Irga ordinary, she is the most unpretentious of the above.

Any of these types can be used to create a hedge, it’s a matter of taste, and subsequent expectations of the crop.

It is important! Pigweed round-leaved and the game are classified as ornamental trees, so the harvest will not give.

Irga for hedges

But the largest and most juicy fruits can boast of Saskatoon Lamarck.

Irga for hedges

Preparation and planting ↑

Planting of shrubs should be done in spring or autumn in the place where a lot of light and fertile soil. It can be sod-podzolic loamy or land. Algorithm preparation and planting of shrub is:

  1. Marking the landing site. So how Saskatoon will grow quite quickly and luxuriantly, you must strictly adhere to the principle of landing and the distance between the bushes. Hedge of amelanchier is planted in a staggered manner with respect to the distance between trees in the range of from one-half to two meters.
    Irga for hedges
  2. Preparation of holes. In the intended for planting areas, preparing holes with a depth of about half a meter. The width of each hole should be about 80 cm.
    Irga for hedges
  3. Planting seedlings. Into each hole is lowered a sapling of Saskatoon, sprinkled with earth and abundantly watered.
    Irga for hedges
  4. Trim. Planted trees need to be shortened with secateurs so that the surface was about 10 inches of the barrel on which at least five developed kidney.
    It is important! Trimming is only done if the fence is planted in spring, in autumn don’t need to do.

    Irga for hedges

  5. The mulching. The final stage is an organic mulching. Ideal for seedlings shadberry fit of a mixture of peat or bark.
    Irga for hedges

How to care for fence ↑

Irga for hedgesFortunately, the game belongs to the category of undemanding shrubs that will not require excessive force to clean. However, some actions are to be done regularly to hedge looked aesthetically pleasing and was fertile. Basic care is regular watering, weeding, fertilizing, and trimming bushes.

Irga for hedges

Water the shrub regularly better, especially in the hot summer, then the harvest will be especially rich. Also, favorably on the plant will affect the irrigation of cool water.

Cleansing the soil of weeds will get rid of rivals, competing for nutrients and moisture contained in the earth, and give the fence a noble kind.

Hedge trimming is one of the most important aspects of growing hedges. If we neglect the cutoff of the branches every six months, it is possible to obtain tangled bushes randomly growing up. Look, this fence will be running and picking berries much trouble. The perfect time for trimming bushes – early spring and Golden autumn.

It is important! Fertilize the Irga is best in the summer after the crop is harvested.

To use to nutrient enrichment recommended organic humus, a solution of mullein or bird droppings.

Read more about the benefits, features, planting and care of the Irga can be learned from this video:

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