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How to make a good shovel for snow removal: guidelines for the production of

How to make a good shovel for snow removal: guidelines for the production of

Country ownership, covered with a layer of white fluffy snow – a truly fabulous picture, where you can admire sitting at the window with a Cup of tea. But sometimes you have to go out, but not for aesthetic contemplation, and for cleaning snow accumulations with garden paths and car Parking. Stretch your muscles and clear the area will help shovel snow – gun primitive, but very useful.

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Step-by-step production technology of a shovel

Purchased products good: durable, beautiful, and light. But why not make a snow shovel with your hands? Almost all of the tools and materials can be found in the country, and to work only takes 2-3 hours. The result is savings in time and money, but most importantly satisfaction from their own labor.

Wooden shovel

The advantages of a wooden shovel to the face: it’s lightweight compared to metal, quite durable, and most importantly — suitable for manufacturing

Step I – the Preparatory phase

The Foundation will serve as a regular piece of plywood. Its dimensions may be different: if the shovel is designed for adult – suitable square 50×50 cm, for children instrument 30 × 30 cm Plywood element is fixed on a piece of Board sawn from a billet, the length of which is equal to the width of the shovel (respectively, 50 cm or 30 cm). To handle the necessary rake or long thin stick (about 2 m).

In addition to basic materials, you will need a thin metal plate and fasteners – usual nails. As you can see, all are the basic items that one can detect in the household. Special tools are also not necessary is the saw (jigsaw), planer, sandpaper, hammer, pliers.

Place of work

Place of work depends on the weather. On a good day you can sit directly on the street, putting around the house joiner’s table. In bad weather, any shed

Step II — making of the end part

Take a raw Board cut, and the sawn off part, needed for the manufacture of so-called end – the basis for fixing the plywood sheet. The whittle plane the workpiece on all sides, so that it becomes smooth. With a pencil draw the outline of the parts holding the arc with one hand, the other remains straight. Mid-width is 8 cm, the edge is 5 cm.

Making end

Measure twice, cut once — this proverb can be very useful. For accurate calculations you need to use a ruler, square and pencil

Remove the excess wood and get ready to end.

The end

For treatment of wood along with hand tools you can use and electric: increases the efficiency, and the quality is getting better

Step III — Treatment of the cutting

You must determine what shape will the handle of the product, because snow shovels can be found round and rectangular cuttings. We make the handle with a rectangular cross section, but for convenience the edges a little scrugli.

Of suitable length of edging boards or strips are cut to the beginning of the six-foot cut width of about 4.5 cm ensure that the wood contained knots is critical weaknesses, which at the first load to snap. It does not matter if the entire length has a small bevel (difference in width) – this does not affect the durability and ease of cutting.


If the Soviet part of the shovel attached to the handle at a right angle to the work will be easier. For snow removal this tool takes a lot less effort

If the side is the bark, remove it, then whittle the workpiece, leaving but a little Kruglaya ribs. Finally Esquivel stalk, giving it smoothness. The raw parts should not stay, as they can injure hands.

Step IV — Sawing opening

To the shaft firmly secured in the end part, it is necessary to cut the opening. It is exactly in the center part, and cut width corresponds to the width (or diameter) of the cutting. Will be careful, if the opening to cut a fret saw and then use a chisel.

The depth of the opening with the different parties must be different: 4cm and 4.5 cm half an inch out on the bevel, which ensures a perfect fit of the cutting. The angle of inclination of the shovels part depends on this slant, it can be different – it depends on the height of the person and manners of work with a shovel. The difference in half an inch is very convenient for most people, so you can on it and stop.

Sawing opening

Wood — soft and pliable material, so work with it carefully. One inaccurate move and the workpiece will be defective

Next, you must identify which line it is necessary to cut the stalk. You will need a square. Neatly cut off unnecessary length, yet follow the angle of the cut – bevel on the handle should coincide with the opening. Combine the two parts, checking the.

Step V — Assembly shovel

All parts are prepared, you can get to build a snow shovel. A piece of plywood prikolachivayte to the mechanical parts. It only takes three nails: one scolacium in the middle, two on the edges.

Assembly shovel

Before connecting the plywood and the end part should find the middle of both parts and nailed the first nail directly in the center, and then the other two edges

You can use a trick that will keep the plywood from splitting. Bites off sharp parts of the nails, and blunt end will not push the fibers of the plywood, and just break them.

The reverse side of the shovel

All parts of the product should fit snugly to each other, otherwise the gaps and cracks will get snow. The dampness will quickly ruin the wood

Take a tape measure and count the mounting location of the handle to the plywood. Note the locations of the pegs on the back of the shovels, and then nailed the handle to the plywood. This is an important moment, as inaccurate marking threatens to deviations of the cutting. To work this tool hard – snow shovel will constantly lean to one side.

Step VI — Trim with metal strips

For the strength of the shovel it is necessary to strengthen it with metal strips. Ideal galvanized iron left over from roof repairs. In its absence, will fit an ordinary tin cans for canned food.


Cans for work you can always find in a suburban refrigerator or cellar. For cutting of banks on the strip will need metal shears

For the manufacture of the lower edge of the cut tape of a length slightly greater than the width of the shovel is 55-60 cm Width – 6 cm. Bend the cut piece in half lengthwise and get the edge that you want to wear in the Soviet part of the bottom and fasten. The metal is tight against the plywood, hustling him several blows of the hammer.

Working with metal

When working with metal strips to prevent injury should wear work gloves, also suitable canvas gloves or gardening gloves

Laterally protruding pieces of metal bends, then fix the edge with three nails. Nails must penetrate the plywood through, bend the extra part. Similarly olivem metal bar the mechanical part. Screws then fasten the handle in the Central part of plywood, and place the connection on the reverse side reinforce with a small piece of metal.

Protection end

In the process of working with screws, it is advisable to apply the drill. The work will go much faster and the holes for the screws will maintain the integrity of the wood

Shovel ready, and don’t have a question, how to make a spare shovel or how to make a small shovel for a child.

Storing shovels

To keep the wooden shovel should be in a warm place, but away from heating appliances will suit a porch or hallway. If stored properly the tool will last more than 5 seasons


If the cottage is considered as a holiday destination and the difficulty of materials and tools, you can buy ready-made shovel at the store. There are lots of options products – metal, plastic, wood.

For large areas suitable electric blowers: their performance above, but be sure the required power supply.

To clear a path to the gate, just a small shovel from durable plastic it will last for many years.

Shovel, plastic

Shovels made of plastic and aluminum is valued for its light weight — and this is important when clearing snow, which in itself is heavy. The cost of plastic shovels — from 850 to 1500 rubles

Wooden shovels choose creative people who are self «finalize» them – give a beautiful look. Cloth items can be colored with paints – get exclusive model in the folk style.

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