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How to choose a good chainsaw for gardening: advice of competent experts

How to choose a good chainsaw for gardening: advice of competent experts

A saw is a necessary tool for every vacationer and the owner of a private house. Even for firewood in the grill and needed her help, not to mention the pruning of trees and the construction of pavilions, porches, etc. and if you have previously used hand saws and hacksaws, then, thanks to progress, now have the opportunity to purchase good quality petrol saw. The only question is what kind of, because the model, which is suitable for periodic tasks, is unlikely to survive the whole process of erection of a log house or bathhouse. Consider how to choose a chainsaw, given the intensity of its use and ease of maintenance.

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Classification of chain saws for field use

Chainsaws Amateur level for smaller jobs in the garden and home

The low power class chainsaws – Amateur. It presents a model that can handle only periodic use is not more than 40-45 minutes a day. As a rule, the capacity of domestic chainsaws does not exceed 2 kW. They are low profile chains that reduce the level of vibration during operation. However, the performance of such circuits is weak.

Household saw

To support the order in the garden and periodic harvesting of firewood is enough to buy a low-power home chainsaw

They are lightweight, comfortable, provide strong load on the hands and are quite suitable for country needs: firewood, tree trimming, minor construction works. For a fully built private house or garden, where renovation works are carried out only occasionally, and to maintain order in garden chainsaws in this class is enough.

Semi-professional chainsaws: stand construction

This class includes models that have sufficient capacity and is able to work both on felling and on the site. The only negative – not for long-term use, ie if you cut to 10 hours daily, then this tool will last long. Power prosumer units varies from 2 to 3 kW, although mainly 2.5 kW. Trunk diameter — up to 40 cm like chainsaws Weigh 5-6 kg.

Ideal for person starting building your own home, which requires a lot of work on the tree: the creation of a roof frame, nastilanie floors, etc. And even after completion of construction they will be indispensable helpers in the garden and on the plot.

Semi-professional chainsaw

The novice developer will help in the construction of houses semi-professional chainsaw

Chainsaw professional level: for felling trees

The «strong» class – a professional model that has large capacities (2,7-6 kW) and capable of hours of daily load. It is unlikely that the choice of saws of this class is justified for personal use, if the owner does not plan the construction of the frame, and then the same bath, but still he harvests wood for the house for the whole winter. Typically, a professional model buying organization, engaged in felling, because these blades are very wear-resistant, can withstand about 2 million hours and are designed to work with thick trees.

Professional chainsaw

Power professional chainsaw for the average vacationer for the

At home without the skills to cope with such a saw is not easy: she had a high level of vibration (and therefore productivity high!) and a lot of weight — more than 6 kg. This is a significant load on the hands, especially for those who do not have experience with a similar tool.

Selection chainsaw power

Power is the main factor affecting the instrument’s ability to cope with a heavy wood, fast cutting and possible depth. In order to understand their needs, go through in the mind the anticipated load on the tool. If you do not plan to cut thick logs, use the tool daily, and choose assistant for garden use, power up to 2 kW will be enough with a vengeance. For personal construction will fit chainsaws with a capacity from 2 to 2.6 kW. Remember: the more power the unit has, the worse it is. And to cope with them will not be easy.

The study saw a headset

Now consider the nuances of the selection unit based on the capabilities of the saw headset.

