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Stretch ceiling in the nursery

The design of the ceiling in the nursery plays an important role, as it determines how it will look like the room in General. But while selecting a particular one should think not only about beauty, but about the safety of a material for baby health.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

Requirements for ceilings for a child’s room ^ the

Some styles of stretch ceilings in the nursery are absolutely not suitable for a child’s room. The same can be said for certain materials. Therefore, before to create a beautiful design, it is necessary to heed the following advice:

  1. For finishing the ceiling in the nursery need to use only environmentally friendly materials that can cause allergic reactions. Choosing to store a specific coverage, you should ask the seller, what exactly can you use the nursery.
  2. The ceiling must be easy to clean from dust both dry and wet.
  3. Covering for the ceiling should be selected based on the active actions of the child. This means that the surface must be reliable and not break down or be distorted from the touch.
  4. Beauty is also an important criterion that should guide the design of the nursery. If the choice is to start from a General design space and choose the option that is most like the child. There are many ideas, which often embodied in children’s rooms. In an example, the design of the ceiling in the style of the sky.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

The choice of color and organization of lighting ↑

First of all, when choosing the color of the ceiling should abandon the stereotypes, imposing that the girls room should prevail pink color, and is suitable for boy blue. The first one is able to increase the level of irritability, while the second refers to the cold and not conducive to activity. The preferred option is a beige color which helps to create a comfortable atmosphere, not dependent on time of day and year.

The optimal solution is a choice of several warm colors. It should be remembered that the ceiling should be a natural extension of the walls. If the walls are low, then it’s better to decorate the ceiling in the style of a bright summer sky, which has blotches of yellow, representing the sun’s rays. As additional accessories you can use model aircraft to be hung at different heights.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

Don’t use bright colors that enhance attention and activity as before going to sleep children will look up at the ceiling.

The advantages of suspended ceilings ↑

The popularity of this type of stretch ceiling for a child’s room is that they have several advantages:

  1. Practicality. Cloth stretch ceiling is elastic and can withstand physical impact. This means that the fabric is not torn if a child suddenly decide to throw the toy up. While these ceilings are resistant to mold, and cleaning are made easy by simple wet cloth and normal detergent.
  2. Security. Cloth stretch ceiling is made from environmentally friendly materials, so parents should not worry about the health of the child and that it can appear allergic reaction. The surface has antistatic effect. Preventing the accumulation of dust.
  3. The beauty of appearance. For a child’s room, there are many different variants of the material with unusual pictures.
  4. Sound and thermal insulation characteristics. This creates a more comfortable environment for the child.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

The age of a child ↑

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

No matter how original was the design of the ceiling for the nursery, it needs to fit the child’s age. The room should be not only attractive, it should create an atmosphere that fosters a desire for learning. For preschoolers will fit ceilings with cartoon characters. Also kids interesting image:

  • animals;
  • planets;
  • maps.

Also for preschoolers is often chosen ceiling in the form of blue sky. If you want to make a teen room, you should choose a more restrained options. In an example, a solid ceiling with the butterfly in the corner, which is suitable for installation in the girls room.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

A universal option is the ceiling, which depicts the starry sky at no extra symbols and accessories. The attractiveness of such a ceiling is that all the stars represent the glowing elements.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

How to choose a color ↑

Before the design of a tension ceiling it is necessary to consider the recommendations pertaining to the color of the cover:

  • if the child is too active, it is possible to choose ceiling a pale pink color that has a calming effect;
  • the basis should not take aggressive colors, such as red or orange, as with prolonged exposure, they can negatively affect the emotional state of the child;
  • when choosing colors you should pay attention to beige, milky, light green and other neutral shades;
  • when dividing the ceiling into several zones for a surface, located over the operating table, you can use the orange color that stimulates brain activity.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

The ceiling in the nursery may have a different structure:

  • satin;
  • glossy;
  • Matt.
It is important! Due to Mat structure, it is possible to mute the bright colors

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

Finishes ceiling ↑

The first thing you should pay attention to the lighting. All light sources shall create a soft light, not only in the working area, but near the bed. The best option is to buy lamps, the brightness level can be adjusted.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

It is important! To separate work and play areas you can use multi-level ceilings.

If the room is dark, you should choose a light ceiling. Attention is drawn to the size of the room. To visually enlarge the space can be used as a simple white glossy coating, and a material with a picture of the sky.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

Features of using a stretch ceiling ↑

One of the main features of a stretch ceiling is possible to install it at any time without damage to the premises. No need to remove furniture and protect the floor. Installation is the final design of the walls.

There are film and fabric ceilings. The second type is more durable, so in the nursery it is better to use it. Even in contact with sharp objects, he damaged not as fast as film. But the ceilings are lower cost and can have a variety of colors.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

It is worth remembering that the film coating shall be installed only in heated premises, as when the temperature is below 5 degrees they can burst. Fabric ceilings usually have a greater width, so after installation not visible connecting joints.

Features of use of suspended ceilings in the children’s room interior ↑

Smooth ceilings should be purchased only for teenagers, as they are more suitable for conservative interiors. They are often used in conjunction with chandeliers, the light from which is directed upwards. This ceiling is no unpleasant reflection that «beats the eye».

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

For rooms in which children of primary school age, you can use bright and glossy coating applied with the drawings. If the room will be a baby, it is best not to use a coating with the applied images of cartoon characters or animals, as they may scare the baby.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

Harmful if ceilings ↑

When making a child’s room, parents first of all think about safety of the materials used for the health of the child. The key thing to remember is that harm can only low-quality products, which are often sold at much lower price. All the ceilings, which are produced by well-known companies are certified and do not affect human health.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

Not to be mistaken with the purchase, it is necessary to study the market and know which firms are common, and which sell cheap goods and relatively recent. In an example, information on quality Belgian ceilings. Manufacturers in this country, therefore, such ads should be treated with caution. A good option is to install a fabric ceiling, as even when purchasing defective material harm to health will not be.

Stretch ceiling in the nursery

There are many opinions about existing in suspended ceilings of chemicals that are allegedly harmful. Almost all of the used additives used in the manufacture of ceiling coverings, are also present in other items. But the percentage of their content material so low that it can not cause damage to the body.

It is important! After examining the numerous suppliers of product, you can determine which ones sell really high quality products.

It is also worth noting that the ceilings can cause harm when they are improperly installed. One example is the melting of the fabric because of closely spaced lamps. From all this it can be argued that the answer to the question «harmful if the suspended ceiling in children’s bedroom», is negative.

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