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Choose white flowers to create a monochromatic garden: a selection of the best varieties

Choose white flowers to create a monochromatic garden: a selection of the best varieties

The garden, which set the tone of white flowers, framed by delicate green leaves, has a special charm. White color as symbol of purity, is able to bring the atmosphere of the notes of tenderness and of solemnity. Speaking on the optical mixture of all colors, white combines the rainbow, filling the space with extraordinary strength and enthusiasm. Landscape design, designed in white tones, creating the effect of visually enlarge the space, bringing a feeling of lightness and freedom. How to choose white flowers for the garden, to create a harmonious landscape and make «Shine» shaded corners, consider the article.

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The idea is to make gardens in one color palette is not new. Today’s designers, setting trends in gardening, only continue the initiatives of creators, creating the picturesque of plant composition in the middle ages.

The gardens, built on the principle of monochrome, widely recognized hundreds of years ago. In the game of tones and hues played a major role in the size and shape of plants.

Monochrome white garden

Especially gorgeous composition of white flowers look during dusk when the last rays of light reflected on the petals

In XVI-XVII centuries in ancient India and East Asia, these gardens were called as «lunar». Its name they got due to the fact that dusk was creating amazing pictures of white silhouettes of flowers.

To emphasize the whiteness of delicate flowers and strengthen the reflective effect of plant composition in the garden was complemented by stones, covered with white paint, artificial ponds and sparkling in the moonlight, the sand of the sea.

One of the most famous gardens in the world, in which everything is subordinated to a single color, is Sissinghurst White Garden in England. It was created in the early XX century, but still remains a role model that inspires many gardeners to create their own «living» masterpieces.

Garden Sissinghurst White Garden

To walk through this garden is a pleasure: tens of thousands of graceful white flowers of different shapes and sizes make this place very romantic

For garden decoration used varieties with silvery-white edging of the leaves and flowers of various shades of white. The Creator of the English writer Vita Sackville-West had managed to skillfully to pick up range of flowers one shade that composition makes a riot of flowering throughout the year.

To realize such beauty in your garden, there is nothing difficult. Just need to decide what flowers with white flowers to choose and how to make songs to the plants, but not in competition with each other, reflected the General mood.

Select herbaceous plants in shades of white

The white garden is lovely at any time of the year. You only need to choose the right plants for the design of the site, given the arsenals of the range and the climatic conditions prevailing in your area.

One – and dvuhletki

In the plant world, the white color is not uncommon. We see it every spring, enjoying the flowering trees, which are hidden under the canopy of a picturesque clearing dotted with snowdrops.

White crocuses

The first encounter of Sunny days, basking in the gentle rays of the spring primroses: like bright stars on the bare ground blooming white crocuses and miniature plush Galanthus

A little later, to replace bulbs, the primroses will bloom delicate Lily of the valley, decorated with small bright bells, and cute primrose Alba.

Spring elegant decoration for rockeries or Alpine gardens will act as alyssum, which is also known as lobularia sea. Unpretentious low-growing annuals with small oval leaves, and gathered in dense racemes of tiny flowers will delight flowering throughout the growing season.

Alyssum in the garden design

Extremely nice alyssum belonging to the Tetra varieties and schneereiben Carpet of snow, the cap is gently swaying with the breeze

Planting fall bulbs of tulips, in spring you can enjoy the beauty of these wonderful flowers. Among the tulips, the petals of which are painted in shades of white, less decorative, famous varieties: White Parrot, White Marv, White Triumphator, fringed Daytona.

Whole glades in early may bloom povorotnyi: perennial carnation and arabis caucasica. On a background of delicate spring greens interesting to watch Turkish stud fringed-cut petals which are spreading in the garden a subtle delicate flavor.

Fishnet “pillow” Turkish carnations

For the smartness and simplicity of care among the varieties of Turkish carnations by many growers especially loved Albus or Dianthus plumarius

Relay flowering povorotnyi will give herbaceous peonies and irises. On a background of green leaves extraordinarily impressive look handsome irises with corrugated flowers of such varieties: Jayceetee Grosvenor, Arctic Express, ensiform, Mesmerizer Byers.

