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How to choose garden sprayer: what models are they and what to buy?

How to choose garden sprayer: what models are they and what to buy?

Only healthy plants can really beautify a suburban area and to bring a good harvest. Experienced gardeners know that without the use of special tools to cope with the pests very difficult. For the treatment of fruit trees and shrubs, berry crops and other plants grown on the plot, use the garden sprayer. This equipment facilitates the process of applying chemicals and biological products that destroy harmful microorganisms. Also it can be used for foliar fertilizing, the spraying of bio-stimulants and fertilizers, prepared, including, and with their hands. Manufacturers produce various models of sprayers, among which you can choose the most suitable option, considering the area of the garden plot and the number of plantations in need of treatment. Equally important are other technical characteristics of the sprayers that have a direct impact on the functionality and usability of this type of garden equipment.

The contents

In this video you can get acquainted with the basic types of sprayers and find out how they differ from each other:

Model manual sprayer: simple and cheap

For the treatment of seedlings and vegetables grown in the greenhouse, small flower beds, one or two fruit trees suitable hand sprayer. This simple device is a small plastic container, fitted with a lid with an inbuilt pump pump. The pump is required to manually pump inside the tank required pressure level, under which the spraying of the liquid solution after pressing a button or a lever provided on the handle.

Manual models of garden sprayers easily held in the hand, as their volume does not exceed two liters. You can buy fixtures with volume capacity of 1 liter or 500 ml for All models of hand-held sprayers are supplied with filter to prevent clogging of the nozzle, a safety valve, allowing to lower excess air. Marked on the capacity scale makes it easier to control the flow rate of the solution. The fluid flow is governed by the tip-nozzle, through which you can organize a fine spray or point on the object to be processed a powerful jet of solution.

Important! On the cost of products is affected by brand awareness. Garden sprayer Sadko, produced in Slovenia, several times cheaper than similar products produced by the German company Gardena.

Manual models of garden sprayers

Manual models of garden sprayers equipped with small volume capacities to handle chemical and biological agents in small areas of the garden

Pump-action models of sprayers on the belt

For treatment of large areas of plantations should buy pump garden sprayer, the capacity of which varies from 3 to 12 liters. To facilitate portability of devices across the site, the manufacturer provides the data model with special belts. Pump pump, also integrated in the lid of the sprayer, allows you to create in the vessel a pressure of 3-4 atmospheres. In the design of the equipment provides for a five-foot hose is attached to a handle and a rod with a nozzle-tip. Rod length can be from 1 to 3 meters.

Pump action garden sprayer on a belt

Pump action garden sprayer on a belt for easy portability during the processing of the plantations grown on the dacha

The atomization process of the liquid is regulated by a button or lever situated on the handle. In some models the position of the button is fixed that allows you to spray the drugs for a long time. When the pressure in the tank to produce pumping of air through the pump. Then proceed with the further spray of the prepared solution. Pump action sprayers with 12-liter tanks are popular among gardeners, as they allow to handle up to 30 acres of land. When choosing a pump garden sprayer should pay attention to the products of the Polish manufacturer Marolex (Marolex).

Design features of knapsack garden sprayers

Processing areas of up to 50 acres it is better to knapsack garden sprayer, the volume of which can reach up to 20 liters. Also, manufacturers produce models with capacities of 12, 15, 18 liters. The main difference between this type of spray equipment is a method of pressurisation. Achievement of the desired pressure value is not in the tank with chemicals, and in the pump chamber. With this design feature increases the safety of operation of the installation as to the possible rupture of the chamber from the high pressure chemicals will not fall on the person who handle plantings.

Model knapsack garden sprayers

Model knapsack garden sprayers are securely fixed on the back of the operator, making the machining areas of the site. Left hand pumped pressure in the apparatus, and the right hand held rod with spray

Knapsack sprayers models have wide straps that can be worn on their backs like a backpack. For reliable fixing product position behind of the operator provides more and a waist belt attached to the bottom of the hull. This belt does not allow the apparatus to move laterally and slide down, pressing on the shoulders of the person.

The side sprayer is the handle, which allows you to pump pressure in the pump chamber. When working with one hand of the operator involved in the injection pressure in the apparatus, and the second directs the post with spray on the treated objects. Some models can be adapted to left-handers and right-handers, moving the handle in a convenient way.

Important! It is cheaper for the buyer will cost knapsack sprayer Sadko (Slovenia). Next in cost comes the Chinese model of the company Grinda. 12-liter German knapsack type sprayer Gardena Comfort Backpack Sprayer is twice as expensive as the Chinese counterpart, but the functions are virtually identical.

Atomizers batteries: silent treatment

In the presence of Finance experts recommend to acquire knapsack battery sprayer, which frees the operator from having to manually discharge pressure. For this process is an actuator which operates from a rechargeable battery. The operator can direct the rod with two hands, much easier and more comfortable. The battery is charging by connecting to a regular mains power socket (220V).

Models of electric sprayers differ from each other not only the volume of the tank and the ergonomics of its shape, but also the duration of work without recharging. For example, the Italian 15-liter electric knapsack sprayer Stocker is able to work without recharging for 8 hours. This is important if the processing is done away from the source of energy. No noise is another huge advantage of the dispensers of this type.

Model silent garden sprayer

Model silent garden sprayer with rechargeable battery ensuring operation of equipment within a few hours

Motorized sprayers for farms

 Farmers growing on a large scale, suitable motorized sprayers carried back or carried on wheels. This type of sprayer powered by a gasoline engine capacity of which varies from 2 to 5 horsepower. The more powerful the engine, the further and higher the jet of solution is ejected. Among sprayers with petrol engines it is possible to find models that work, not only liquid preparations but also with powdered. The process of spraying fertilizers or pesticides are automated, so the person does not have to exert much effort when working with outdoor equipment.

Garden sprayer with petrol engine

Garden knapsack sprayers with petrol engines of various capacities provide a spray disinfectant solution on a distance equal to 8-12 meters

Important points for choosing a particular model

When choosing garden sprayers pay attention to the following points:

  • the material of construction of the body, injectors, rods;
  • the quality of the connection of parts and assemblies;
  • package contents model additional accessories;
  • the presence of the user in Russian language;
  • the reputation of the brand;
  • loose belts;
  • remontoprigoden;
  • the availability of spare parts and consumables to the purchased model;
  • the warranty period, subject to the territorial availability of service centers.

Don’t forget in the store to try on the sprayer to ensure that the model is convenient to work with. Check the operation of all parts, paying particular attention to proper operation of the safety valve.

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