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The interior of the nursery for girl

No longer relevant baby rooms for girls decorated in pink. Today, the variety of colors of children’s decor has no limits. The various stylistic methods of design, interesting design solutions – all this gives scope to the imagination of a little girl who will live in this room. Child it is important that all the objects that surround it, were extremely positive, concentrating on the development of creative abilities and thought processes.

The interior of the nursery for girl

Color solutions ↑

Choosing a color scheme baby room for girl, try to move away from the idea of decoration interior pink color. Not every girl wants to see her room with the Barbie dream house. It should be noted that the abundance of bright pink color, can ruin the sense of style.

For very young girls is well suited lighter shades of blue, green, yellow. They are not only in harmony among themselves, but also create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth, which is very important for a child’s first years of life. In the future, as they grow older, children’s room can be vary vivid detail in the form of toys and stylish accessories.

The interior of the nursery for girl

If your girl loves the color pink, it is not necessary categorically to abandon it. Go to meet, but to achieve harmony in the interior combine pink color with cooler, neutral shades. Remember, the pink itself is very versatile color. Juicy coral, warm peach, soft beige is all shades of pink the many faces that help to create the perfect nursery room for girls.

The Council! Combine any selected color with white. So it is possible to achieve several positive aspects: the space becomes visually wider, and the neutral surface of the walls will allow you to properly place color accents.

The interior of the nursery for girl

Functionality ↑

To nursery your girls were not only beautiful, but comfortable to be with special attention to the question of its functionality. The room should be bright, spacious and well ventilated. Sleeping place better to arrange a way to measure the door. So the child will feel calmer and more confident. Also in the nursery should be equipped workplace and is a roomy wardrobe.

It is important! Special attention should be taken to lighting a child’s room. In addition to the Central chandelier must be the local lamps by the bed, on the desktop.

The interior of the nursery for girl

The choice of furniture in a little girl’s room ^ the

What should be in the nursery your daughter? Definitely a good Desk, comfortable chair. They will be useful not only in homework, but also for doing crafts, doing puzzles and just drawing. All that love to be girls. An interesting option could be the Desk-Secretary. It is not only convenient to use but also offers a convenient place to store not only the right things, but little secrets, which are so fond of doing girl.

Considering the options in the design area for girls should provide a large number of drawers and shelves. Girls, as a rule, a large number of toys, books, various crafts, jewelry and other interesting things. If space allows, it would be very well equip for girls personal vanity. Girl, as a future woman, since childhood, have to get used to follow him, to do hairstyles.

The interior of the nursery for girl

Which design suitable for a room of girls ↑

Every year growing daughter’s changing the interior in the nursery.

For newborn girl do not need much space. Enough to be comfortable cot, and pelenator.

Starting from the second year of life for a child require a variety of pieces of furniture. Fade in: a new bed, a table for games, storage space for toys. Very well, if the number of rooms in the house allows you to make a choice. For a child better suited to a bright and warm room. Size does not really matter.

To choose a child’s room should be depending on the age of the child.

The interior of the nursery for girl

Infant for baby from 0 to 3 years ↑

All that is in the children’s room: cot, changing table, dresser with things that should be aesthetically appealing and be located within walking distance from each other. To daylight the maximum went to the nursery, do not clutter it with unnecessary things. Minimalism in the room for a little girl allows not only to fill the room with light and air, but also save time on daily cleaning. Colors for walls, furniture and toys it is better to choose is not very bright. Soft green, Sunny yellow, gentle blue is a great color palette for the nursery.

When choosing materials for the walls, remember that the child is a young researcher and artist. Therefore, the drawings on the walls, stains from various liquids and paints will inevitably appear on the walls. To be done every month repair in the nursery, choose finishing materials that are easily cleaned up or repainted.

The interior of the nursery for girl

The Council! For those who prefer a natural basis, we can offer cheap paper Wallpaper, which is not a pity will very often stick.

Good combination between the furniture and wall panels, made from the same materials. Very beautiful white furniture looks very elegant and creates the perfect background for the bright colored toys.

Textiles on the Windows should be bright, but at the same time thick enough at the right time to allow for peaceful sleep of the child pleasant shade.