Beloved by many gardeners violet is famous for its variety of shades. But thanks to the efforts of breeders in sale you can find and monochrome varieties, for example, «White crystal».

Delight flowering from July to October is the ageratum. Decorated with thick, fluffy buds, it will preserve the color of flowers until the first frost.

Fishnet Bush on the background of ephedra

Flower arrangement in white tones look great with the silvery and grey-blue conifers with their needle-like foliage

In the background of the floral arrangements we can safely choose: thuja, spruce, cotoneaster brilliant. Silver conifers able to accentuate the cool the elegance and sophistication of white-flowering plants.

Perennial flowering species

Mid-summer is rightly given the power of blooming roses. Roses you can devote the entire garden, and he from it only will win: the picture with these extraordinarily beautiful colors is picturesque, vivid and memorable.

Graceful arch with climbing rose

Rose is equally impressive look in decoration of flower beds and borders and as hedges dividing the area into zones

Very nice white roses as elements of vertical gardening. Climbing roses can be run on the trellis, arches and pergolas, creating a green cloisters, giving a pleasant sense of security. For Alpine design perfect grade: Swany, Kent, Sea Foam.

For the white garden is perfect:

  • Bourbon rose Boule de Neige polnomochnom with fragrant flowers.
  • polyanthus roses Yvonne Rabier with flowers of small size;
  • musk rose Trier and Prosperity with fragrant flowers creamy white shades.

In the carpet flower garden be sure to plant Stellaria, cerastium, and the saxifrage. Groundcover varieties with miniature flowers which look great in combination with decorative white gravel..

Forming monochrome flowerbed, focus on the range of textures in plant composition. Let the flower garden adorn the plants, distinct shapes of leaves.

Texture monochrome flower garden

If you create a variegated ridges so the texture will go unnoticed in a monochromatic flower garden, it will be evident, like «3D» effect

To transform even the most unsightly parts of the garden capable of Aconite and large-flowered chamomile. These amazing cultures are ideal for creating landscape gardens with wild nature, which is inherent in the mysterious.

Chamomile will delight flowering in the summer months, and large inflorescences of Aconitum decorate garden majestic «candles» at the end of the season.

Daisy and Petunia

Don’t forget to Supplement flower cute daisies with pompon baskets varieties, The pearl and the fragrant petunias Snow ball

Petunias are so beautiful in themselves that if you create a picturesque landscape design does not need much effort of coming up with complex compositions. Plants will look great in the stone-paved flower beds and along fences.

Choosing a hanging plant varieties, you can decorate hanging planter flower garlands. Floral fragrant «clouds» deliver a worthy decoration of the gazebo, veranda or terrace..

The delicate foliage cineraria

Dilute white «blanket» in the garden will help grayish shades of openwork foliage cineraria seaside, lovingly referred to by growers as «silver dust»

Popular varieties of cineraria seaside is to provide: Cirrus with oval leaves, and Silver Dust with carved foliage. Silver tone carved leaves of the plant is able to accentuate the color of the flowers and shade greenery framing them.

Special attention deserve the beauty of a Lily. Conditions medium latitudes bear the Royal tubular lilies, Asiatic and Oriental hybrids.

Lilium candidum

Lilium candidum is one of the oldest types of white lilies, of which Hippocrates was credited with a divine origin and healing properties

Air white clouds on a Sunny flowerbed form numerous flowers baby’s breath. The ease and weightlessness miniature, like beads, flowers growers called povorotny «veil brides». Among the ornamental varieties the most attractive Bristol Fairy with fluffy white flowers and Monstrosa.

