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Planting Privet for hedges

Green spaces are now mandatory elements of landscape design. In regions with a temperate climate for planting the wide popularity gained ordinary Privet. It is applicable for border hedges, single and group plantings.

Planting Privet for hedges

It is a green shrub with a height of over three meters with many branches and a mass of oblong leaves that fall off in late autumn. At the time of flowering on the branches of the Privet, usually in July, appear to be a fragrant pale cream flowers. And replaced them with black fruits remain on the shrubs all winter.

Designer properties Privet common ↑

Colorful photo hedges of Privet demonstrate all the delights of this wonderful green material for decoration of the landscape.

Planting Privet for hedges

To achieve this kind of beauty is easy. Required only patience and sequence of the required rules. But the appeal of this shrub is determined by the following:

  • the ordinary Privet is a very good material for topiary, creating green decorative shapes and high hedges;
  • depending on the variety the leaves have different colors: dark green, yellow or blue-silver. This allows you to grow colorful live fences with multi-colored stripes and panels;
    Planting Privet for hedges
  • a hedge of Privet picky to the soil, drought resistant. She is not afraid of short-term frost of 30 degrees.

Planting hedges of Privet ↑

The most common method of propagation of shrubs for a fence is cuttings. Developed green branches and only after flowering cut cuttings length 10 cm.

Planting Privet for hedges

Drop them off in the greenhouse in a shaded place. The result of rooting reaches 100%. You can also use a three year old woody cuttings, but the percentage of occurrence in them of roots and green branches much lower. Caught on bushes of Privet do not touch until next spring, but always around them you need to remove germinating weeds.

The Privet cuttings for planting hedges can be planted in the open ground in the shade of large trees. They are placed under a plastic bottle with cut necks and made openings for the penetration of air inside. Ventilation prevents the formation of mold on the seed material. Bottle greenhouse creates a microclimate with increased humidity that is necessary for the formation of the root system of the future living fence. Two months later appear soft bushes. Then the containers removed.

Planting Privet for hedges

Planting Privet for hedges shall be conducted in such place where the bushes were secured approach from all sides. And standing next to stationary structures shall be no closer than a meter from the green fence. Otherwise there will be problems of access for cutting the living spaces.

After selecting a suitable location for planting hedges of Privet pull a cord and his lines, dig a trench with a width of 50 cm, a depth of 60-70 cm At the bottom of the lined drainage pillow. Then poured the prepared mixture of compost and earth with the addition of a small portion of lime. To form a solid fence, the bushes are planted from one another in the step of 30-50 cm.

Planting Privet for hedges

A hedge of Privet common quite thick and in row planting. If you have the desire to achieve a more dense and green, the fence, the saplings are planted in two rows, and always in a checkerboard pattern. They are placed two feet from one another. Thus it is necessary to ensure that roots are straight, not bent. After that, bushes and abundantly watered. In the future, produce watering less frequently, but with plenty of water, not little and often.

In the spring the ground near the fence dug over and fertilized. The appearance on the leaves of Privet dark spots is a sign that the soil with high acidity. To solve this problem in the autumn cover the ground under the bushes with a thin layer of dolomite or hydrated lime.

The ordinary Privet for hedges can reproduce by seeds. Collect them with 5-6-year-old bushes at the end of October. The germination of grains is not more than 65%. This method is long and requires considerable costs. Is used for industrial cultivation of this shrub.

Shearing hedges of Privet ↑

To achieve the density of the fence to the ground, after the bushes have taken root, their crown cut down, leaving stumps height of 3 cm, and before the end of this season they are not disturbed. The following year in spring the young shoots of the Privet is cut at a height of about 45 cm from the ground. This season produce another 2-3 haircuts, each time extending the growing branches.

As for the crown of the shrub Privet common, his formative pruning starts in the next season after planting, shortening the shoots by almost half. In subsequent years, when trimming hedges leave only 1/3 of each branch. For this job you will need scissors tapestry and wooden pattern. However, instead it will go tight rope.

Remember! An annual sanitization of the fence is the removal of damaged and diseased branches. Place slices should be processed garden pitch.

Planting Privet for hedges

With this simple care your landscaped infield will be sure to impress your neighbors and guests.

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