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How to choose a generator for the garden: petrol engine vs diesel

How to choose a generator for the garden: petrol engine vs diesel

It is not necessary to hope that the state soon will delight us with quality power supply — without interruption and voltage surges. Constant crash on the power lines — it costs dear AC mains laid during the electrification of Russia in the 20-ies according to the electrification plan. Apparently, the plans of the Communist government was not part of the electrification of the hinterland, so it often was left without centralized power supply to this day. In these circumstances, to act the cottager, spoiled the benefits of technological progress are without electricity just refuse to function? Not to return to antiquated methods of lighting the chips, oil lamps and candles? The only true solution — the creation of Autonomous power of its garden site with a generator, which can be both permanent and emergency power source. But how to choose this miracle of technology — a tricky question for many who are faced with terms such as volts and amps for the last time in high school. Just want to give advice — if you do not know where to buy this miracle machine, then go to store Energy Broker there you will be able to do pre-testing on the basis of which already specifically for you selected the right model. Well, if you just want to gain useful information and don’t know where to go — do not despair, we will help you find out quickly enough in this daunting at first glance, the task.

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What is a fuel power generator?

The fuel power generator is a kind of mini power station operating alone. What is necessary for its functioning? A small amount of fuel — gasoline, diesel, or gas that is consumed within 0.5 of a liter to produce 1 kWh depending on the capacity of the generator. You just pour the fuel mixture into the tank where it hits the combustion chamber. With the help of spark, the mixture is ignited and the heat energy released in the combustion process, is converted into electricity.

If you are thinking about buying a generator, first decide on what kind of fuel it needs to operate. Depend on these technical parameters and features generator: power, noise, mobility, durability, price, other.

So, you need to choose among generators, which are most often used to supply power for houses, namely petrol, diesel and gas. Gas generators do not have such a wide distribution, as the generators operating on gasoline and diesel fuel due to its high cost, bulkiness and the need to connect to the main gas supply system. Therefore, the choice of generator for a home outside the city, by and large, comes down to the decision — gasoline or diesel electricity source it will be.

Diesel generator: «for» and «against»

Before you start to choose a generator, decide what power source you need — permanent or temporary (seasonal, emergency). If you are using your cottage all year round, then the best option would be a diesel generator — it is more suited for continuous operation than diesel. In addition, its margin of safety above — diesel unit will last you longer than a generator that runs on gasoline. And yet, the range of versions of diesel generators offers a more powerful model than gasoline stations — this will allow you to connect a larger number of appliances to Assembly on the engine.

Generator for home

When selecting a generator, determine whether you want to use it seasonal or all year round and calculate the load — capacity plug-in appliances

Don’t forget to take into account that diesel is a cheaper fuel than gasoline, and with the constant connection of the house to the generator, the combustible mixture will take a lot of. So using the gasoline generator can result «a lot of money».

What are the negative aspects of the use of a diesel generator? First and foremost, the units for supply of diesel fuel worth a decent amount from 20 thousand rubles to 1 million rubles and up. Although slightly comforted by the fact that the initial capital investment in a diesel generator quickly pays for itself. Another disadvantage that you will face in operating a powerful diesel power plant — high noise level work, requiring the allocation of a separate room with a sound system of sound insulation and mechanical ventilation.

Diesel generator in the yard

High noise of powerful diesel generators and exhaust gases generated by their work, are forced to place the equipment outside the home

Thorough ventilation is necessary in the case of using a gasoline generator — do not forget that the principle of operation of these units is similar to the functioning of a car engine, and it is inevitably accompanied by the formation of exhaust gases. Only the combustion of diesel fuel is more corrosive than gasoline and is forced to equip the system of removal of volatile toxic substances.

A good option that will help to solve this problem — installation of a diesel generator outside the home. But this solution entails the need of furnishing a canopy and locking system hardware to protect against theft.

