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How to choose hedge trimmers for hedges: manual or automatic?

How to choose hedge trimmers for hedges: manual or automatic?

The cottagers, who dreams to decorate their plots with hedges, can not do without a special tool. After all, the bushes have to be cut, otherwise they will lose a spectacular form. Pruning shears in this type of work will be useless, as it cuts one twig. And in the hedges it is important to capture immediately strip to create geometric shapes and to reduce mowing. Therefore, for the care of hedgerows invented a special tool – a brush cutter. They are available in several versions: manual and automatic. Consider how beneficial each type of tool and that safer electric or petrol brushcutter.

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Scissors brush cutter: we’ll have to work with your hands

Scissors-a brush cutter is the improved model of pruner. The tool stretched the knives and extended handles to make it easier to exert physical effort.

Scissors brush cutter

For low hedges, growing in the area in a small volume, will be sufficient grip scissors-brush cutter. However, the gardener will have to work physically

On average, the total length is around two feet, of which the cutting part has 20-25 cm brushcutter comfortable to work on the hedges small height and thin branches, because cutting occurs due to the physical effort of the gardener. If the area is a hedge only one or more, but a small volume, then these hand scissors quite enough to keep the bushes in proper form. But the thick branches, long or tall hedges, this tool is not necessary. Arms start getting tired when cutting, and operate at arm’s length, applying effort, not very convenient.

Best show itself in the work of the model that handles reinforced rubber pads. Hands do not slip when working, and the quality of haircuts is more high.

Motoculture: varieties and features of the mechanism

Model motorostoitel for hedges attracted primarily by the fact that the work is not wasted a lot of physical effort. Technique cuts everything herself, and the gardener need only competent management and stroke adjustment.

Depending on the type of motor automatic brush cutters are divided into petrol and electric, the latter can be mains and battery power. Features of each we will analyze below, but for now consider the type of cutting tool.

The branches of the hedge trimmers cut using blades. It is longer, the greater it turns out the seizure, and leaves less time for a haircut. Besides, they are easier to reach to the tops of the plants. But excessive length (over 40 cm) is also disadvantageous. Such tools are quite heavy and stronger vibrate. They should only buy for a very long hedges to reduce the time of cutting.

The length of the blade brushcutter

For hedges tall as a man enough blade to 40 cm, but if the design is higher — you will need a longer tool

A single blade

Hedge trimmers with single-sided blade perfectly aligns the plane of the fence, but they are not able to create unusual geometric compositions

You can see at sale models with single-sided blade, double-sided. For experienced gardeners, of course, double-sided blade is more profitable. First, the speed is doubled. Secondly, these blades are able to cut the most unusual geometric shapes. But for Amateur gardeners such a tool may be difficult to manage, and instead of smooth walls you will cut out a wavy uneven ground. So beginning gardeners it is better to purchase a unilateral blades, which are easier to control during cutting. They do an excellent job in creating a smooth geometric shapes.

Two-way blade

Hedge trimmers with double-sided blades to save time cutting, because the cut branches for any movement of the hand up or down, but they are more difficult to manage than unilateral

Another point which you should pay attention to the structure of the brush cutter, the method of operation of the blades. They can move in different directions (vsokoreaguye), and can be single (one blade moves while the second still). Cheaper are the tools with single-acting blades, but they higher the level of vibration that the work is more tiring on the hands.

The distance between the teeth of the blade affects the final outcome of the haircut. If you admire the hedges near, the wall needs to be trimmed perfectly smooth. This can only be achieved close-set teeth. If the spacing is large, then this tool is easier to cut thick branches, but the quality of haircut is more rough.

Electric brush cutters: mains or battery?

Electric brush cutters are appreciated for easy maintenance. No need to fill the petrol, controlling the oil level. Enough to include in the socket – and can be cut. These models are less powerful than petrol, but is much easier and cleaner (do not emit exhaust gases). Moreover, the cost of eletracustico 2-3 times lower than that of units running on gasoline.


Due to the light weight of electric hedge trimmers can operate at arm’s length, and it can be even women

Choose electric brush cutter based on the total amount of fence and its location on the site. If plants from the grid not more than 30 m, that is fine, network tools, because the length of the cord is usually limited to 30 meters. For greater distances you will need an extension cord. And yet this is considered to be the most unsafe because there is always the possibility of contact with electrical current. The unit may accidentally slip out of inexperienced hands and hook the cable. Often the wires get tangled up legs. Yes, and in wet weather, working with the brushcutter is prohibited.

The second option for electric garden hedge trimmer – rechargeable type. It is equipped with an Autonomous battery, which is necessary before work to recharge. Such a tool handy to cut if hedges on the site are few and located far from the power supply. But with large volumes and thick branches rechargeable brush cutter handle can not. You will have some time to recharge, which is not very convenient. Roughly battery enough for 40 min. under the condition that blades are not clogged. The more contaminated the cutting part, the less time working battery.

Power electric motor is enough for branches with thickness up to 2 cm high stands are manufactured telescopic model.

Telescopic hedge trimmer

Due to the folding rod telescopic brush cutters are able to cut branches even at a height of 2-3 meters, which makes them indispensable in tall plantings

Gasoline brush cutter: cuts everything but the noise

Petrol brush cutters belong to the most powerful class of tools because of their power grabs at the branches with a thickness of 3-4 cm Are model gardeners choose professionals that have to work with large volumes of hedges. But keep in mind their considerable weight, because the tool often have to work at arm’s length. So this technique will pull only the man’s hands.

Petrol brushcutter

Petrol brushcutter is not very convenient for women, as it has a solid weight to hold that if you work hard enough

When you select petrol brush cutter, pay attention to:

  1. Installed in the model with anti-vibration system and what class, because this will depend on the health of the hands of the gardener.
  2. Does the engine filtration system fumes that a person could breathe normal air.
  3. With an eye on what jobs were created by the cutting tool (the cut of tall hedges, making topiary shapes, etc.).

Petrol units stronger than the noise during operation and contaminate the air with combustion products. But only they are able to cut the old wild bushes and even the low.

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