The interior of the nursery for girl

Safety in the nursery of a baby girl is the most important thing. And it must be ensured not only high quality, environmentally friendly materials and forms of furniture. No sharp edges, glass panels and removable parts should not be in the nursery. Any furniture item should be simple and concise. There should not be anything that nimble children’s fingers could loosen, break off and somehow bring harm.

In the nursery for the young princesses need to provide an area for mom. Loveseat or chair and small table. Be sure to mount the local light.

Not to say that the carpet is a symbol of warmth and coziness in the nursery for girls, carpet is not the place. The carpet no matter how clean, is a place of gathering dust and breeding ground for dust mites. Better if in the child’s room floor will be made of wood or cork boards. A variety of flooring materials in the store gives an opportunity to choose the perfect option for a particular child’s room.

The interior of the nursery for girl

The Council! If no carpet in the interior can not do, let it be a small rug, located in the play area.

Toys, colorful books, and various decorative items – the main decoration for the nursery. But their number should be limited, as their excessive use leads to a large accumulation of dust and constant disorder. Very touching look on the walls photos of the child and his parents.

Girls since the childhood to instill a sense of beauty. Well this will help graceful figures and statuettes, handmade toys. The surface of the walls can be decorated with special decorative stickers in the form of a beautiful blossoming flowers, fluttering butterflies or unusual birds.

The interior of the nursery for girl

Initially, the children’s room design for girls depends on the tastes and preferences of the parents, so they have to make every possible effort that the children’s room for their little girl was the most intimate and beautiful in the house.

In the room of the baby have to be ceiling light and additional light in the form of sconces. Before this age, it is better not to use in the interior table lamps and floor lamps, as their presence is very traumatic. Also, it is necessary to hide from the child the wires and put plugs in sockets. Be sure to get a baby night light that will dim the light source on a dark night.

The interior of the nursery for girl

Room for girl 3-6 years ↑

From the age of three the child appear personal preferences in color, shapes, pictures. The room is getting brighter and more filled with things and toys. At this age children are very happy when they are surrounded by your favorite heroes of fairy tales or cartoons. So you should consider the option of papering the walls of Wallpaper with the thematic pattern. They should not be very Intrusive, but at the same time quite bright and interesting.

It is desirable to implement zoning child’s room for a sleep area and play area.

Space to play should be safe and easy to be cleaning. This place has plenty of toy boxes, if necessary, spread the carpet with a low pile that is easy served cleaning.

The interior of the nursery for girl

In the area of sleep nothing should excite sympathetic nervous system of the child. The bed should be comfortable, moderately soft.

The Council! Choose bedding made only from cotton, neutral color, preferably without a pattern.

The interior of the nursery for girl

In order not to limit the creativity of your daughter let her draw on the walls. To do this paste over a particular portion of the cheap, light Wallpaper, which the child will be able to create their masterpieces.

Mandatory element in the nursery will become a play table. The Desk and chair should be suitable for the growth of the child. Well if it is a furniture that can evolve simultaneously with the growing child. It is desirable that all cupboards and shelves were hung at eye level girls. Then she will be able to easily choose the desired object, and to put everything in place. Thus, it is very easy to teach a child to cleanliness and neatness. Never forget that girl is a future woman. From an early age it must be the box with different embellishments, barrettes, bows.

The interior of the nursery for girl

Room girls from 6 to 13 years ↑

She is growing up and in adulthood, give her the opportunity to try to arrange the room according to your taste. Parents should not disturb her in this, their task is only to guide in the right direction. Of course, the child is obliged to attend the workplace. This computer Desk and chair. At this age you will need a roomy wardrobe and table with mirror.

Despite the fact that her daughter was almost an adult, and the risk of injury is minimal, it follows with special attention to the choice of finishing materials and furniture. They must be not only high quality but also absolutely safe for health.

The interior of the nursery for girl

Conclusion ↑

Creating a harmonious design for the room of the daughter, you can be sure that she’ll spend the best days of his life, knowing the world, developing creatively and spiritually.

Some important tips to repair a child’s room for girls will know in the next video

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