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Hedge of eating with their hands

To make your site beautiful and interesting, it is not necessary to build huge stone fences. There is an alternative solution – is to try to plant a hedge. Currently very popular hedge of spruce. To grow it and shape do not need much time and work, but the result is worth it. The end result is not only unusual «the fence», but also quite a practical thing, it will protect your site from undesirable views, and create an impassable wall. A photo of the hedge of trees look simply amazing.

Hedge of eating with their hands

The benefits ↑

The great advantage of such a hedge is that it year-round will remain green. In the area will create useful microclimates, walking in this environment will bring only pleasant emotions.

The Council! On the background of the living green fence of any floral arrangements will look very favorably.

Hedge of eating with your hands is a long process, but it is not so difficult as it may seem. The height of the fence should choose your own. According to growers and experts, to place it best on the Northern part of the site, so in the winter the area will be protected from snow and wind. Buy material for planting in the nursery or in special shops.

Most suitable for such «fence» is the spruce. A hedge of Norway spruce will delight the eye of any who choose it to decorate your yard. This species is often found in Europe. In height can reach up to 50 meters. Needles has a rich green color that lasts up to 12 years. Not tolerate dry or, on the contrary, the over-saturation of water. This spruce is easy to give a certain shape, has a lot of cultural types.

Hedge of eating with their hands

The types of spruce for hedges ↑

When creating hedges small height, you can use varieties such as: Barry, Freburg, they do not grow more than 2 meters, have a lush crown, as well as the unusual combination of colors. Young shoots are bright green, while older branches are darker shades.

Curb the type of fence gardeners use low-growing types of spruce, specifically, dwarf species Echiniformis. It doesn’t grow more than 0.4 meters, the crown is reminiscent of a globe, great for a parcel split into zones.

It is important! Depending on the type of hedge it is necessary to choose more suitable varieties of seedlings. For example, for the trellis-type fence will fit: Akroma, Virgata, Inversa or Cupressina. Such varieties have thick branches grow from 4 to 15 meters.

Hedge of eating with their hands

Planting and care of hedges of spruce ↑

For the cultivation of beautiful and high-quality hedge, you need to exclusively use seedlings as planting seeds, not maintained decorative properties of wood. Usually use of a four-year seedlings. It is believed that the faster they take root and begin to grow. And get them much cheaper than, for example, has adults eating.

Put usually eaten in the autumn, as the soil in this period well prepared. It is soft and loose.

When planting spruce should:

  • to make a layout with a rope, along the entire length of the fence to dig a trench, the depth should not exceed 50 cm. the Width is usually chosen depending on the roots of spruce. The bottom should paraglide. If the land plot is too wet, you need to make the drain, digging the trench by 20 cm deep, spread to the gravel or clay pebbles. Close the drainage should the layer of soil that was removed while digging the ditch;
  • then on a slightly moistened layer you want to place the seedlings, pre-soak them in a clay solution, it helps protect the roots from external stimuli. Before doing this you should thoroughly review the root system of seedlings, the dry and lifeless branches to remove, and the rest to spread. Depending on the number of rows of the future green fence, choose the spacing between seedlings. If you are planning a row, the interval should be 1 m from each other. If planting will be in two rows, the interval should be 80 cm Root collar should go equally either with soil or a little deeper, about 2-5 cm;
  • after done action, seedlings should be treated with peat. Then you need to crop seedlings. In order to achieve good growth you need to properly care for and shape the growth of individual trees.
    Hedge of eating with their hands

When caring for trees it is necessary to follow simple rules:

  1. Regularly water the tree, this will prevent shedding needles in the dry season.
  2. Also constantly need to monitor the emergence of weeds and eliminate them immediately.
  3. The fir itself is a rather unpretentious plant, but two times a year she needs feeding. This requires fertilizers, which is designed especially for coniferous trees.
  4. To achieve the rich green color of the fence it is necessary to spray against parasites.
  5. At the initial stage of growth, seedlings should not be cut, since they must strengthen to the site roots. It is desirable to carry out sanitary cleaning, that is, to remove diseased and dead branches.

In the process of growth of seedlings to the main care, you must add the nipping of the shoots. The most appropriate period is may – June. Since at this time the branches grow maximally.

How to cut a hedge ↑

When the hedge takes shape and height, it is necessary to conduct periodic haircuts and clippers. This should be done in the period from March to April. To achieve smooth surfaces need to stretch a cord on which to do a haircut or to use a template.

After cutting fences may appear the so-called «holes», but no need to worry. With the onset of good weather the young shoots begin to rise and thereby close the voids.

Hedge of eating with their hands

An important fact is the choice tool for cutting, as it depends on the correctness of the form of the fence. In any case, do not use secateurs because when cutting with this tool, the fence will have smooth contours.

Clippers are best garden shears that have long blades. It is very important to check the sharpness of these scissors, if they are sharpened well, with sharp branches, there will be no problems. Also to shape the hedges there are special saws for the garden, electric or gas shears. It is worth considering the fact that working with such tools is not as easy as it may seem.

A hedge of spruce is ideal for those people who want to make a beautiful fence for a long time, as the tree can live up to 200 years and more.

The Council! In order for the tree was luxuriant in the spring to cut off the buds at the tips of the branches. Hedge will have beautiful appearance with constant pruning, it should be performed not only in summer but in winter.
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