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Eco-Parking in the suburban area: suburban develop green Parking

Eco-Parking in the suburban area: suburban develop green Parking

Ennobling suburban area, it should be remembered that the closer landscape design to the natural conditions, the more likely a full-fledged rural getaway. We appreciate the nature for fresh air, the fragrance of greenery and flowers, the yield of vegetable and fruit crops, and asphalt or concrete pavement reminiscent of the stuffy metropolis. It turns out that even Parking for vehicles can be turned into a beautiful green carpet, if instead of a traditional concrete platform equipped with eco, more like a green lawn.

The contents

For the city of ecoparking no longer a rarity. And that’s where usually parked motorists stopping on the territory of private land? Leave the car right at the gate or immediately near the house, put under shelter, or driven into the garage. It would be most convenient to place the car owners of the site and their guests on a small platform with convenient access, occupying little space and having a beautiful appearance. Do not forget about one more important detail: Parking needs to be clean from an environmental point of view, that is not to harm the soil and surrounding plants.

Externally, the eco reminds the turf, resistant to medium loads, so easily withstand the weight of several cars. A guarantee of strength and stability provides a solid reinforcing mesh, camouflaged in the soil, the cells of which fills lawn grass or pavement.

Consider the advantages of the construction of ecological Parking on private land:

  • the Playground equipment and the cover is done easily, without heavy machinery or with the involvement of the construction team;
  • the budget materials have value and are implemented by specialized construction companies or markets;
  • equip environmental lot cheaper than to make a concrete Parking or build a garage;
  • the finished area is up to 15 years without repair, resistant to temperature changes and rascislau of soil during the rains;
  • the lawn is completely safe for children, moreover, can serve as a comfortable place for children to play or to replace the barbecue;
  • for regular care would be the normal garden tools.

One of the important qualities – all the materials involved in construction, safe for the environment and do not hinder the growth and development of plants. And geotextile, grass paver and made of a material that protects the soil and not polluting it.

Ecoparking to give

Neat’s eco looks much nicer than a vacant lot or concrete pad, it is easy to use for the realization of interesting design finds

Preparation of materials for the construction

The finished coating ecoparking in the cut like a layer cake whose bottom layer is the natural soil, and the upper grass paver. The grid filled with fertile soil with seeds of lawn grass. Consider the materials that must be purchased for this device «pie».

Diagram of the device of the Parking

The sequence of layers and their thickness and composition, depending on soil type and construction tasks can have other options

Grass paver – the main component of the part visible on the surface, therefore, increased demands. When buying it is important to consider the technical properties of the material (plastic), and aesthetically attractive appearance. Material resembling a honeycomb, is green or black – the color of the grass or soil. It must be durable, moisture – and heat-resistant, moderately elastic, suitable for cutting, are not amenable to the action of chemicals.

Grass paver

Cell grass paver differ in shape: they can be hexagonal (like a honeycomb), square, rectangular, round and even oval

Geotextiles are useful at the equipment of the drainage layer. Sturdy weave of polymeric filaments filters moisture and serves as a separation barrier between different layers, most often between the base of gravel and sand spreading.

Geotextile for Parking

The cost of geotextile depends on its qualities and raw material for the manufacture. For example, 1 m? the cheapest material recycled is approximately 6 rubles, and needle-punched textile white color without impurities — 25 rubles

Crushed stone or gravel and sand required for construction of the drainage layer, the so-called sand-gravel cushion. It serves to align the base for the installation of the grass paver and a uniform distribution of the load. During the rains the top layer does not accumulate moisture on the surface, thereby preventing Parking from waterlogging and the formation of puddles.

Gravel pad

Even light load on the gravel pad does not exclude a responsible approach to its equipment: lawn coating will last much longer if you use only high quality material, and layers of crushed stone, gravel and sand thoroughly compacted and level

For the decorative top layer will need fertile soil and seeds lawn grass. Herbs for planting can be varied, including those resistant to frost or diluted seeds undemanding to care colors.

Seeds for lawn

The cost of a 5-kilogram bag of seeds from 600 to 1400 rubles. The price depends on the quality of herbs included in the mixture. For example, seeds of drought-resistant or shade tolerant plants are more expensive

Manual device ecoparking

As with any important event, the construction of Parking starts with planning, calculation of material cost calculation and selection of the favorable time.

Step #1 — calculate the area and the layout area

Selecting the best place to Park, don’t forget about the access roads and necessary maneuvers, and also about the possible number of vehicles. Correctly calculating the area of the Parking lot, you can give an accurate estimation, therefore, to save on the purchase of materials.

