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How to create a continuous bed of flowering: year-round flower garden in the schemes and examples

How to create a continuous bed of flowering: year-round flower garden in the schemes and examples

Floral arrangements, pleasing to look elegant blooms during the entire season – a dream that is easy to implement on your site, intelligently choosing the plants. Flowerbed continuous flowering – great creation is not fading for even a moment floral masterpiece, from the contemplation of which get aesthetic pleasure at any time of the year. The secret of creating such beds is quite simple: to achieve endless beauty enough to choose plants with different flowering periods and Supplement composition floriferous annuals, as well as instances with decorative foliage.

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Highlights when you create an all-season flower garden

To create a flowerbed continuous and abundant flowering, it is necessary to consider not only the timing of flowering and ornamental plants, but the requirements for growing each crop. So planting perennials, it’s important to keep the distance between them in order to provide them with optimal conditions for growth and heavy flowering.

A beautiful flower arrangement on the site

Forming a bed of perennials for continuous flowering, I really want to see her well-most of the year

The choice of Pets for the flower garden should be approached with great care, taking into consideration such moments as: the insistence of plants to light, its resistance to drought, soil characteristics, preferred selected instance and recommendations for care.

Creating a flower bed of perennials to achieve a stunning scenic effect, using only 7-8 varieties of plants with different time of opening flowers. Then start from the fact that the flowering period of each plant is no more than 3-4 weeks. So on each plant, staying in the peak of its flowering, will have a few types already wither or even just blossoming plant specimens. To make the picture completed, you can re-expanding it with flowering and decorative foliage varieties.

In order to make it easier to determine the choice of plants, their number and color combinations, you can pre-draw a couple of schemes-beds of continuous flowering. A contour indicating the shape of a flower garden, you can start putting the accents of the composition.

If the bed will be equipped in the outdoor area, the center of the composition is filled with tall plants, and the lower flowers are placed closer to the edges of the flower bed. When constructing a flower bed along the wall of tall flowers, occupying the rear part of the composition, act background low mixborders of low-growing and ground-covering plants.

One example of the continuous flowering flower beds laid out so that the flower kept the attraction from early spring to late autumn:

The layout of plants with different flowering period

Plants for the flower garden: 1 – snowy forsythia, 2 – lung, 3 delphinium, 4 – sunflower herbaceous, 5 – miscanthus Chinese, 6 – Phlox paniculata, 7 – daffodils, 8 – gelenium, 9 – hellebore, 10 – astrantsiya, 11 coreopsis whorled, 12 – hare cabbage, 13 – geranium, 14 – Aquilegia, 15 – Catnip, 16 – sage 17 – Astra cushion, 18 – bell persinality, 19 – a portable flower pot with seasonal plants, 20 geranium, 21 – cuff soft

The most popular plants for flower arrangements

Spring tenderness

The bed comes to life and gradually replaced the primroses paint the flower in colorful paint miniature primrose, Daisy, fluffy pale purple pompoms sleep-grass and amazingly beautiful pansies.

Colorful flowering primroses

Awakened from the first rays of spring bloom dazzles the eye with its delicate primroses: the blue Scilla, the yellow and purple crocuses, forget-me-not, lungwort, daffodils and early flowering tulips

Soloists spring song

In may in all its glory reveal themselves irises, lupins, Aquilegia, peonies, forsythia, competing in beauty with luxurious plush daffodils and elegant tulips

In the second half of may reveal exuding a delicate fragrance of hyacinth. At the same time incredibly beautiful flowering shrub, the Imperial fritillary, or crown Imperial.

In this period, when the plants in the flower bed already awakened, empty areas between the perennials can be filled with seedlings or by sowing seeds of annuals so that they are pleased with their blooms in late summer.

Handsome annuals in the flower bed

Elegant decoration flower garden can be: marigolds, sweet peas, amaranth, Chinese Aster, the Wallflowers

Summer beauty

From the first days of June present «floral carousel». At the same time blooms: delphiniums, roses, zinnias, liatris, hydrangea, alyssum, acholla, calendula… After them, the torch goes, cornflowers, lilies, daylilies, leucanthemum, Erigeron, astilba.

Effective compositions of flowering annuals

High candle pyramidal inflorescences of blue delphiniums, the soloists of the flower bed, give a bed of special solemnity and beauty. Complement the picturesque scene astrantsiya and Aquilegia

Popular flowering all summer perennials include lilies and daylilies, monarda dual, the rudbeckia, the dead-nettle, Echinacea purpurea.

Autumn riot of colour

When the summer heat subsides over the take flowering dahlias, phloxes, Cannas, chrysanthemums, Lobelia, Colchicum. Opening towards the sun so different and amazingly beautiful flowers every autumn flowering plant is pleasing to the eye and creates in the heart a certain sorrow – will soon have to say goodbye to this beauty until the first rays of spring.

When creating compositions, you can use the feature of some plants to please re-flowering. For example, re-painted the flower garden in a bright paint will help to: ageratum, begonia, remontant, roses and carnations.

Rich colours of autumn flower beds

In autumn bright colors of the flower give coreopsis, stonecrop, Aster cushion and gelenium. Re-transformed Salvia and delphinium, flowering pleasing, though not as lush as in summer

Re-blooming beauties

Removing dead flower stalks to enjoy the re-bloom is possible in such plants as daisies, daylilies, lupins, bluebells, irises

In this variety the flower world there are plants that are able to please others gorgeous blooms during the whole season. Inflorescence ornamental onion flowering in late may, «freeze» strange balls, giving the flower garden of originality and stacked. Golden balls kraspedii not lose its appeal until the first frosts. From early spring to late autumn decoration of the flower garden stands decorative yarrow.

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