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How to make a hedge of yew

Hedge of yew is not just a decoration of the site, but bright, dramatic landscape technique, which allows to judge about the owner as a man of high taste. Now willing to create on your site similar to the natural splendor every year becomes more and more, as well-designed fences are not only an ornament but a great protection, and completely environmentally safe.

How to make a hedge of yew

The advantages of hedgerows ↑

«Green fences» including of yew have the following advantages over conventional fencing:

  • Well pass the air, providing natural ventilation of the site;
  • Protect against dust;
  • Greatly reduce the noise;
  • Is ecologically safe;
  • Create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

In addition, varieties of Tisa there is a lot, so it’s easy to zone the area, especially if the area exceeds 20 acres.

How to make a hedge of yew

Hedge of yew: landing ↑

How to make a hedge of yew

In order to achieve the desired effect and get a strong, beautiful plants, you must properly drop them off. Hedge of yew can be formed from the end of August, as during this period, the plant survives well. Also the landing is carried out in the spring from early April to mid-may, but not necessarily to the point of active development of the kidneys. In that case, if tis were purchased in containers, planting can be carried out from April to October. Important: each plant should be planted with ball of earth to protect the root system.

The formation of a hedge of yew ↑

How to make a hedge of yew

Hedge of yew requires special attention at the stage of forming, as the plant will stay green and attractive throughout the year. To ready «green fence» looked aesthetically attractive, and the plants feel comfortable and be healthy, they should sit at a distance of 20-50 cm In the case if clear boundaries are not intended, the distance between seedlings should be at least 30cm.

The choice of soil for planting of yew ↑

How to make a hedge of yew

Choose the soil for Tisa should be easy, because in heavy soils the plant will not survive. Before planting it is necessary to additionally fertilize an Ideal fertilizer for Tisa:

  • Sand – 2 parts;
  • Peat – 2 parts;
  • Earth leaf or sod – 3 parts.

It is also important to remember that the yew prefers acidic or alkaline soil, and the yew – slightly acid or neutral. In turn, tis the average grows well in neutral and slightly alkaline soils.

The care of plantings of yew ↑

How to make a hedge of yew

After planting comes the first period of care for the plants, and then over the green fence. It must be remembered that tis does not like moisture, therefore, abundant watering is not needed. Green fence from this plant will not be able to Express themselves in places with bad ecology, because plants are very demanding to the composition of the air.

Again the slurry is applied every spring. Yews don’t like the cold, at a young age, they can even die, so several years, they must be covered for winter. This is done in late fall with dry peat. The thickness of the protective layer is 6-7 cm branches of a yew best associate, so they do not break off under the thick snow.

How to make a hedge of yew

Yews are not demanding on light and sun, they thrive in shadow areas, but during the growing season and reproduction of the sunlight they need more than usual. Reproduction is by seeds or cuttings, which should be harvested in the period from September to October. Their length should be not less than 20 cm Cuttings planted in sand – peat mixture and placed in a warm place, preferably in a greenhouse. Planting of cuttings should be done in mid-spring.

Conclusion: the beauty deserves attention ^ the

Hedge requires care to maintain the beauty, so the haircut is the main type of work. Tis well tolerated the procedure. This is why it is an ideal plant for the formation of hedges in the garden and at the cottage. If decorative cut produce, you’ll have every year to remove dead branches so they do not spoil external appearance and does not weigh down the plant.

How to make a hedge of yew

Thus, a hedge of yew requires greater attention, especially in the first years of life of the plants and at the time of landing, but if you follow the rules and guidelines, it will delight the owner of the land for many years. Beautiful, sturdy, it will create a natural protection. This plant is heat-loving and drought-resistant, therefore ideally suited for the southern regions of our country and the Central part of.

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