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How to upgrade a walk-behind snowthrower in: different options for alterations

How to upgrade a walk-behind snowthrower in: different options for alterations

Tillers is an indispensable assistant to the owner backyard, garden or cottage. Compact technology has replaced heavy manual labor, which helped to improve the quality of land processing and save time on performing each operation. With the arrival of winter tillers can be used for snow removal. The easiest way to do the walk-behind snow thrower from your hands with a special snow plow attachments, assembled in the factory. However, artisans prefer not to spend the extra money on the finished nozzle, and to bring the spare parts and building materials homemade snow thrower to the walk-behind working on the same principle as the factory product.

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Snow plow attachments for tillers: types and application

Manufacturers of attachments offer three options for snow clearing attachments for tillers, differing in the way of cleaning up the snow mass. New-fallen snow is swept away with a well cleaned surface with a stiff rotating brushes. This snowthrower for tillers indispensable where the tracks and platforms have a decorative cover which may not be harmful in the snow. Brush attached carport on a rotating shaft.

For one pass of the cultivator, equipped with a brush, clean the track width of one meter. You can adjust the angle in three directions: left, forward, right. Subject to adjustment and the height of the Stripping, which simplifies the use of attachments.

Hard brush for walk-behind tractor for snow removal

A stiff brush connected to the walking tractor, suitable for harvesting the freshly fallen soft snow. This attachments is height adjustable and also swivels left and right

How to turn walk-behind tractor in a small bulldozer?

Wet and Packed with snow to handle stiff rotating brushes will not work. It is necessary to use a suspended snow shovel with knives. Motoblock with this nozzle resembles a small bulldozer, which is able to loosen the layer of snow, grab a snow pack and move to the dump. The bottom face of the shovel, the manufacturers specifically knock with a rubber band, to protect not only the surface but also the tool itself from possible damage. Attach a hanging snow shovel to the traction device using the front of universal coupling. The width of the cleaned surface at a time is also one meter. To adjust the blade vertically and in three directions. The speed of the walking tractor, with such a shovel, in the harvest period is from 2 to 7 km/h.

Snow shovel for cultivator

A snow shovel is connected to the tillers in the case where it is necessary to clear the territory of the estate from heavy and Packed snow

The possibility of snegootbrasyvateli rotary type

Large volumes of snow mass is easier to handle snegootbrasyvateli rotary type. When using this snowthrower attachments for tillers with the highest performance of all the discussed variants, it is possible to collect snow to a depth of 250 mm. the Main elements of the design of the nozzle is a simple screw, which is combined with the impeller. Rotating the auger grabs the snow mass, which with the use of a paddle wheel moves up. Snow, passing through a funnel, with the force ejected far beyond the clearing of the track or facility. To observe the work of the rotary snow plow attachments, hitched to a cultivator, it is very interesting.

The hinged snow plow for walk-behind rotary type

The hinged snow plow for walk-behind rotary type has the best performance, so it is easy to cope with large amounts of snow

Important! The design of the universal tillers are not provided by the system that protects the rotor from falling stones and ice. This option is mandatory for winter machinery. Need to remember this and control the tillers, to be careful. Otherwise, you will have to deal with repairing snow plow attachments.

Advice on the use of tillers in winter

Given that the tillers still in a greater degree is designed to operate in the warm season, then use winter equipment it is desirable to keep warm. This will allow not to waste time on warming up the engine, and immediately start clearing snow.

It would be nice and replace the used oil for reducer. Under the action of low temperatures the oil is subjected to thickening. It is therefore recommended to switch to a more fluid brand or just buy synthetic oil designed especially for extreme conditions.

Making homemade snow plow

Snow can not use the tillers, but only its engine. Roofing iron is used to make the auger housing of the snow thrower. Plywood 10 mm thickness ideal for creating sidewalls. The frame is welded from the metal bracket. Polzuemoy the pipe fit under the handle, and in three quarters of an inch make the auger shaft. End-to-end kerf, made in the middle of the pipe, is used for fastening metal plates (blades) having a size of 120 to 270 mm. Blade is designed so that when the shaft rotates to throw the snow. To push a lot of snow to shovel in the homemade design of the snow thrower should double-threaded screw, which is taken from the sidewall of the tire or belt 10 mm thick. a half metres of this tape, to cut with a jigsaw the four rings. The diameter of each of them must be equal to 28 cm.

Homemade snow thrower

To make improvised snow plow will need roofing iron, plywood, conveyer belts, pipes of different diameter, metal corners, sealed bearings

Mounting quick-release platform of the engine, borrowed from the tillers, to a pipe perpendicular to the plate is welded metal corners. For the free occurrences of the shaft in self-aligning sealed bearings 205 must be done at its ends a couple of cuts and obstuchal them. After this operation reduces the shaft diameter. For dowel under the asterisk on the one side of the shaft is a groove.

Important! The bearings must be closed, as it is impossible to avoid getting snow in them.

The auger is driven through a chain or belt

The auger is driven through a chain or belt when the engine is installed behind tractor pulley. All the necessary parts (pulleys, belts, bearings) you can buy in the auto stores

Design it is better to put not on wheels that would get stuck in the snow, and on skis. Wooden bars are the base of the ski, to which is attached the plastic plate for the best slide. As overlays can be used boxes, used in the wiring.

Snow skiing

Snow skis glide more easily on the snow cover, therefore, the person who they are managing, have to exert less physical effort

Swivel chute, necessary to tilt the snow in the desired direction, is made from plastic sewer pipe large diameter (not less than 160 mm). Fix it with a pipe of smaller diameter is attached to the body of the screw. The turning chute is attached a piece of sewer pipe which will direct the flow of snow. The diameter of the trench should exceed the width of the blades of the screw, so as not to delay the advance of the snow masses, reclining with it.

Important! Swivel chute allows you to adjust not only the direction of the snow removal, but also the range. The length of the groove affects the distance that can maximize «to fly» snow mass.

Kind of a homemade snow plow, equipped with an engine from walk-behind

Kind of a homemade snow plow, equipped with an engine from walk-behind, in the assembled state before testing its performance in the snowy yard of a private house

To give a homemade design presentable, it is necessary to paint all the details in vivid color. After completion of the home being tested, and then operated during the winter period. Some artists go even further by making a self-propelled version of the snowthrower.

To mechanize manual labor is desired by all people living on earth. After reading how to make a snow thrower engine walking tractor and other parts, some will not «to reinvent the wheel», and decide to buy the original model of the snowthrower. To buy a budget option will require about 20-30 thousand rubles. The acquisition of prefabricated attachments for walk-behind tractor will cost less in half to two times. To build makeshift structures will have to spend only to buy certain parts, and to allow for completion of the works a couple of days. In any case, the problem of snow removal from local area will be solved.

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