After the paper work and procurement can be started. The first step is to remove the top layer of natural turf (if Parking is taken a plot of untouched land). The result is a shallow pit, the depth of which is equal to the height of the future «layer cake». You need to add the height of the gravel-sand cushion and the height of the grass paver are two important layer. The geotextile is so thin that its settings do not affect the overall height.

Planning Parking

Planning ecoparking can be used for making partial changes in landscape design. Together with the construction of Parking lots for transport to improve road access or update the pavement leading to the house

Step #2 — device gravel-sand cushion

On the bottom of the hole fell asleep gravel. If the soil is too wet, clay can enhance the base with a piece of landscaping fabric to the layer of crushed stone (or gravel) is not «walking» and not pressed into the soil. The height of the lower layer is about 20 cm, but a lot depends on the roughness of the bottom. If the removal of turf arose the pit, it is better to fill with sand. The more irregularities, the thicker the gravel base.

Sand-gravel cushion

Even if the layers of gravel and sand are not very thick, the material will need a lot. To save money you can rent a truck and deliver sand and gravel (gravel) loose, not in bags

A layer of gravel fill tightly with sand, not forgetting its compacted and watered, providing a strong shrinkage. If the gravel is large, you can lay another layer of geotextile below the sand did not fall down. A layer of sand 10-15 cm on Top of the sandy base again laid the geotextile. The result is smooth, tight, ready for installation of lawn grids canvas.

Step #3 — installation of lawn grids

This is a fairly simple job even for beginners. The module size of the lattice allows to start laying in any convenient place. If the area of the Parking lot with trees or other decorations planned (it happens), it is better to start with this place.

Grid and tree

If the obstruction occurs at the junction of several modules, it is enough to cut off the unneeded parts of adjacent elements to get the hole the right size

Geotextile placed on the first module, it is mounted to the second and so on. The elements are fixed to each other with grooves. Excess material at the edges of the cut with any cutting tool. Given that the car – load dynamic modules can be mounted in the ground pins of the G-shaped forms, especially around the Playground.

Grass paver installation

One of the prompt, but incorrect methods of laying grass paver modules are placed directly on unprepared ground. There is a possibility of waterlogging, such Parking mechanically unstable

Step #4 — backfill soil

The finish stage – distribution of fertile soil in the cell. In order not to bother with the planting of turf grass, it is mixed with the soil before backfilling. There are various options for decorating. For example, in a checkerboard pattern you can plant daisies or other low unpretentious flowers. This is especially true for sites that are frequently used for purposes other than intended for games or as the site for barbecue.

Lawn plus pavers

One of the unique and beautiful options for perimeter ecoparking or rest areas: combining pavers with lawn grass, decorated with fresh flowers

Combined Playground with paving stones

In order to diversify the green lawn, you can use paving stones. For example, the German company «Hubner-Lee» offers a special device system Ecopravo TTE, in which cells can be filled with soil and cubes of pavers. The bricks have water-permeable properties, as well they miss and air.

Sample pavers

Despite the porous structure of the bricks, allowing them «breathe» and moisture to pass, paving stones strong enough to withstand the weight of the car

Grid and pavers

Use of materials is one of the manufacturer allows fast installation of paving blocks: blocks are simply inserted into the slots and locked with small internal ribs

Paving for Parking

One of the simplest options ecoparking coating is a alternating pavers and grass. Parking is obtained a stable, durable and decorative


A great place for holidays or tea parties will succeed if the Parking spot is suddenly unnecessary. Bench, table or flower garden, and a Parking lot transformed into a cozy corner

The track is paved

The construction of the ecoparking is over and the stock became a large number of lawn grids? Well — they will be useful for the device of sidewalk paths or barbecues

The borders of the lattices

Design of lawn grids so convenient and simple to use that they can be applied even to devices borders or delineation of the various zones

How to care for reinforced lawn?

Care for two components: a base made of plastic and constantly rising lawn grass. The grid will eventually wear out and must be replaced with a similar-sized items, and for that spare modules it is better to purchase initially. With a sharp alternation of frosts and thaws, the formation of ice on the surface of the plastic. It should be removed rigid tool, without sharp edges.

Care eco

In summer it is sufficient to pick up trash in the Parking lot and occasionally, as the extension of the grass to shorten it. In the spring you need to replace the soil or some modules

Activities for the care of the grass is similar to actions which are regularly held with the usual lawn:

  • mowing the grass, ate its height above the level of the lattice is greater than 5 cm;
  • supplemental watering during the dry season;
  • fertilization depending on season and soil type;
  • weeding, aeration, overseeding.

If all the rules laying grass paver and proper care for grass crops is a beautiful ecological Park will delight you and your guests for a long time. The modular structure of the grid requires a quick repair, and if necessary, change the size or design.

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