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How to break a beautiful flower garden in front of the house in the country: 5 options for every taste

How to break a beautiful flower garden in front of the house in the country: 5 options for every taste

For the majority of our citizens a country station ceased to be a means of survival. Indeed, the same vegetables much easier to buy in the nearest supermarket. The country is increasingly used as places of recreation. After office work so I want to make a holiday of it, being in the world of landscape delights, beautiful plants and fragrant flowers! However, the flower beds at the cottage has welcomed all the time. Always been a place for gladiolus, peonies, hollyhocks, Golden balls, tulips and snapdragons. Elegant flower garden, broken on the porch or in the garden, like meets the house owner and his guests, inviting you to leave the worries at the doorstep, located in a great mood and relaxation!

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What kind of flower will suit you?

Flower garden, located directly in front of the house plays the role of a business card. And of how well he will present to guests of a household depends on the first impression they received. It is therefore very important to decide what type of flower garden in front of the house we are going to create. Because each type has its own characteristics that must be considered.

Option #1 — bed, as a blooming geometry

For beds characterized by strict geometric shape: oval, rhombus, circle, rectangle. Typical for beds is the choice of location. They are placed on hills to be able to see all the flowering plants. An example of beds can be round the flower garden, placing plants in which the rings.


Flowerbed in one form or another is present in the implementation of any landscape style. It’s universal. You can imagine a beautiful garden without many elements, but no beds not

Plant height may be uniform or decrease as you move from the center of the composition to its periphery. In such circumstances, each flower will be clearly visible. Plant height is not the only accent that is used in the preparation of the flowerbeds. Often for the same purpose, use and color. A very attractive feature of the property round the flower bed, plants in which the rays from the center to the edges.

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Option #2 — long beds ridges

If you want to disguise a small defect in the building or decorate the part of the structure, which for some reason does not like it, better ridges is difficult to think of something. These flower beds can become a real decoration of featureless garden paths, ridges can be placed along fences or in parallel with the Foundation of the cottage.


Ridges can be located along the wall, hiding his blossoming all her faults that may be invisible to outsiders, but so annoying owners

Usually for borders use the same type of flowers, designed in a single color. But the imagination of the designer can suggest another course. For example, you can create ridges all colors of the rainbow, alternating strips of the same width. Plants look great planted in a staggered manner.

Option #3 is a very different borders

The final element of complex compositions can be the curb. Located along paths around the perimeter of flower beds or flower beds in General, the border is always a place. However, as a separate flower bed, he looks worse. This requires low plants that do not grow more than 25 cm as bedding plants are used not only the usual hawthorn, but bright petunias, a variety of marigolds, and other flowers growing shrubs, or herbaceous plants.


Thrift is able to play the role of a border, but could become an integral part of the flower bed. Very attractive and, at the same time, undemanding plant

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Option #4 — the community of plants in mixborders

Rows of different plants collected in mixborders, share one quality: they get along well with each other. Not to encroach on the living space of another, not to choke a neighbor and not to fight for water and sunlight are the main qualities of the flowers and shrubs that make up a mixborders.


Such a flower can rightly be called the jewel of any garden. It can be positioned in front of the house, and the bench will be very useful: you can sit and admire

Option #5 — a piece of the natural landscape «rock garden»

Alpine garden or rock garden stands today at the peak of popularity and attracts a lot of attention from both horticulturists and landscape designers. Even the Palace complexes today use rock gardens. In addition to these Alpine plants when they are created are those that only resemble mountain.

Rock garden

Of course, the rock garden is a flower garden that you want to Tinker. And who said it would be easy? But the result is worth the effort

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The correct choice of a suitable location

To properly plan how to split selected flower garden in front of the house, you should make a sketch on paper. Better if it is colored for clarity. Then you can not only properly plan allocated for this purpose place, but also to calculate the need for planting material and fertilizers that will be needed to translate idea into reality.

It should be noted that when planning the plot for the flower garden you need to provide all the nuances of the subsequent care. For example, it is better not to plan too broad planting to each crop was easy to reach. Usually wider than 2.5 m planting to do.

