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The design of the sports area in the children’s garden

Physical education kids in kindergarten is one of the ways children’s development, which involves not only improving their health, but also that they receive interaction skills with other people. It is necessary to equip a sports area at the kindergarten, which will be a variety of subjects and simulators.

The design of the sports area in the children's garden

Design features for different age groups ↑

Before you place a sports area, it is necessary to take into account the age characteristics of children:

  1. If we are talking about the younger group, the Playground should be part of the playing area. It usually contains balls of different sizes and slides for walk.
  2. For children from the middle group need to prepare a space in which, in addition to these objects, there will be booths with information on different sports. Also the floor should be placed Darts, skittles and other similar items for sports games.
  3. In the older group, all the previously listed padded with mats that are required for fitness. Also on special stands provided information about the rules of the games.

The design of the sports area in the children's garden

In addition, for each age group should have special tracks that are designed to stop the proper development of children. Also in the garden should be the following items:

  • mask;
  • balls;
  • sets for the sports games.

In addition, you can come up with the name of the sports area in the kindergarten to make it more attractive for kids.

The design of the sports area in the children's garden

Sports equipment ↑

For equipment designated for physical education in kindergarten are often used:

  • the wall;
  • balls;
  • gymnastic mats;
  • hoops;
  • rope;
  • ring for basketballs.

The design of the sports area in the children's garden

We must not forget about the musical accompaniment. This is usually installed sound system or recorder. Also there is usually a equipment that is made by educators and parents. Examples include the following items:

  1. Health tracks created on fabric, sewn on, for example, buttons. Such devices help to massage children and are a means of prevention of flatfoot.
  2. Exercise equipment for breathing exercises. One example is the paper figures that students need to blow off the table.
  3. Games similar to «Twister» with the image in the feet and hands. They contribute to the development of movement coordination in children and the development of spatial perception.
  4. Expanders.
  5. A variety of masks. They are needed for outdoor games.

While the sports area is to remember that the list of items is limited only by the imagination of educators. So if possible, you should spend time creating a new inventory. Creating a sports area in the children’s garden with your own hands you can be confident in its reliability and security.

The design of the sports area in the children's garden

Requirements for sports corners ↑

During clearance of area for physical activity it is necessary to consider some requirements. The hallmarks of this should be:

  1. Substantial saturation. This suggests that kindergarten should be all you need for all-round physical development of kids of a certain age group.
  2. The flexibility of the playing space. This option means that on a small area to fit items for different activities which do not limit free space.
  3. The ability to use all elements of the environment. This feature lies in the rational distribution of all inventory.
  4. Security. Sports area in the kindergarten group should not be placed near Windows or in places where active actions of children can lead to a dangerous situation for them.
  5. Hygiene of the premises.
  6. Compliance with the interior of the room. This is to ensure that the children wanted to engage in physical activity. Even with the good work of educators at the wrong design, many will not want to play your favorite games.
  7. According to the age peculiarities. Thus it is necessary to create conditions in which children have free access to all the presented items.
  8. Environmentally friendly. When selecting equipment and materials for its creation should approach this process very carefully.

The design of the sports area in the children's garden

The task of the educator to create sporting area ↑

In the design of area educators, especially, should care about creating a variety of physical gaming environment that will optimize physical activity. Improper placement of inventory or in the absence of the necessary items to engage in physical activity will not all kids or that time will be spent effectively.

The design of the sports area in the children's garden

Also teachers need to ensure that children possessed knowledge about the variety of outdoor games and exercise. Since we are talking about young children, should think about how to present information in graphical form.

The design of the sports area in the children's garden

Also, educators should promote the development of such qualities as flexibility, agility, coordination and quickness. It should encourage motor creativity of each pupil, and not just try to get all kids to do only what they say.

One of the most important components of the education of children is to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Mistakes made in the design of the sports area ↑

The design of the sports area in the children's garden

When observing children in kindergarten, you notice that many of them do not aspire to be in the sports area. But why does this happen? The reasons may be several:

  1. Static and monotony of the symbols used. In the absence of interesting machines and other implements children’s sports area might be interested in the child only on the first day of kindergarten.
  2. Mismatch of equipment to the children’s age peculiarities. Because of this, many children are not interested to engage themselves in the sports area.
  3. The presence of a ban on visiting the area at a certain time. Some teachers use bans to make it easier for them to control the behavior of all children. But such actions contribute to reducing the time spent on physical activity. Such bans also kill the independence in pupils.

The most common reason for because of which sports corners in kindergartens are equipped with all the rules, becomes the lack of a sufficient amount of money needed to purchase equipment and additional materials. To correct this situation, you can create attributes with their own hands from scrap materials.

The design of the sports area in the children's garden

It is also worth remember that the design should pay attention to the coverage of sports area. It needs to be in the place where for children will be enough light for the game. If this condition is not adhered to, then many kids just don’t want to play in a poorly lit place, and in the worst case you’ll ruin your eyes.

Contests, identify the best sports area ↑

In many kindergartens held a competition, the results of which revealed the best sports area. Such activities encourage teachers to creative activity, and parents are attracted to the problems of physical education of preschool children.

The design of the sports area in the children's garden

In sport corners in kindergartens much change, which contributes to a more active engagement of the pupils. To identify the best sports area the criteria mentioned earlier (hygiene, safety, originality, etc.). In order to win in this competition, it is not enough just to make beautiful part of the premises and create original equipment.

One of the evaluation criteria of the sports area becomes the amount of time that children spend in it. This means that the sports area in the first place to arouse the interest of children.

An important factor is the knowledge of children of different mobile games, reflected on the stands. Lack of knowledge suggests that teachers do not provide such information to the children.

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