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How to choose a lawn mower: compare electric and petrol models

How to choose a lawn mower: compare electric and petrol models

In England there is a saying that a perfect lawn only gets through 200 years of constant cutting. It is unlikely that our owners will have to wait for much time, because with proper care, the lawn will certainly thank thick and juicy coated in the next season. Grass – like hair: the more often the cut, the thicker it becomes. It remains only to choose the right «scissors». About old fashioned spit is not even worth mentioning, because of its flat lawn is not achieved. And with the abundance of today’s technology, few dare to get up at dawn to wave a scythe, until the dew will fall. There is only one way – to buy special equipment. In the «hair» the tool is divided into 2 groups: diesel and electric models. We will understand how to choose a lawnmower with the features of construction, type of your site and scope of work.

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What are the different types of lawn mowers?

For the concept «lawnmower» fits all technique that helps to deal with rough vegetation. Actually, there are three such tools: trimmer, brushcutters and lawn mower. Each of them is designed for specific tasks.

Trimmer and brushcutters with the shape is very similar, so many sellers believe that these words are synonyms. Both the post and the motor and cutting part. Both work, wearing the special straps on the shoulder and holding equipment in their hands.

Now for the differences. The trimmers have less power and cut grass with fishing line (cord). They are suitable for mowing of grass and weeds under the trees, for lawns with uneven terrain, etc..


Trimmers are lightweight and the cutting tool in the form of fishing line

Trimmers are more powerful and can cope with the growth of bushes, thick weeds, like burdock or nettles, and so Their cutting part is equipped with knives, although the line can also be used. When operating brushcutters humming harder and the load on the arms more substantial. But the trimmers use less gasoline.


Powerful brushcutters trimmers and cutting tools are knives

The most comprehensive tool type lawn mower. It is a cart with motor (or without it in mechanical models), which moves on wheels and cuts the grass blades. Man controls the instrument using the handles. This option may not be the best mower for the garden because it is designed only for smooth, well-maintained areas, where no trees or shrubs. Close beside them to obesity the grass in this oversized unit will not. One more minus – does not like rocky terrains.


The mower is designed for mowing grass on a flat surface without stones

So good, if the farm is both hair trimmer (or bought) for remote and hilly areas and the mower for flat areas. Trimmers we have already discussed in more detail. Now let’s try to understand what the mower better.

Compare petrol and electric units

Criterion #1 — the power and noise level

Power lawn mowers, petrol is much stronger than electric. The second are powered from the network, and therefore, manufacturers can’t install too powerful motors, otherwise the network on 220 volts will not stand the strain. However, some models are supplemented further by a battery, but it is designed for the working time to 2 hours.

But the weaker the motor, the quieter it works. Obsesiva petrol unit, you will feel the roar of the engine. No wonder the accessories kit for the most powerful lawn mower includes headphones.

Work bentkovskiy

When bentkovskiy must wear headphones to protect your hearing from excessive noise

By the way, the maximum power for the petrol models can cause damage to the car. Imagine that you mow the area medium oblique, and under the knife accidentally hits a pebble or a bone brought by the dog. How does the engine? Stalls! Stone get and quietly mow on. If the same object manages to get under a powerful gas-powered lawn mowers, then power «horses» enough to roll on a wedged knives. The result is a cutting mechanism finally grimaces, causes deformation of the shaft and splits the sleeve. Case «smells» overhaul!

For country needs is enough petrol motors with 6-7 «horses», therefore, before you choose a petrol lawnmower higher power, think about whether you have on the site «pitfalls», who will provoke such a breakdown.

