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Make a hedge of sea buckthorn

To transform your own plot is much simpler than it may seem. It is not necessary to produce complex landscape changes in order to Refine the space, make it unusual, luxurious or amazing. All these things can be implemented together with hedges created from sea buckthorn.

Make a hedge of sea buckthorn

Ordinary fence made of wood or metal, can serve as a support and additional decorations. A hedge of sea buckthorn will be a reliable protection and a barrier, but in addition to protection it also performs ecological function.

Make a hedge of sea buckthorn

In addition, such a barrier would be great to protect against extraneous noise, will not allow the yard to become «well», because air circulation will not be compromised. Creating a hedge of buckthorn, it is important to remember that this plant can be used as a standalone basis for the living fence and for the construction of a multi-tiered option where the buckthorn would be the first layer, and then there will be shrubs.

A little bit about the Botanical component ↑

A hedge of buckthorn, a photo of which can be used as visual AIDS when creating your own variant, formed by a plant, who came from Western Europe, therefore, a prerequisite for a long and beautiful «green fence» – sufficient amount of sunlight. In the shade buckthorn will not be as powerful.

Sea buckthorn is a tall shrub that grows up to 6 meters in height. The leaves are unusual and very nice color – silver – green, the flowers are small, pale – greenish color. Fruits bright orange, peak ripening occurs in August and September.

Make a hedge of sea buckthorn

Cultivation and possible disease ↑

Today varieties of sea buckthorn are known to have very many of the most popular resistant to disease and pests kinds. The popularity of sea buckthorn is because it does not require a lot of attention, capable of rapid growth, is unpretentious to conditions of detention. The first fructification occurs within 3years after planting. The main area of cultivation, the entire European part of Russia. Because the plant likes the sun and heat, creating a hedge of sea buckthorn in the Northern parts will not work.

Features of cultivation and successful landing ↑

Make a hedge of sea buckthorn

The landing will be successful, even if the soil is poor in the topsoil. Preference buckthorn is:

  • Loose soil;
  • The lightness of the soil;
  • Enough water;
  • Good breathability.

That is why clay soils planting a live fence of buckthorn may fail. Before planting place for seedlings you should dig and paraglide if the ground is dry to water. Sea buckthorn will grow in slightly saline soils.

After planting the plants with one stem pruned to form a multi-stemmed shrub. In the spring of the 3rd year of life necessarily in the period before Bud break, it is necessary to conduct a reasonable formative pruning, leaving a few main trunks with 2 — 3 branches. Have fruiting plants in spring additionally to be carried out and sanitary trimming needed to get rid of dry branches. With 6 — 8 years of age plants recommended rejuvenation through cutting the old branches, leaving lateral branches. Plants can be rejuvenated by cutting the branches at ground level, which helps to save power and it is better to wait out the winter. As soon as the buckthorn will reach 10 years of age, the spring work will add another demotion of the crown as the shrub will reach a height of 5-6 meters.

Make a hedge of sea buckthorn

Pests and diseases are also not exempt from sea-buckthorn. The greatest number of damaging effects:

  • Green aphids (buckthorn);
  • Sea buckthorn tick;
  • Archis Rosana.

Common plant diseases:

  • Athlete’s foot;
  • Scab;
  • Fusarium;
  • Endemics.

It is recommended to carry out a special treatment with appropriate drugs, then the plant will look healthy and strong, and pests won’t ruin the hedge.

Make a hedge of sea buckthorn

Reproduction is by seed, under 1 month – stratified. In addition, you can use root suckers, cuttings, both green and stiff, certain varieties perfectly reproduce vegetatively. Features that will facilitate the care of the fence is perfectly resistant to shearing, therefore, the experiments in landscape design will be successful. Fences can vary in height, shape and colour as the leaves have a silvery shade, not all varieties and species. Sea buckthorn is an excellent honey plant, so near the green fence can bee twisted. Also live sea buckthorn fence can be barbed. Knowing all these features, you can create the perfect and environmentally friendly fence, which will be a real decoration and pride of the owner of the site.

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