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How to make a beautiful hedge of cherry

Hedges is a modern design of the suburban area. Planted a row of shrubs, creating a green fence. But in the variety of crops that are used to create this object, it is not easy to understand. One thing is clear: as green fences using shrub plants that grow for several years, creating a dense wall.

To create a living fence using pine crops, such as arborvitae, fir, yew and hardwood: barberry, thorns, wild rose, cherry and other.

I would like to talk about this culture as cherry. Indeed, the use of fruit crops for these purposes is not only aesthetic but functional.

How to make a beautiful hedge of cherry

It is worth considering that the creation of the hedge of cherry use shrub varieties, for example cherry or steppe cherry felt.

Manufacturer the hedge of bushes felt cherry ↑

This species of cherry native to Japan and China, so often gardeners call it «Japanese» or «Chinese». In its homeland the plant is cultivated, as a fruit.

In the video you can see the variety:

The Bush reaches a height of 2,5-3 meters. The Krone has a pronounced egg shape. The shrub blooms in may, abundant and colourful, the period of 7-11 days.

Fruit felt cherries are different from traditional and represent medium-sized berries in red on a short stalk.

Fruiting occurs 3 years after landing.

As a hedge to use the plant is recommended for the following reasons:

  • the Bush grows outwards, which allows in short time to a solid wall;
  • flowering shrub usually abundant, and despite the short period quite effectively;
  • covered with berries shrub looks festive and aesthetically pleasing;
  • the plant is undemanding in care.
It is important! The plant lives for about 10 years.

Care and rules of planting ↑

Planting can be done on any kind of soil, however, is mainly planted in areas with close groundwater.

How to make a beautiful hedge of cherryHow to make a beautiful hedge of cherry

The increase is a ready-made seedlings or cuttings. Planting is better done in the fall, as the vegetative process begins very early, and seedlings purchased in the spring, do not always take root.

Bush added dropwise purchased for winter pre-warming. And in the spring, in late March – early April, planted in the ground to a permanent place.

To plant a hedge of cherry felt, pre-produce markup with the features of the growth of the crown. Typically, the distance between bushes should not exceed 2.5 metres.

How to make a beautiful hedge of cherry

Attention! Subsequent transplantation of plants is not allowed.

The most suitable places for the erection of a fence of cherry is the slope, and the slope should not exceed 8 degrees. As a variant of artificial slope construction.

Be sure to fertilizer plants. As a rule, this culture requires such mineral elements as potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Watering is done as needed, as a rule, if a wall of cherry is located on the Sunny side, watering should be carried out regularly.

How to make a beautiful hedge of cherryHow to make a beautiful hedge of cherry

It is important! Irrigation should stop before harvest, otherwise the berries will crack.

Hedge of wild cherries ↑

Steppe cherry is a plant in the form of a shrub. This factor allows its use as hedges and ornamental plants to decorate your country site.

How to make a beautiful hedge of cherryHow to make a beautiful hedge of cherry

This variety has smaller fruit unlike conventional crops, berries have a characteristic sour taste. Here is a combination of decoration and practicality.

Low shrub with rapid bloom and colorful fruit, ideal for hedges:

Bush has a spherical shape of the crown, a height of 1-2 meters.
How to make a beautiful hedge of cherryHow to make a beautiful hedge of cherry

The steppe cherry reproduction occurs vegetatively, rarely by seed.

The formation of the hedge of cherry ↑

The technology of landing of the fence remains the same for any kind.

How to make a beautiful hedge of cherry

Stage # 1. Markup. Before starting work it is necessary to mark the landing of shrubs, depending on the individual desires of the owner and characteristics of the culture growth. In the case of the bushy cherry, the distance between the seedlings must not exceed 2.5 metres, this value allows to obtain a continuous wall without damaging plant growth.

Stage 2.Landing. For planting you need to prepare the pit under the bushes. A prerequisite is a local fertilizer minerals.

Stage # 3. The formation of the crown. For hedges plant you need regularly crop. This measure is required not only for removal of dry branches, but also as a means of creating a decorative wall.

How to make a beautiful hedge of cherry

Hedge of cherry is a unique decorative element of landscape design of a country house or Villa. First, the shrub performs a protective function. Secondly, culture has a beautiful view. Blooming wall will delight you in the spring in its splendor and fragrance, and in summer bright green bushes decorated with red juicy berries.

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