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Do hedge maple

Hedge maple looks unusual, beautiful and gives the area a light, airy, but at the same time provides full and unconditional protection. Among the many plants, designed to create environmentally friendly «green hedges» maple wins on many indicators, first of all is the simplicity, beauty, resistance to climatic indices.

Do hedge maple

A little about the plant ↑

Choosing a maple tree to create a hedge should be based on where it will be located. So for a suburban area ideal field maple, and green fences in the city – maple ginnala. First in a large number of can be found in the forests of our country, but also Western Europe and even in Asia. The second grows mainly in the far East.

Botanical features maple ↑

Do hedge maple

Maple is a tree that can grow up to 10 – 15 meters in height, so when you create a living fence, made of maple, it should be remembered that caring for him will have many, otherwise it will turn into an ugly thicket. Leaves 3-5-lobed, soft. Color – green in summer with shades from light to dark, and in autumn – yellow, red, pink.

Do hedge maple

Maple can tolerate frosts, but severe cold is often affected, so it is optimal to plant it sheltered from the winds and freezing places. Shade-tolerant, drought-resistant. It tolerates environmentally disadvantaged area, is growing quickly, so the fence will soon begin to delight owners of the site, durable.

Planting maple trees to create hedges ↑

Do hedge maple

The hedge maple must be established on fertile soils, as the trees are very picky about the quality of the land. Despite the fact that can tolerate shade, yet faster start to grow and develop on the Sunny side, however, resistant to the winds. For most types of fits ordinary garden soil, which produces flowers and vegetables.

Directly planting is carried out in the autumn and spring periods. To create a hedge you must choose the distance between the seedlings, equal to not less than one and a half meters. The optimal pit depth is 40-50 cm. If the site is close to surface ground water drainage is necessary. It consists of:

  • Sand;
  • Construction waste.

Land before planting, you should dig over and loosen to improve breathability.

The care of hedges of maple ↑

Do hedge maple

The following spring after planting, you want to make fertilizer – the amount depends on whether it was initially added to the soil at planting or not. Most maples are not demanding on water regime, but sometimes you need to water them, then they start to grow actively. The norm of watering in a dry time of about 15 liters/tree after planting — 30 liters. The frequency of watering is 1 time in 30 days new hot weather can shorten this period to 1 time in 7-10 days.

Do hedge maple

In the future, the maple does not require frequent loosening of the soil, but to make weeding necessary. Maple tolerates shearing and pruning redundant or dry branches. Trees resistant to frosts, so cover or insulate them in the cold season do not need.

Do hedge maple

Protection of the fence from pests and diseases ↑

Good care of the hedge maple is reflected in the timely protection and prevent diseases. Among the most likely trouble:

  • Coral spotting;
  • Maple whiteflies;
  • Powdery mildew.

In order to prevent the occurrence of these diseases, should every year to carry out the treatment trees and also to remove foci of disease, for example, cutting off dead branches.

Maple is propagated by cuttings in autumn is cut into 20-25 cm cuttings, dropped them for the winter, and in spring planted using conventional flower pots. Maples the decorative forms are usually propagated by grafting.

Features hedge maple ginnala ↑

Maple ginnala, the hedge of which is often used for decoration of parks and gardens, loves the sun. He perfectly brings the winter, not wasting away and not lose its appeal even in adverse conditions. Drought-resistant, but water retention is also well tolerated. Easily tolerate a haircut – it is possible to obtain a low fence is about 1 meter. Valuable honey plant. Foliage has bright colors – bright pink earrings, and pink-crimson color of the crown in autumn attract attention.

Thus, to create on your plot a real fairytale beauty is when you combine several varieties of maples. These trees have perfectly got accustomed in our climate, because it will please a great appearance for a long time. That’s what makes maple one of the most popular plants for creating hedges their hands.

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