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Hedge of ash

For any suburban area obligatory element in our time is a live fence. Someone from truckers trying hedge of Aronia to do a full-fledged part of the landscape, taking into account the recommendations of professional gardeners, and someone chooses other shrubs and trees. Green fence will require the owner’s constant care, «haircuts», admire them much better than a wooden or brick fence. Using the hedge of the Rowan, you’ll be able to defend the country’s territory from the animals, curious passers-by, dust.

Hedge of ash

Attention! The original hedge of ash significantly improves the air on the plot, makes it fresh and fragrant, reduces the tendency of the inhabitants of the cottages to depression.

The advantages of green fence are:

  • naturalness and ecological safety;
  • low cost;
  • aesthetics.
    Hedge of ash

The main disadvantages of this variant of the fence is the need for ongoing maintenance: watering, cutting, fertilizing. For those owners of land who are not afraid of such difficulties, you need to create in the garden decorative fence from chokeberry. In addition to the beautiful greenery, this shrub is characterized by tasty and useful fruit, used in medicine to treat various diseases.

Features chokeberry ↑

This plant is a shrub, albeit a lot of shoots that fill the space. Shrub is ideal for shaping hedges. Aronia (Aronia) are not randomly selected gardeners to green fence. This plant does not need regular fertilizing, it is unpretentious to the soil, easily tolerate severe frosts, long droughts.

The Council! The shrub grows quickly, so leave space for new shoots.

Hedge of ash

In order for the plant was beautiful and well-groomed appearance, it must be cut, making it every year 2-3 times in one season. After 10-15 years after planting, the shrub will give you a beautiful and durable fence, which will delight you with its aroma and delicious berries.

Reproduction of Rowan ↑

Landing cuttings. In addition, the seedlings can grow from the main tree. To do this, the mother is pressed to the ground, was added dropwise to a depth of 5-6 cm Place prikopa watered, loosen the spiked soil. After the appearance of the young shoots, dig them up, transplant to a permanent place.

To form a beautiful and lush hedges, this green plant planting is carried out in a single row between the bushes leaving a distance of 50-60 cm to the seedlings throughout the season, watering, control the degree of loosening soil, removing weeds.

Hedge of ash

Tools for creating hedges ↑

Before you start the planting of a living fence, take care of tools and materials. They will help to accelerate and simplify your actions to achieve the desired result without any problems.

The formation of the hedge involves the use of:

  • shovels;
  • shears;
  • roulette;
  • garden rake;
  • wooden sticks and wires under the frame;
  • peat or humus for fertilizing;
  • electrical or mechanical clippers;
  • brush cutter.
    Hedge of ash

The algorithm for making the Rowan fence ↑

For production of mountain ash hedge use the following algorithm:

  1. For a start, on the site make the layout below the fence is smooth and beautiful. Planting young seedlings should be held for this markup.
  2. Create a living fence, start with planting on the plot that is marked under the fence, bushes of black chokeberry. Dug a pit at a depth of 40-50 cm, 50-60 cm wide In a hole you can put fertilizer, humus, a mixture of peat and sand. After planting, the surface of the earth should remain 5-6 buds.
  3. Distance between shrubs is 1-1. 5 meters.
The Council! Choose for planting shrub areas, well lit by the sun, otherwise the plant will develop slowly, you will not get the desired crop.
  1. Constant trimming of seedlings needed for the formation of additional lateral branches.
  2. Cut the clumps, preferably in spring and autumn, in this case, the shrub is dense and high yielding. Each cut involves an increase in height of 15-20 centimeters. Mowing the tops of mountain ash should be carried out every month.
  3. For fixing the unruly branches of a mountain ash, you can use small sticks. They need to be placed in the ground so that you have two levels: inner and outer, between them will develop a Rowan Bush.
    Hedge of ash

Rules for the care of shrubs ↑

If you decided to organize a square green ash fence, in this case, position the stick along the perimeter of the square, periodically checking the evenness of the design. In order not to appear unnecessary branches, 3-4 weeks control frame.

The main action, involving the care of Aronia living fence:

  • systematic haircut;
  • the formation of the crown;
  • getting rid of the root seedlings

At Rowan Bush after landing should not be more than 3-4 branches, always leave the branch with the most dense buds. The growth of the plant be increased by 2-3 branches, superfluous shoots removed. Adult Mature shrub consists of 10-12 branches of different ages. All the old branches (from 7-8 years) removed from the Rowan Bush, prune the mountain ash to the ground, and form a new plant with fresh shoots.

Nowadays you can find different varieties of ornamental shrubs to create original living fence: Nero, Kutno, Viking, Balder, ruby. When choosing varieties of plants, it is advisable to consider the climatic conditions of your location and ask for help to staff the nurseries. In this case, reduced the risk of death of plants due to extremes of temperature, high humidity climate. Under normal conditions of cultivation, after 1-2 years after planting in your yard is green beautiful green hedge of fragrant black chokeberry.

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