Analysis of the length of the bus and its type

Found saw three types of tires:

  • Narrow flat. They are put on the domestic chainsaw to be used by Amateurs. A narrow tire is paired with a low profile chain and has almost no such drawback as the reverse shock (Oh say it later). This is done to minimize the potential for injury when working with the tool.
  • Lightweight. These tires are made of steel and consisted of two plates, between which is Packed with polyamide. This design was created specifically to reduce the overall weight of the unit, which significantly affects the quality of some works. For example, cut to the height of such a tool much easier than normal.
  • With interchangeable heads. This bus is the professional level, designed for large power saws, which work daily for many hours.
Tires chainsaws

Long bus convenient for sawing of large trees, and short work with more speed

In addition to the type of the tyre, pay attention to the length. It should be matched with the engine power. Long tire easier to work with thick wood, because you can make the cut deeper. But if she picked a low-power mechanism, it is not enough power for fast sawing, it will have to expend energy on rotation of the crankshaft. You will have to cut slowly, and gasoline will more than usual, and the motor will instantly wear out. In the instructions to the saws must be set to the recommended length of the bus. It should not be exceeded. The smaller size is permitted. By the way, if there is a choice between two models of the same power, for small trees or boards it is better to take the one with the tire is smaller, because it has higher cutting speed.

Circuit performance

The cutting speed and the ability to cope with a heavy wood influence, and the chain pitch. To determine which chainsaw is better, you should know that three chain pitch: 0,325 inch, 3/8 inch and 0,404 inches. This is a common notation of all manufacturers, therefore let us examine the features of the operation of the circuit of each of these parameters.

Chain for chainsaw

The chain pitch is selected based on power chainsaw

Step 0,325 inch low profile have household circuit. Is the optimal size for short-cutting because it is a weak vibration. Prolonged stress such a chain will not stand and will immediately blunt.

In a powerful chain saws are chain with step 3/8 0,404 either. They are able to work long and to cut thick trees. But even these units are not designed to work with dirty or frozen wood. For such purposes are produced in a chain with carbide weld Deposit.

Saw headset

When replacing any part of the saw headset need to search the item from the same manufacturer

Note that buying a saw, you automatically become «fan» this brand, because the components of the sawing headsets from different manufacturers don’t match each other. Ie, chain wheel, sprocket, tire and chain should be issued by the same plant, and in case of breakage it is necessary to search the item the same brand, otherwise you simply will not collect the set.

The presence of anti-kick back

In the process of working with the tool is the most dangerous phenomenon of the so-called «kick back», i.e. the rebound of the saw in the direction of a man who works with her. Kickback may occur when the tree falls the end of the bus. When selecting a tool, ask whether you are interested in models of protection against this phenomenon.


Protection «kick back» will help inexperienced operators to avoid injury

Protection is of two types: using a special brake or additional flap. The brake is more common. It looks like the lever-plate, able to switch in 2 position. When the tool trigger, the lever is in a position «closer to hand», and when it happens «reverse punch», hand automatically clicks on the lever, and the position, instantly stopping the movement of the chain.

Additional flap is created to the operator’s hands are not in contact with a dangerous mechanism when the machine is in operation. Put it on the end of the saw headset and called defensive sector. Such protection, you will not find in the Swedish chainsaws, as in this country, the loggers use the end of the bus when you saw wood. And this is officially allowed.

Features anti-vibration protection

When choosing a saw make sure to ask the seller to turn it on and hold it in his hands. Light household saw not much vibrate, but if they have rubber gaskets, it has a positive effect on the quality of the work. Located in the strip between the handlebars and the unit housing. In powerful models of the engine and the fuel tank must be separated from each other, so that the weight Assembly is distributed on the entire structure evenly.

Chainsaw without protection is suitable only for those who work rarely and not for long. The longer a tool in the hands, the stronger the effect of vibration on the hands that will eventually lead to diseases of the joints.

Chainsaw for women’s hands

It happens that some works on the site have to deal with and women. And if we analyze, what is the best chainsaw for women’s hands, then, of course, it is necessary to choose only from the group of low-power Amateur units because they are lightweight and slightly vibrate. On this model the strength of women’s hands is not enough.

Women's chainsaw

For the weak women’s hands will only fit a low-power home model chainsaws

But if there are no problems with electricity, it is necessary to give preference to the saw. With her and be managed more easily and are easier to maintain: no need to change the oil, add fuel, etc. With this unit, even for a slender lady.

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