Motor mower

When choosing a lawnmower it is not necessary to chase high-power motors, because they take a lot of gasoline and difficult to manage

Criterion #2 — productivity

Performance, naturally, is tied with the power. Large and medium-sized areas easier to abrasivity petrol models, because they can operate without interruption. Electric motor this pace will not stand. They work for about 15 minutes and then allowed to rest to avoid overheating of the mechanism. Ie for the front lawn this power is enough and obkalyvanija 10 acres – hardly. Besides, before to choose an electric lawnmower, consider the distance from the power source. The standard size of the AC unit – no more than 20 meters. But if you have to mow 50 m from the outlet, you will have to buy more than 30 meters of extension cable. Good cable + automation + cost of the mower itself = the price of medium-power gasoline model. So whether «attached» wired Assembly, if for that price you can buy «free, not tethered horse».

Electric lawn mower

Electric lawn mower tied to a network, so in large areas, requires additional cable

Criteria #3 — service

But on the part of the electrical model much easier. They do not require constant monitoring of oil level and gasoline, so for people who are poorly versed in the intricacies of pouring liquids into motors, it is better to buy the electric version.

Criterion #4 — security level

If you analyze what it is necessary to choose a lawn mower on the level of security, then both options have their shortcomings. So, petrol models are not happy with the amount of exhaust gases that somehow have to inhale the mower, especially when machining small areas. Electric units have no emissions there, but it can’t be used in wet weather. In addition, when used carelessly, there are times when cutting a part of the bump on the cable and cut it off, that could be dangerous. And yet, if the instructions mow only in rubber boots, it is more comfortable to work with electrocoil.

Criterion #5 — weight

When choosing a petrol lawn mowers, consider who will have to work. Due to the powerful motor of this unit has considerable weight and control it is harder for an electric option. The load is large, and therefore, women, adolescents and the elderly with such equipment to work will be difficult. Electric models are more maneuverable, easier to manage and go smoother. The mower remains only to direct the cart in the right direction.

What to look for when buying a particular model?

If you have already decided which mower to give preference – petrol or electric, please note that when you purchase on the individual nuances that apply to both types of units.

The availability and quality of ispolnenia the collector

Many models come with a grass collector, where knives cut the vegetation. The advantage of such devices is that after mowing is not necessary to further rake up the grass, but you periodically have to stop work to clean up a full bag.


Soft travisbarker easier to control the fill level of the grass

Transparnecy is available in two versions: soft (from the grid) and hard (plastic). Soft is easier to control the filling level as soon as the bag has ceased to swell with the air, then it’s already full. Plastic container so as not to check. But when mowing wet grass definitely prefer the second option because of wet grass stick to the walls of the grid and clog it so that you have after work to wash the bag and then vacuuming.

The function of mulching

Some lawn mowers have a device that finely grinds everything that gets inside, and dumps them as mulch to feed the lawn. Like a useful addition, but! A good mulch is obtained only when cutting is completely dry soft grass. If you mow wet lawn, the mulching material to break the clods. Scattered on the lawn, the lumps clog the roots of the grass and do not allow it to grow normally. In the end, your lawn can be formed «bald». Besides, excess mulch leads to the accumulation of so-called felt, which gradually rises higher and hinders the normal growth of the grass. You will have to peregrinate entire lawn to comb out the excess.

The function of mulching is useful only to those hosts that are not important to the quality of the lawn. It saves them from having somewhere to take the mown vegetation.

The side ejection of the grass

This is a useful feature for those places where you have to cut the grass on roadsides.

Front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive models (petrol lawn mowers)

In the petrol units there are two types of drive. The front is easier to manage. With this technique you can turn on the spot, without turning off the engine. But when the collector is full, or heavy grass (wet, high), you have to constantly push the mower to move. Rear-wheel drive car is skidding, but to deploy the lever of a drive of wheels you want to disable.

Front-wheel drive lawn mower

Front-wheel drive lawnmower is more maneuverable, but when filling the collector can slip

Height Adjuster cut grass

If you have to deal with different areas, this function is convenient especially for the adjustment spent no more than 3 minutes. In that case, if the technique will continuously mow the same area, is usually set the same height, and therefore, it makes no sense to pay more for the controller.

There is no uniform opinion about how to look best lawn mowers. Any model can become a great helper on the farm, if she were selected taking into account the above tips and not only by brand, manufacturer and price.

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