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How to choose a good electric jigsaw, so you do not regret?

How to choose a good electric jigsaw, so you do not regret?

The jigsaw has the versatility to handle any materials in the home. Any craftsmen involved in the construction, repair, carving, joiner’s work, there is this type of tool. To know how to choose a electric jigsaw from a broad range offered in the specialized stores, it is necessary to understand the basic technical characteristics. Give manufacturers produced models with various additional features, which is reflected in the price of the instrument. But not always, these functions are needed in practice. So, while choosing not to focus only on the cost model, thinking that the more expensive the tool the better. Then by what criteria to choose jigsaws?

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What is jigsaw and what it is used?

Chain saw jigsaws and jigsaws abbreviated, refers to the hand tool with an electric actuator. The small size of the tool affects its weight, which practically is not felt. Using the jigsaw quickly and efficiently you can perform the following activities:

  • straight cuts materials such as wood, plastic, drywall. sheet metal, laminate, ceramic tile etc.;
  • the curved cut of any of the above materials;
  • cutting round holes of the desired diameter;
  • cutting of holes of a rectangular shape.

The purpose of jigsaw is to perform large number of operations both on the longitudinal and transverse cutting of sheet material and figure.

Jigsaw Skil

Example: electric jigsaw, produced in the Netherlands by the company Skil is used in everyday life to perform a straight cut of parts made from wood and other materials

Design features of jigsaws saws

Cutting of material is achieved using a special saw blade driven by the motor. The frequency of the reciprocating movements of the blade vertically, up to 3500 strokes per minute. To install the mechanism used reference platform, known as the plate or sole. The base plate is used as a guide and ensures high precision cutting the material by maintaining a constant distance to the work surface.

The possibility of rotation of the reference platform, for angle up to 45 degrees, allows you to change the slope of the cut. Material for the manufacture of the platform is usually a steel, aluminum or high strength plastic. Nail file manufacturers close the clear protective screen made with plexiglass (organic glass), which ensures the safety of the work.

Different jigsaws and the type of handle design, which can be:

  • u-shape, allowing for a good view of the cutting line;
  • mushroom shape, facilitating the work on the inclined planes.

The quality of work type of handle is not affected, and therefore choose a tool based on this criterion, based only on personal preferences.

Design an electric jigsaw

Construction electric jigsaw, is designed for professional use, equipped with many additional functions that facilitate the operation of this hand tool

Battery Hitachi jigsaw

Cordless jigsaw Hitachi produced by well-known Japanese company, is designed to work in places inaccessible to connect the instrument to the mains

If you plan to use the jigsaw without being connected to the supply, purchase rechargeable versions. Just keep in mind that operation of this tool is limited in time. Power rechargeable models are usually low.

Additional features of power tools

Now, that may be incorporated into the design of the jigsaw:

  • The function of frequency adjustment stroke used when working with different kinds of materials. The choice of frequency of stroke can be done not only before surgery but during it through a strong press of a button-locking start-up. Thus it is possible to improve the performance of the work. However such a mode of operation of the power tool turns the rapid wear of the working fabric.
  • The presence of multi-stage pendulum mechanism, characteristic of all modern models of the most popular, allows you to make the blade for more horizontal movement (in the direction of sawing and back) and carry the cut material only when driving «up». This function affects the productivity without reducing the service life of the blade, but contribute to the deterioration of the surface quality of the cut. Therefore, when making the finishing cut with this function it is recommended to disable. This recommendation should be followed when working with steel sheet and wood.
  • The function of illumination of the working area lamp, integrated into the design of the jigsaw increases the degree of convenience when working in low natural light.
  • A system for quick change of saws facilitates the process of extracting the worn-out of blades by pressing the special lever.
  • Automatic blowing sawdust fan, cooling motor, to release the cutting line from the resulting dust and settling dust.
  • The power tools can be connected to the vacuum cleaner through the special nozzle ensures fast cleaning of the working surface from waste, which contributes to improved visibility of cut line.
  • The presence of the device rotation of the blade, through which blade can be rotated 360 degrees, allows to cut the material in circles of different diameters.
  • Latch angle necessary to position the tool at an angle from zero degrees to 45.

What you need is to choose only to you.

Professional or home unit?

Electric jigsaws, like all power tools, are available to both professional and home use. Household equipment is not used so intensively, therefore, its power is inferior to professional models, designed for permanent operation. Typical household tools and a small number of additional functions and minimum service life, which is enough for a single use of electronica by appointment. The price of domestic models of electric jigsaws 2-3 times lower than on a professional model.

When choosing, consider the fact that household small jigsaws can cut parts from wood, having a thickness of not more than 70 mm, and of steel – no more than 2-4 mm. Professional models with high capacity and performance, under the force of RES thick wood up to 135 mm, aluminium sheet up to 20 mm, sheet steel up to 10 mm. Knowing the thickness of the material you will cut, it is easy to determine which scroll saw is best for this operation. Power tool for use in the home, produced in China and Poland. Quality tools for professionals made in Germany, Japan, Sweden.

Cut-out round holes with a jigsaw

Cut-out round holes of different diameters electric jigsaw in wood, steel and other materials is done quickly and smoothly

Model electrobike for professionals from the German company Bosch

Model electrobike (electric jigsaws saws) intended for professional use, released known on the market of the electrotool by the German company Bosch

The main criteria for selecting a particular model

The main index, which should immediately draw attention, this power tool. Remember that the household model this ratio is from 350 to 500 W, and the professional models – from 700 watts. The power of jigsaw depends on the cutting depth, duration of continuous operation, the life of the tool.

Important! For powerful designs are characterized by greater weight, which is important when working with manual power tools.

An equally important criterion is the number of strokes per minute. Because values of this indicator depends on the speed and cleanliness of cut. In most models, the number of strokes per minute varies from 0 to 2700-3100. Although there are jigsaws that have this figure rises to 3500 strokes/min.

The comfort of use of the tool depends on the system replacement files that can be fastened either with screws or a clamping device. In the latter case, replacement of the canvas is performed in an accelerated version without the special tool.

Please note the availability of frequency adjustment stroke only if you are going to use the jigsaw to handle a variety of construction materials. Some sheet materials are cut at certain values of this indicator.

If expensive health, purchase models that can be connected to the vacuum cleaner. This feature will protect the eyes and respiratory system from fine dust generated during work with the tool, and will also help to keep the workplace clean.

The presence in the set of replacement saws, special oils for the lubrication of the working surfaces, screwdrivers and other small things is a welcome addition to the product. However you could buy if needed in the same specialty stores and service centers, open manufacturers.

Light and silent jigsaws Makita

Light and noiseless Makita jigsaws are of high quality and have a large number of additional functions. The tool is produced in its own plants located in Japan, USA, UK, China, Romania

The release of the most popular are well-known companies as Bosch, Makita, Meister, Hitachi, Metabo, Skil. Before you choose a jigsaw of a particular manufacturer, please note the specifications of similar models sold under other brands. With this approach, you can purchase the tool for less money.

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