Place for the flower garden

Agree that here is the location of the flower garden allows you to decorate any home. Romantic mood, a surge of energy and emotion in such dwelling provided

The choice of location in front of the house or near it natural, although it does not preclude the ability to smash a few flower beds in different parts of the garden. There are wonderful places for this purpose along the tracks, on the banks of ponds or in the gazebo. It is important that a specific location has already been defined at the planning stage.

Based on existing experience of similar landings, you can offer the gardener to plan a flower bed with some margin areas «for growth». Usually with a positive result of a desire to complement the already existing flower bed and transform it. After all, this is an obvious result, as a rule, superior to the plans. To give the opportunity to incarnate wildest dreams, could use the area reserved reserve.

What planting material to prefer?

Culture, which will be the basis of the flower bed should be selected with regard to the illumination of the site and its soil. Different plants have their own preferences that must be considered. For example, tulips are the most important the fertility of the earth and sunlight. Next to them there is a place for annuals. And irises, crocuses and lilies of the valley in shadow from buildings or trees will feel wonderful. The daffodils look good next to the perennial Lily, Phlox and peonies.

The ever-blooming flower beds

To ensure the flowerbed constant bloom, you need to choose the right plants. The group should include not only the spring primroses and perennials, but also annuals sown, which if necessary can be changed

If the flower bed will consist of flowers of only one kind, have your boarding group to be tailored to their requirements to soil and light conditions. It is important that the plants in the group were not antagonists, leading continuous fighting. Otherwise, defeated the flower will look sick and still have to replace. Not only flowers but also decorative herbaceous plants with leaves attracting colors, will be a great decoration for any flower beds.

Dreaming about how to make a really beautiful flower garden, we must imagine the intended area in bloom from early spring to late autumn. This means that our congregation needs to be included in spring primroses along with seeding annual plants and perennials that are the backbone of the planting. One after another, the different cultures will create the effect of continuous flowering. And that’s exactly what we want.

Practical work on planting

Planting works should start with the transfer of the existing sketch on a real basis. At this point, we need not only to be clear about how we are going to draw a flower garden near the house, but to have at hand all the plant material, together with fertilizers, as well as supply of fertile land. Mark out with pegs and twine the future borders of a flower bed.

Divide the flower garden

When creating a flower garden can be used not only plant seeds but also ready to plant seedlings. This method, incidentally, is more appealing because the result of the work can be seen almost immediately

If the land is a designated area has not been dug, it is necessary to remove the topsoil to 20 cm formed On the bottom of the pit need to fill the fertile ground. The removed soil should be thoroughly sifted, removing the roots of weeds, stones, glass and other debris. Then it adds fertilizers, poured in place and moisturize. If you are building the ridges on the bottom of the flower bed you need to fill gravel for drainage.

Planting a flower bed at the centre, moving to the edges. Otherwise, the part of seedlings or seeds can be damaged or trampled. Elongated flower garden is filled sequentially. Go from planting one row of seeds or plants to the next. Heap flowers better not to post. Distance of 30-60 cm can be considered optimal.

At the completion of the work, planted border, and then verify the result with the plan. It is recommended that special attention be paid to the fence, curly ornaments and other decorative frills, which will diversify not only the garden, but also our life in the country.

The unusual layout of flower beds, selection of plants and other tricks of floriculture presented in the video:

Proper care of ready-made flower bed

Break the flower garden is only the beginning. To make it look the way you dreamed, it is necessary not to forget to care for plants. Periodic watering is an important part of care. For the first time to water the plants need at the time of planting in the soil. Next watering will be only a few weeks later. It is important to consider the actual weather conditions. Soon the plants should sprout. Now to watering will increase the need to loosen the soil and remove weeds.

Care of a flower bed

Meticulous care of the flower garden will allow your labor is not in vain. And the consciousness that all this beauty you made with your own hands, will give the opportunity to believe in their own creativity that is already done

Autumn comes, and the last plants begin to wither. Annual flowers should be removed from the beds. Perennial flowers cut off, leaving roots in the ground, and covered with a light material. You can show foresight and pegs to mark location of components of garden plants. Then in the spring to restore the fit will be easier. You will need to inspect plants, to remove or replant some of them. Damaged or dead shoots should not be left for natural decay. Better to remove them.

If you follow the flower garden, carefully tending to its constituent cultures, you will have the island romance, which you can be proud of and admire.

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