Stationary diesel generator

Diesel installation high power have large dimensions and come in the form of stationary equipment

The launch of the diesel generators is possible at a temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius, diesel is not below minus 5 degrees. A significant drawback of diesel generators is the complexity of launching at low temperatures, which is extremely important for our climatic conditions. However, there are models for stationary units on diesel in a protective casing that allows you to place this equipment on the street and get electricity, regardless of the cold weather.

In General, if we summarize our reflections, the purchase of a diesel generator would be a reasonable solution if the cottage is used year-round or has a large number of appliances.

The pros and cons of a diesel generator

How to choose a generator, if the cottage is used seasonally or if your site is connected to the Central power and requires a backup power supply? When such input data in the most rational way of organizing Autonomous power of a country site will be a petrol generator, attracting its low cost in the range of 3 to 50 thousand rubles, and sometimes higher. It is the generator on gasoline best to cope with light loads in a small garden, not crammed with a wide range of appliances.

Compact gasoline generators

The relatively light weight — up to 100 kg, compactness and mobility contribute to the fact that gasoline generators are most often used to supply power to suburban areas

The cost of the generator on gasoline depends on the power unit, engine performance, increased fuel consumption, the manufacturer. The average price of a diesel generator twice the price of the gasoline counterpart of the same capacity.

If you need to perform any work at the site requiring electrical connections, you can easily move the gasoline generator is usually the mass of the Assembly is small, it is quite compact and mobile. A slight noise produced by the generator on gasoline, allows for its placement in the room and does not require additional insulation. So if you are faced with a dilemma, which generator is required for use on a seasonal basis, buy the petrol version — and you will not regret it.

Gasoline generator for electricity at home

Gasoline generator is the best option for a seasonal supply of garden with electricity

Noise diesel generators is about 50 decibels, a diesel — from 80 to 100 decibels.

If we talk about a generator as a backup source of electricity in case of sudden disconnection of centralized water supply, the gasoline generator will be the best choice. Investing minimum money in buying gasoline generator low power will not hurt if during the summer season you’ll use it a few times.

How to pick up the unit the required power?

If we talk about this indicator generator performance, range of power diesel generators ranges from 0.6 to 7 kW. Practice shows that to supply electricity to a small country house with enough installation capacity of 1 kW. This unit will pull a modest lighting, TV, fridge, small gas boiler and a low-power downhole pump. If the vending machine wider, you might need a gasoline generator with a capacity 3 kW and more. As for producers, maximum reliability will be ensured by purchasing equipment at the gasoline manufactured by Honda, Subaru, Kohler.

Power generator

Picking up a generator to power the house, pay attention to its power — it will depend on how many appliances you can connect

Choosing the capacity of the generator, add up the rated capacities of all electrical appliances in your home and add an additional 30% — a reserve power for peak loads that occur when you turn on the refrigerator, washing machine, well pump, power tools, and other powerful electrical appliances. Another important point for consideration — the cost of 1 kWh generated by the unit capacity of 5 kW on gasoline will be about 8 rubles., diesel fuel — about 6 rubles., gas — 4.5 rubles.

For country houses, equipped with the maximum possible set of technical systems, the gasoline generator will not work. So the question is, what diesel engine will behave better as a standalone power plant? From experience, a power of about 10 kW will be sufficient for the advanced country house with full «ammunition» household appliances, centrifugal pump and gas boiler, video surveillance system and automatic gate. Among manufacturers of diesel generators favorably with the company Yanmar, Deutz, Isuzu, Honda, Kohler.

Gas generators have been gaining more and more popularity among owners of private houses. The capacity of this equipment varies from 0.8 to 24 kW, and allows flexible selection of the installation that meet the needs of your country economy. Are always successful generators by gas companies Reg, Gazlux, Greenpower, Mirkon, Kohler, Honda.

Mobile generator to give

In terms of giving the best option would be compact and mobile power generator — you will easily be able to carry him on site to perform different chores

Summarizing all the above, when you purchase a generator, decide for what purpose you need, estimate power consumption and select the kind of fuel that will operate the unit.

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