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Beautiful flower beds of petunias: a review of the 5 best ways to create a flower garden

Beautiful flower beds of petunias: a review of the 5 best ways to create a flower garden

Petunia – beautiful blossoms with a delicate aroma. A huge variety of colors and varieties allows you to create beautiful beds of petunias. Modern landscape design is one of the most popular colors. To care for petunias is easy, it is drought-resistant plant that is not afraid of the heat. Dislikes Petunia only stagnant water. Petunia today was the decoration club, the ridges, Windows, balconies, flowerpots, flower-beds, borders – where it will not meet! Luxurious cascades of flowers in nearly all possible shades delight us with the onset of summer to the cold weather.

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What good is this flower for the landscape designer?

This flower is native to South America, specifically Brazil, perfectly adapted to our harsher climate conditions. While planting petunias today are found on all continents, even in Alaska. As a considerable number of perennial plants, cultivated Petunia we have as an annual plant.

For its reproduction mainly used seeds. When planting seedlings at home can start in March to end of April — beginning of may ( depending on climate) to plant the young plants in the flowerbed. Seeds to plant in the flower bed is not much point for seedlings need special care and is best planted in open ground it sprouts – so you wait for faster flowering, and transplant the flowers stand well.

Breeders because of the huge popularity of the plants are busy breeding new varieties, garden groups and hybrids.

Grade black velvet

Sometimes the flowers are so unusual that the appearance of the container loses its value — in this case, all the attention will be drawn to the stunning flowers varieties «Black velvet»

Hybrid varieties

A variety of colors and varieties of petunias allows you to create a variety of interesting combinations, turning the plot into a flower garden with one flower

From Petunia hybrid a powerful root system, it is possible to grow the plant in containers of limited volume. Hybrid petunias have a more luxurious flowers, such properties provide an opportunity to create a beautiful vertical flower beds.

Compatibility with other Petunia colors

Good Petunia, whatever her plant. To create a circular flower bed of petunias, you can use only one variety of the same color, for example, only bright pink or purple flowers. Gently whiten the curb, and you have a wonderful flowerbed.

Planting rows

One of the most simple and effective planting petunias — straight rows planted plants of different colors. When properly selected combination creates a luxurious carpet of flowers

Petunia and marigolds

Beautiful circular flower bed with Central composition — white border highlights the border of large yellow Barhatov. Used three colors of Petunia — bright pink, maroon and white

Looks good Petunia and in combination with other flowers – begonia Emrah florens, a lion’s pharynx, the Wallflowers, cultures with decorative leaves. It blends beautifully with marigolds, especially if a large orange or yellow marigolds to plant around the edge of flower beds.

In the early summer blooming pansies and primroses, is also a good home for Petunia. Looks good and the combination in the flower bed with bulbs – hazel in the center, or lilies, irises, hyacinths and tulips. Petunia grows well in full sun, in partial shade, so is suitable for decoration polucheniya sections of the garden, especially in the company of hosts, ornamental grasses or virgin tradescantia. If you want to plant petunias in pots, it is possible to combine successfully with a pelargonium or fuchsia (fuchsia although fastidious much) or Impatiens.

Flowerbed in an old car

It is enough to show imagination, and unusual flower bed can be generated even in the old car after updating it and painted the cab

Petunia tree

Today, landscape design is all original welcome. Why not use hollow old tree as the place of landing ampelnoe petunias. Composition — a feast for the eyes!

How to make a beautiful flower bed?

Option #1 — bed container

Modern flower beds is not only carpeted landing, the vertical beds of petunias you can buy special containers of different size fixed to the pole. Pick your favorite varieties and colors and vertical flowerbed complement your site. Good both monochrome and polychrome gamma.

Ampelnye petunias varieties

Such compositions are particularly well suited ampelnye petunias varieties — in this case, they will droop and give a special charm to a flowerbed

Option #2 — bed mesh «living tower»

Vertical flowerbed of petunias can be created using the grid. You will need a grid, pot, fabric and seedlings. Mesh make the frame in the form of a cylinder, inside the frame have the fabric, put down the pot of the right size, design is covered with earth. Pour the ground that it has settled, fill up if necessary and compacted over the entire volume to the pot. Then cut the fabric in several places and planted in the holes and top of the structure of the plant. Now there is only water «tower» and watch how she transformed into an amazing flower garden.

Vertical flowerbed of petunias

The idea that bed is only the floral carpet is becoming a thing of the past. Came to us from Europe vertical of beds allow you to create original compositions on plots of any size

Option #3 — bed of window boxes

You can make a vertical flower bed, using window boxes – for example, on the wall of the shed, arranging them in an interesting order. They will grow and the usual, and hang-Downing Petunia, which would look good with geraniums, verbena, Lobelia and ivy.

Composition in country style

To create an interesting composition in the style of the country used window boxes, old working car and a cart. In containers Petunia and pelargonium form a perfect combination

Option #4 — the flower bed of petunias in the gravel garden

Today, many satisfied in their area of gravel garden is easy, and it looks very interesting. Among ornamental grasses, Liliaceae, effectively will stand out and a plot of petunias – free part of the soil under the bed, protect it with a plastic border and drop flowers particularly impressive in the gravel appears dark Petunia – Burgundy, purple.

Petunia in a garden of stones

Petunias quite often used when it is necessary to break the rock garden or rockery. They are great for «gentle» songs

Option #5 — flower bed using paving slabs

You need to select a tile of rectangular shape and put it in a certain order to create an original decorative border, in a frame which can be planted any variety.

A flower bed of tiles

Paving slabs in this case is an interesting solution — easily and cost-effectively you will create a beautiful flower bed

Video tips: an overview varieties of Petunia and care for her

No wonder gardeners love a Petunia for all its simplicity it has decorative properties, which can compare a few garden flowers.

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