Paniculate inflorescences baby's breath

Branched stems of low-growing baby’s breath, reaching a height of 20-50 cm, inflorescence paniculate decorated with bright colors, framed by foliage

Lush blooms in shades of white during the summer months will provide:

  • kalimeris cut;
  • bell persinality Grandiflora Alba;
  • Catnip Nepeta x faassenii;
  • delphinium Casa Blanca;
  • Artemisia Silver Queen.

With the onset of autumn to keep the palette using «Queens homecoming» — chrysanthemum. It is believed that the unusually beautiful flowers are able to prolong life. But among gardeners, this perennial revered for its ability to liven up the garden in autumn, forcing him to play with new colors even when there is snow.

Chrysanthemum – Queen of the ball

According to Chinese legend, ruling in ancient times, the monarch is due to drink the dew of the chrysanthemums had survived over seven hundred years

For delicate flowers like the strokes artist brushes, paint the garden in bright shades, loved by many gardeners perennial Aster. Her snow-white hemisphere, look great not only in bed, but also the bouquet. Particularly noteworthy are the tall varieties of asters Agleni, whose branches profusely covered with small white flowers, and Weisser Schirm.

A worthy addition to the delicate flowers of asters will make a delicate panicles astilbe. Spreading branches with showy inflorescences feel comfortable even with a slight shading.

Decorative varieties astilby

Among the most famous varieties is to provide «Deutschland» with white air buds and Schtrausenfeder with fluffy panicles diamond shape

Late summer would be a great addition to the white garden are:

  • Japanese anemone Wirbelwind;
  • Phlox paniculata White Admiral;
  • yarrow Achillea decolorans;
  • Echinacea purpurea Alba.

All of the cultures are famous for their profusion of bloom and ease of care. Therefore, to make the composition, adhering to the timing of flowering, is not difficult. In case of difficulties you can always insure, adding a composition of variegated cultures. With this task successfully cope plant, comfrey, Hosta, lungwort.

White-banded host

White-banded host can be «Princess» any flower beds, giving the composition the notes of sophistication and elegance

Hosts, forming an air «pillow», visually soften the transitions between colors, bringing a composition of harmony. Variegated foliage with splashes of blue, grey and silver emphasizes the delicate white flower petals.

Shrubs and trees with white flowers

In addition to the herbaceous crops the white garden should definitely use trees and shrubs. Successfully planted tall plants are able «brighten» the most shaded corners of the garden.

In this subgroup, undoubtedly leads weigela. Ornamental shrub with tubular buds will delight connoisseurs of true beauty. Among the varieties with white flowers are especially beautiful Candida, black & white. The shrub can grow in slight shade, reaching a height of 1.5-2.5 meters.

Flowering shrub weigela

Weigela with drooping branches decorated with dozens of tassels inflorescences that bloom in early may and decorating the garden for 20 consecutive days

Flowering ornamental shrubs particularly pleasing flowering in the first summer month, like giving the ability of herbaceous crops to rest and gain strength to bloom in full measure.

From spring to summer quietly go under the scent of blooming lilac, which in the garden creates a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Shrub is ideal for shaping hedges and create multi-level compositions of plants. Lilac would look good in tandem with the herbaceous peonies that savateur with her at the same time.

Flowering “balls” hydrangeas

An integral persona of a summer garden in shades of white will perform paniculata and tree hydrangeas, flowering «balls» which is able to transform even the most plain area

Singing an ode to gorgeous flowering trees, I want to highlight the already loved by many bird cherry with its immense openwork, studded with white «asterisks» almonds and Jasmine, BlackBerry with textured flowers on the shoots of the arcuate.

In a monochrome garden be sure to plant a snowberry. The berries that adorn the bare drooping branches of a Bush, will make a bright note in the overall Symphony of the white garden.

Shrub snowberry

Shrubs of snowberry, dotted like beads, white waxy berries appear in all its glory with the onset of cold weather

Compositional perfection garden in white tones will give selected under monocolor decorative elements: garden figures, Park benches, makeshift windmills and wells. Romantic garden created in the environment will emphasize the dumping of white crushed stone.

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