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Planting Scots pine for hedges

Planting Scots pine for hedgesNeedles have long been known for its unique properties. It’s not just beautiful trees, it is also a source of useful ether vapour and mineral elements.

Planting Scots pine for hedges

Planting coniferous strip of pine trees near your plot, you can build a great fence that will not only please the eye, but also bring benefits.

Features fence made of pine ↑

Hedge of pine earned the admiration and recognition of many landscape designers and their clients. However, during the construction of pine fencing, it is important to remember a few nuances:

  1. Positioning a strip of pine trees rationally on the North side of the territory. There is precious seedlings’t darkened the sun and when pine gets older, it will be a great protection from snow and wind. While at the site during the daytime will not be dark because the trees that grow in the North, not creating the shadow.
  2. To the choice of pine seedlings must be approached very scrupulously. Many people take advantage of inexperienced buyers and is efficiently grown seedlings sell copies, dug in the woods. Of course, forest pines is nothing wrong, but for hedges, they will not fit. The difference of quality planting material in a well-developed root system.
  3. The ideal age of seedlings for hedges three years. If setting up a hedge of Scots pine, the tree length should not exceed half a meter away.

Planting Scots pine for hedgesPlanting Scots pine for hedges

Preparing for landing ↑

After you have chosen the landing site and bought seedlings, you can start to prepare the soil. Pine cannot be called unpretentious, it needs in a comfortable environment and with easy nezakonchennoy the soil. If on the North side of the plot is a clay soil, can not do without preparation.

Planting Scots pine for hedges

The Council! In the dirt the earth needs to be drainage. To make it better from natural ingredients such as sand and fragments of bricks. But for ideal growth, you can fertilize the soil a mixture of peat, humus and sand.

The next stage – the markup of the site. It is important to observe the distance between plants, optimally one and a half meters for the dwarf varieties of rocks and about 4 meters high pine trees. Planted pine is better in a checkerboard pattern. Holes for planting should go in depth from 50 cm to one meter. You must remember that pine is a tree that grows mostly upwards and not fluff out to the sides.

Planting Scots pine for hedges

Seedlings are placed in holes backfilled with a mixture of peat, sand and humus, the ground dropwise and carefully pour fresh water. When planting it is necessary to carefully examine the instance on the subject of damaged and diseased shoots. If it finds any, it makes sense to carefully remove the shears.

Planting Scots pine for hedges

The third stage of the formation of the fence is necessary in cases when the selected grade of beech. With the help of a special frame, stiff wire or mesh netting need to strengthen the crown of each seedling, otherwise later it will be uneven and ruin the whole look.

Planting Scots pine for hedges

Comment! In order not to spend additional efforts on the formation of the crown, it is best to use for hedges of mountain pine.

After planting is completed, a crown is formed, you can make an easy cut pine trees, however, do not get carried away. Pine does not become thicker after pruning, in place of the remote escape grows a new one, but no more. Haircut is appropriate when some branches are damaged or too distracting from the overall picture, and also at intensive growth of seedlings.

Planting Scots pine for hedges

It is important! Harmless for pine is the removal of shoots that are younger than three years. The number of cut branches should not exceed 1/3 of the total number of shoots.

Further care of fence ↑

When a hedge of pine trees planted, you can start preparation for further care. As mentioned above, conifers are not taxing, so you need to carefully monitor their growth and observe a number of rules for care:

  1. Regular weeding. Weeds in the planting site should not be. If they appear, you should immediately remove them from the root. It is not necessary to use the hoe, as the soil will the roots and the weed will be twice as much.
  2. Watering the hedges need to produce every two days.
  3. Fertilize the seedlings can be nitrogen and phosphorus additives, especially if the trees begin to fade or lose color.
  4. Cut shoots to form the correct shape of pine trees is permissible only in the spring and autumn seasons. In the summer this should not be done!
  5. In hot weather watering and irrigation branches should be the most intense.
  6. If some of the twigs are dry, they should be gently removed with a pruning shear.

Features of cutting pine trees, you can learn from this video:

Planting Scots pine for hedges

Nurturing hedges of pine trees can be difficult, but if you make the effort to carefully watch and care for trees, the result will be just amazing. Beautiful living fence will cover you from prying eyes, create an atmosphere of comfort, will improve the area and cleanse the air.

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