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Grinder herb with your hands: a review of the 4 options of self-made traviesos

Grinder herb with your hands: a review of the 4 options of self-made traviesos

As well take a walk around the garden on its beautiful trails, admire manicured garden beds and flower beds, and then eat rosy Apple right off the tree. But for all this magnificence was going to work hard. To the soil was fertile, you need to make a lot of organics. Mulching grass is a great way to keep the soil in good condition. It is possible to decompose in the beds after cutting or pre-punch. To thick stems of greens to actively decompose, they are recommended to pre-chop. You can make a grinder herb with your hands or just buy it.

The contents

Selection of ready-made equipment largely depends on how much raw materials need to grind. After ground herb not only need to fertilize the soil. It is useful and those who has a farm: chopped greens added to the feed of livestock and poultry. With a small amount of work can be easily handled by conventional cleavers. The so-called triangular plate is equipped with durable and sharpened bottom edge.


Grains – the basic tool for chopping herbs. If the amount of work small, gasoline or electric trevaresse you can not buy and not build. Wear green for a stalk and get to work

The chaff is placed on a long stalk. It allows you to not bend over when doing work. Raw material to be chopped, you need to factor in the soil layer of 10-15 cm Surface should not be hard and the grass layer is not too large. Then the chaff will not blunt and will not bounce. When it hit my top down grass razrushaetsya into small pieces.

If the volume of greens is large enough, you need a large unit to choose which will help this video.

Ways independent production unit

The main purpose of this article is to find ways to self-production of the equipment that will be needed in the economy. If you have the desire, patience and minimum skills, you can make a homemade grinder herb that will work no worse and possibly even better purchase. Better because only you know the needs of their economy and can perfectly adapt the device to their own needs. It will be exactly as you need!

Option #1 drill to help you!

The best trevaresse can be very easy to build from conventional drills. How it works this simple device, you can see in the video posted below.

Thus, the grinding process resembles the work of a food processor: in a cylindrical housing, which is a simple bucket, is a sharp knife. By rotating it in a circle with high speed is cut grass. To make this truvoice uses a dual-mode drill «Temp», with a capacity of 850 Watts. Knife made of saw blade. The whole secret is hidden in the knife. If it is done correctly, the grass will not be wound on the blade. The knife should remain clean and free from vegetation.

Sharpen the knife one-sided sharpening. It needs to be sharpened is oriented with the flat edge down. If you have to grind fresh herbs, the best form of knife is narrow rhombus to the cutting edge went «no» at an angle to the edges. In a pinch, you can round the blade to the tip. Then grass, which affects the centrifugal force, slides on the cutting edge of a knife right to the edges. It cut easily and never spooled to the knife.

Option #2 — for holders of a vacuum cleaner «Typhoon»

The working principle of this device is no different from the previous one. It just looks more civilized and performance of it above. If in the previous case, the grass was already in the tank, where he put the cutting tools, now the raw material is fed through the top hole, and the finished substrate is released through the lower side of the apparatus. To ready silage when precipitation not scattered, should be used for the outlet of the protective casing.

Travieso housing from

Perhaps this Travieso does not look as presentable as purchased, but it is functional and virtually free. Decide what is important to you

The cut grass is collected in a bucket that you need the foresight to substitute for the outlet. It is clear that choosing the height of the uprights for Assembly, note that the normal parameters of bucket should easily pass for placing it in the right place. So and here is «Typhoon»? Housing from the old Soviet vacuum cleaner «Typhoon» perfect for basic garden shredder grass: it has the top hole of the most suitable size. Once again: this is perfect. But not the only one!

Any cylindrical container, whether it’s an old pan, a bucket or a section of pipe will also work. The engine power of 180 Watts can borrow from the old washing machine. Knives goes an old saw blade, but as stands it is recommended to use rectangular profile 15×15 mm. Here is the bushing with a height of 40 mm, on which are mounted the knives have to carve on a lathe.

Part 1 Manufacturer of grinder herb

The process of making chopper grass is not as complicated as it seems. Photo: No. 1 – housing is very convenient because it can load the grass on top, No. 2 – the motor from the washing machine, No. 3 is the location and appearance of the knives

The engine with the removed pulley is mounted on the studs to the bottom of the container. To clamp the knives will be useful to tap the nut 32 mm in diameter. In the manufacture of bushings prudently cut the thread under the nut. Do not forget about the hole for the motor shaft. To be reliable fixing on a shaft in the sleeve, make two holes 7 mm in diameter with the cut in them for thread M8 locking bolts. On the motor shaft from the back side face piercing holes of the pad to increase the reliability of fixing of the bushing retaining bolts.

At a height of 15 mm in the upper part of the cylinder grinder removed the faces to form a square of side length 25mm. On it and will be worn knives. To make the knives you need from the saw blade 4 to cut the workpiece grinder. In the Central part of each blank is cut out a square hole with sides of 26 mm. Width of each part depends on the hardness of the original metal. Clearly, to fit the knives got closer to the bottom. Their cutting edges are sharpen using the whetstone. The bolts fixing the bushing are placed above the knives.

Part 2 Manufacturer of grinder herb

Photo: No. 4 – Bush for fastening of knives and the motor connection with case No. 5 – squared, which subsequently will be assigned to the knives, No. 6 platform of the grinder, which is made in the form of a truncated pyramid

If it is not possible to make the outlet of the silo directly under the knife, equip it on the side. For this grinder you can do a circle of 7×7. For forming the guide of the hull is tin. The shredder housing is secured by bolts M3. Platform Assembly should be as stable as possible. For this the base make more than the top. Make her have the most functional and convenient.

The platform aims not only to keep flowing, but also to protect the engine. It is fixed to the container 3 by bolts M 6х45. The side faces of the platform is better to close the sheets of tin. Rack threaded bolt M3, which leaves and is fixed to the platform.

Option #3 — Travieso of what was at hand

Armed with the acquired knowledge when reading the description of process of manufacture previous unit, you can easily and effort to build something as simple and useful.

Elementary Travieso

This travarica made literally of what there was in the barn. All the things has long served its purpose, but in this design they probably will still be able to be useful to the owner

For elementary traverese will need:

  • pump «Agidel» or any similar motor is capable of doing 3000 rpm and feed from the network with a voltage of 220V;
  • old the pan is made of aluminum;
  • used hacksaw on a tree, from which you can make wonderful knives;
  • to start the engine the necessary button, whose role is to play the PNV from the washing machine;
  • plug and the cord.

Suggest you carefully look at the pictures, because they don’t require special comments. Everything is very clear. Proceed with the creation of flowing grass and all you can do.

Placement of knives

Pay attention to how you placed the knives in the grinder herb. It is possible that you will choose this model

Engine mounting

The engine is mounted under the pan, and the start button is at the rear of the platform so you can easier reach out to her

Cut grass

This grass, crushed with trevaresse, is perfect for feeding cattle and poultry, as well as for the purpose of mulching

Option #4 — a home-made chaff-cutter

Three previous units were successfully turned the grass into the silo. But if we need a chopper not only grass, but hay, worth a look to yet another invention, which are thoroughly presented in the video below.

A few caveats about security

Any device, which is described above, is provided with sharp cutting parts. To serve you for a long time, brought a relief in work, and not inflicted injury, observe when performing work basic safety precautions.

If the operation of the unit associated with electricity, be doubly cautious and take necessary measures. Pay particular attention to trevaresse not tried to include the children. Better to overdo it than less!

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