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Planting flowers in may: useful tips for gardeners and calendar the may plantings

Planting flowers in may: useful tips for gardeners and calendar the may plantings

As soon as the last spring frosts, which usually occur at the end of April — beginning of may, growers are massively starting to make flower beds. It may the most favorable days for planting many annuals and perennials because the soil is still quite wet but has warmed up. Thrown in it the seeds will immediately germinate and the seedlings take root painlessly and in a short time. Consider, how is planting flowers in may, and in what numbers it is best to plant certain plants.

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The first half of may: planted seeds and seedlings

Since early may can be unpredictable, and after a Sunny calm weather can spring a surprise in the form of unexpected frosts in the first half of the month planted seeds and divide perennial clumps that are not afraid of cold.

Planting flowers: the nuances of selecting the venue

Seeds until germination is still 5-7 days will lie in the soil, so that it is not terrible frost. Therefore, the annuals that have a short growing season, you can plant with peace of mind.

The list includes:

Gypsophila. At this time sow annual varieties, so that by the end of July to wait for the luxury of flowering. Perennials can be planted in the summer, when the available space after flowering bulbous.

Nasturtium. A bit afraid of frost, but due to the long germination (2 weeks) time to wait for a critical time in the soil. Do not select for planting too fertile soil, otherwise the plant «fattening»: produces the lush, green mass, but the bad blooms.

Asters. In may planted annuals varieties that will bloom closer to autumn. Blossoms that can withstand drought, and frequent rains. The only caveat is sick with blight, so after nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes) of his land is not worth.


Annual asters are planted in early may to wait for early flowering. It will come in mid to late August when most plants have pericolo

Marigolds. If the beginning of may was wet, the seeds are sown no deeper than 3 cm, and in dry weather, planting deeper, up to 5-7 cm by the Way, fine-leaved varieties are well-served corrective pruning, and from them it is possible to create living borders.

Daisy. These flowers are cultivated as seeds and dividing the Bush. In early may divide the old bushes, because the seeds need warmer weather (summer). Daisy can sit, even if they are in the flowering stage, just have to cut off all the buds so the plant does not give them power. One of the newest design techniques design – planting of daisies on the lawn. Because the plant is stunted, the mower does not damage the socket, but in early spring the lawn will be strewn with pretty little stars.


If you want to multiply varietal Daisy, don’t use the seed method, as it does not retain the properties of the mother plant. Perfect division of the Bush

Leucanthemum. This is one of the names of the beloved chamomile. In horticulture it is grown as an annual and perennial. In may, planted varieties with biennial development cycle. Leucanthemum call «child of the sun», because he absolutely can not tolerate shade, and in the wrong place will punish you bad flowering.

Purslane. Quite a delicate flower who doesn’t like the cold. But due to the long vegetation period (96 days) to plant later, it is not necessary, as the flowering will begin in the autumn. To protect the crops from possible weather events, cover them in any non-woven material.

The dividing and planting of perennials who are not afraid of early transplant?

May is the best time for breeding of early flowering plants. They just faded, have not had time to develop new flower buds, so prepared to explore fresh territories.

In early may begin to divide 4-year-old bushes of primroses. Try to cut the Bush into such parts that each have at least one powerful outlet. If the delay period a transplant by the end of may, the plant will suffer from heat and will cease to feed moisture to the leaves. So you have to water it, otherwise the aerial part can completely dry. By the way, the open space is detrimental to the primroses. Their element is shadow. They feel great in the unloading circles of trees and under the grapes.

Planting primroses

To primrose retained when planting all the leaves healthy, drop them on a cloudy day at the beginning of the month until enough moisture

Exactly like shady places and hosts. They also try to share at this time until the heat and does not require a daily watering.

The first half of the month is a good time for planting tubers of begonias and Cannes, gladioli bulbs. But if you germinate Cannes in tubs, then wait up to 15-20 numbers as their leaves are too sensitive to changes in day and night temperatures.

Landing Cannes

Cannes to increased foliage for a short time, consider, when in your area over freezing, and then planted the seedlings

If the area sit old bushes irises, which is already at the center bare and bulged above ground roots, you can not wait until they Peresvet, but to have the division before the plant will release flower arrow. Anyway, this iris bloom profusely will not, as it closely in the ground. So feel free to dig the plant and divide it up into smaller pieces. What matters is that each part should have remained a fan of at least 5 leaves. Then in June of this fresh plant will bloom.

Divide irises

Bare roots in the center of the Bush iris talking about the fact that the plant it’s time to share, because good flowering still will not

Planting of seedlings and seedlings: prepare the roses and petunias

Among the purchase of plants that are planted in may, the most popular are roses and petunias. With roses it is important not to miss deadlines, if you want to see in this season the first flowering. It is desirable to conduct planting work before 15 may. You buy saplings with open or closed (in the film) root system. Potted flowers for planting in may are also suitable, but it is better to reschedule on 20-e numbers and later. These roses are grown in greenhouses, and weather extremes can have a negative effect on flower buds.

The «healthy» the seedling has three powerful stem and roots at least 20 cm in length. To nourish the plants with moisture, which will help to build up the root system before planting, soak the seedlings in water for 2-3 hours and only then start planting.

Hybrid tea rose

If you plant roses until may 10 to mid-June, your Pets will be given these beautiful flowers first

Preparing roses for planting

A three-hour bath with a growth stimulator will saturate rose seedlings with life-giving moisture and help to recover after hibernation in refrigerators or cellars

For petunias, who have bought seedlings or grown on the windowsill, the best time of the landing are the days when Bud cherry. In mid-June, the plant will produce the first flowers in the open ground and in pots or containers. If you sow seeds, you have to wait until the end of the month because the seedlings need a stable thermal regime. Planting in the ground is rarely used, as the flowering periods are shifted to Aug. Besides, too small, Petunia seeds is difficult to disperse so rarely, so you do not thin out and transplant any shifts the timing of flowering.

The second half of may – planting of heat-loving plants

If you look at the calendars of planting flowers in may, designed by landscape designers in the second half of the month in the ground go «snowbirds» — plants that at a young age do not tolerate cold nights. In this list are tuberous begonias, cineraria seedlings and cuttings of chrysanthemums, which were divided and planted in autumn.

At this time also begin to sow the plants, the flowering of which will come only next year. For they assign a separate place (not in the flower beds, and away, for example, in the garden), because in this season the plants will be unattractive and decorate flower beds will not. Among them is viola (or viola tricolor), rudbeckia, forget-me-not, hesperis (night violet) and so the Flowers will stay in the kennel until the end of August. Then they are transplanted in the flower beds where they will bloom next year.


Forget-me-enough time to plant seedlings, and next year they will start to scatter on the beds with samasem, so will have to adjust their planting

In determining the specific time of sowing or transplanting, is to consult the lunar calendar to fall on the day most favorable for the arrangement of flower beds. Noticed that seeds planted in a positive day, germinate faster and grow more vigorously than those whose landing came on a full moon or new moon.

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