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The modern design of the room of the student

The child grows up and his life comes the special, difficult and exciting period – the school. The parents will be able to organize modern and contemporary room for a student will depend on his academic achievements and commitment every day to learn something new.

The main difference between the normal infant from the modern rooms of the student – the presence of a full desktop. The implementation of the school homework requires a long-term presence of the student at the Desk, so it should be not only beautiful but also practical and comfortable.

The modern design of the room of the student

Also special attention should be taken to develop the area for recreation. After a hard day at school and completing all the given lessons, the student just need to change the scope of activities and to do their favorite thing.

We select colors for a modern nursery ↑

By psychologists it is proved that every colour carries both positive and negative points. Choosing one or the other color must take into account such peculiarities, as well as listen to the wishes of the student.

  1. Bright yellow color. A very positive tone. Carries a positive attitude, helps to improve memory and visual perception of the world. But the overabundance of yellow in the modern bathroom can have a negative impact on sleep student.
  2. Pure white color. It is a symbol of calm and balance, but in very large quantities can cause apathy and boredom.
  3. Active red is energizing, but it is absolutely impossible to use as the basis for wall decor. As the excessive use of red color has a very negative impact on the condition of the nervous system student.
  4. Calm blue color. Very relaxing and helps to restore the lost tone. Excess of this color can lead to depressed, oppressed mood.
  5. Fresh green color. Very good tunes for studying, helps me focus.
  6. Calm grey color creates a modern student room an atmosphere of calm tranquility. But at the same time it should not be used on large areas, its excess causes a feeling of indecision and stiffness.
  7. Brown color is associated with protection and stability. But it cannot be used as a core, as an overabundance of brown can cause depression.

The modern design of the room of the student

Choosing colors for modern rooms of the schoolboy, you should see pictures of already finished projects. You might be able to glean useful information for yourself, or your student will show you what he’d like to see in my room.

The Council! For the comfortable stay of the student in his room and the successful perception of new information, it personal space should be decorated in neutral natural shades, with bright, colorful accents.

How to divide a room of the schoolboy into zones ↑

That the student can focus on performing school tasks, and his attention is not dissipated to extraneous items should be special attention to the division of the space of the modern room into zones. For the student, who more recently played with the toys, it is difficult to immediately switch to daily classes. The correct zoning should help him to overcome this barrier.

The modern design of the room of the student

Relaxing ↑

Parents need to understand that the key to successful studying is not cramming and exhausting classes, and the opportunity to relax after school and to restore your physical and mental potential. In any modern room of the student must be a comfortable bed. Modern children love the beds from the attic. On the top shelf you can arrange a place to stay and the game and the working area.

The Council! Choosing a two-tier structure, be sure to mount the additional local lighting on each level.

The modern design of the room of the student

Territory to practice ↑

The modern student is just required a computer Desk, a comfortable chair and plenty of drawers and shelves for storing school supplies. For the zone where the student will prepare lessons, you should then take a large area with plenty of natural light. It should be noted, in order to save sight to the schoolboy, the light from the eye or table lamp should fall only on the left side.

Attention! It is desirable that the door to the room is not located behind, sitting at the table of the student. This arrangement makes it necessary to constantly be in a state of anxiety and fear.

Modern system of education closely connected with work on the computer. Therefore, it is appropriate to buy a computer Desk, which the student will not only acquire computer literacy, but to prepare assignments in other subjects.

Size table top should permit not only to position her on the monitor and a book, open notebook and other school supplies.

The modern design of the room of the student

It is important! Sitting at the table, elbows student should not droop. His posture should be natural and comfortable.

Definitely on the desktop must be a table lamp. The only way to achieve proper illumination of the work surface.

Tooling working area in a modern room, the student, have sufficient number of shelves and cabinets for books. Every school year their number will only increase, so it is more practical to think in advance a place for them.

The Council! Place storage space is best near the desktop to be able, without interrupting the workflow to get all the necessary literature.

Chair for student is a very important element. As the child will spend on it the greater part of his time, preparations for lessons. The chair should be not only beautiful, but comfortable, and meet the basic parameters. The chair should be suitable for the growth of the student and his weight. A good option is the school chair, in which the height, back rest tilt, and seat depth can be adjusted under the individual student settings.

The modern design of the room of the student

Territory for games ↑

Your child went to school is a stage of human maturation. But this fact still does not mean that you should forget about toys and active games. No need to remove the favorite things of the student in the far corner, focusing his attention in the classroom. The student must be a time in the game. The main thing skillfully to alternate with time to prepare for school.

The modern design of the room of the student

As your son or daughter will move from class to class, they will ask you to remove the unnecessary toys or give them to other children. Replacement to dolls and toy cars will come with a TV and stereo system. All this is natural, but you should not indulge in any desires of the child, because they can just be unreasonable. As a rule, until the student does not enter at the time of high school, he little realizes what they really need.

Only when your child crosses the age of 13-14, with it you can easily discuss how to equip him for the recreation area. Have almost adult child can easily decide what you wish, and parents can achieve with the students compromise their performance.

The modern design of the room of the student

Territory for storage ↑

The older the student becomes, the more things he gets. And, of course, need to be stored somewhere. Student in addition to the usual casual, dressy and sportswear will need a school uniform. Spacious wardrobe will help to solve the problem of storing the entire wardrobe in order. It is also possible to equip several spacious shelves for shoes and other necessary items and things your child.

If space allows room, instead of one large Cabinet, it is possible to place several small, and each of them will adapt to certain types of things.

The modern design of the room of the student

Modern room for boy student ↑

Very often parents do not know how to decorate a modern room for the son – schoolboy. I want to merge together quite a lot of parameters: practicality, functionality, beauty.

Considering the options of the Internet it is possible to highlight several key areas:

  • the interior in Maritime style. Used all shades of blue and green colors. Accessories nautical theme with globes, maps, will help to create not only a very interesting interior for a boy, but also motivate him to explore new countries and territories;
  • natural theme in the interior. In this case, using all shades of natural colors. Very interesting is the use of posters with pictures of animals and natural landscapes. And, of course, the presence of a large aquarium can become a highlight of this room;
  • modern room in sporty style. Boy is first really sports fans. No matter fond of your son Boxing, football or punishes. Place in the room of the student photos sports idols, attach to the wall the flag of your favorite team and your son will be very happy. If he has personal achievements in sports, be sure to equip the area of personal glory and honor where it is placed, medals, trophies and certificates.

The modern design of the room of the student

Security in the modern children’s room ^ the

Despite the fact that the student is beginning to grow up, do not forget that first and foremost he is a child. Avoid placing furniture with sharp corners, mount the plugs in the outlet. When choosing lamps, give preference to those in which no glass parts. Choosing textiles on the Windows, don’t make it to the floor, stepping on his foot, the child may fall, not only tulle, but also the eaves. Be sure to install the handles with the locks on the Windows and the door opposite the handle it is better to insert without lock. Any source of heat shields protective panels.

The modern design of the room of the student

Conclusion ↑

Modern furnished room for a student, the most important thing is to respect the wishes of the student. He’s old enough to clearly articulate their desires and dreams. Only by combining our efforts, we can achieve excellent results in a comfortable, practical, safe and very interesting design of the room.

In the following video you also will learn about some features of the modern arrangement of the room of the student

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