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Garden shredder from saws: example Assembly with your hands

Garden shredder from saws: example Assembly with your hands

Garden – a place where you can enjoy lush greenery for Breakfast and bird trills in the morning and also spend your time immersed in fresh colours of nature. If we consider the garden from a more prosaic point of view, the creation of a neat area is impossible without addressing plant waste. Spring pruning of fruit trees, cutting the old strawberries and raspberries, sea weeds after weeding the garden beds – it all added up in the pile that burned at the end of the season. Economical owners who know how to use these wastes for use, creating the areas a compost heap that for 3-4 season of all this stuff are transforming the material into an excellent organic fertilizer. Deciding to create a garden shredder with your hands, you can get the excellent material in the form of wood chips or flour, which is useful for acceleration of compost fermentatio.

The contents

The principle of operation of the cutting device

Homemade garden shredder will not only learn practical benefit from the waste, but to ease over the shop on the site. With this chopper you can crush any plant residues into fine chips.

The decoration of flower beds and paths

These chips look interesting as a decorative mulch for paths and flower beds

The chopper works on the principle of the grinder in which the branch, 1.5-7 cm, falling into a hopper and moving to the chopping system, easily ground into fine chips. The bunker is a structure, which does not allow the ingress of a garment and hands to the area of the rotating knives. The shredding system consists of cutters and a few knives. The thickness of the shaft depends on the intended use of the device for grinding thin 3 cm branches set to 8 cm shaft.

Safety when working with the unit

To work with the chopper should use protective glasses and gloves

Performance of equipment depends on engine power. So chopper, the engine power which is in the range of 2.6 kW, capable of grinding branch is d=5 cm.

The stages of Assembly design

Selection of required materials

Homemade garden shredder waste is little different from industrial analogues of these devices. Stationary chopper can be done on the basis of circulation of the saw. For this unit, it is sufficient to replace the discs on the cutter shaft or the cutter, and attach the receiving trough is a hopper. Or you can use these saws as a grinding device, placed on the shaft at the same time several pieces.

Creating a garden shredder with your hands «from scratch» it is first necessary to acquire the motor. The motor is the best option for fast grinding of raw materials in relatively small volumes. The motor is noiseless in operation and does not emit exhaust gases. Such characteristics of the motor allow to use it not only on the local area, but in enclosed spaces. The only drawback – the need for connection to the power supply system.

Powerful unit with your hands

The rough material in large enough volumes it is most preferable to use a walking tractor, the capacity of which is much higher than the traditional power motor

Council. The use of circular saws with carbide tips will allow you to create a reliable and durable knife that does not require periodic honing procedure.

To build a quality knife takes an average of 10 to 20 drank in thickness 6-10 cm.

Adjustment of cutting saws

Cutting saw typed on the stud – axis, the diameter of which is equal to the diameter of the disks. To build cutter you will also need nuts and washers of the same size. In advance it is necessary to prepare thin washers that can be cut from plastic. These washers will be required for cultivation discs at equidistant distance from each other so when you rotate them slightly protruding teeth clung together. The number of washers should be on 1 element less than the number of disks.

Hairpin strung with saws

Disks strung on the pin is installed the pulley, which can be taken from the pump or generator VAZ. For the rotation axis you will need two bearings with inner d=20mm

Fabrication and construction of frames

A frame for mounting the rod tillers can be welded from profiled metal pipes. To welded construction is attached to the disk in such a way that it can move freely relative to the saws. This arrangement will allow, if necessary, to adjust the tension of drive belt.

Assembly design

For opiranija branches during processing to the design, you can attach persistent block profile

Securing housing and hopper

Cover design can be cut from galvanized steel, but preferably make it from sheet metal. The material hopper can be of conventional galvanized steel.

Features mounting the hopper and casing

The cover is put directly on the chopping block. Top design is mounted to the hopper for loading of raw materials

Advantages of improvised apparatus

Garden shredder with his own hands, in contrast to models of factory performance, more universal. It can be used not only for processing of branches and grass, but also for the crushing of fruits and various variations of household waste.

Fragmentation of large branches

Powerful unit is able to overpower even the branches with a diameter of 10 cm

A horizontal arrangement of the engine on a same level relative to the knives to prevent it breaking from getting wet stems. Working with Assembly is simplified by the fact that there is no need to monitor the moisture content of raw materials and sort the branches by size.

Homemade garden shredder waste has a high performance circular saw blades with high speed are able to process even quite thick branches. The cost of the chopper will be released in two times cheaper, and power — many times more. Created this way the unit will not be worse than expensive factory-garden tools.

Design options you can think of the sea, it all depends on imagination, ingenuity and desire of the craftsman.

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