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Stump extraction of trees: an overview 8 effective ways to remove the remains of the tree

Stump extraction of trees: an overview 8 effective ways to remove the remains of the tree

Stump extraction at the site required in the followingcases: if you purchased a plot with old trees and want to replace them with new or re-planning to do; if you fell the old tree, or a tree is in disrepair; if a tree stump or interfere with the landscape to create a composition that is conceived to host or are a hindrance at the breakdown backyard and planning of territory. Uproot the stumps in several ways - with the assistance of machinery, using chemicals or by their own hand. It should be noted that if the stump is located at a distance from the rest of the trees and you do not interfere, it may be left to disintegrate in a natural way, or turn into an object of landscape design. If the stump is in close proximity to healthy trees, better to get rid of him, because bacteria that destroy the stump, fungal spores, carpenter can move to other trees.


Removing stumps mechanically

In this case, you can use powered tools or rent special equipment. This method is rather expensive, because It has to involve organizations with relevant technology.

Using chainsaw

This is a simple method, which forces anyhost - the stump is cut chainsaw as low as possible - up to ground level. If you call for felling wood sawyers, they can be cut and the stump. But this method is suitable if you do not plan to hold in place felled tree garden or flowerbed.

Using chainsaw

Speel stump to ground level using a chainsaw- One of the easiest ways to get rid of it, but this option can be used on the lawn or garden area, where you do not plan any work on the arrangement and the remains of the stump will not interfere

The use of heavy machinery

For uprooting the stump, you can hire a tractor,bulldozer or excavator. You must have access to the site and the place where the equipment will be able to work. This method is suitable if you need to clear the area for construction, requiring multiple uproot stumps. Heavy Equipment damage the top layer of soil, and if you want to keep a lawn and fruit trees, this way you will not do.

Heavy equipment

Heavy equipment will help in pre-cleaning section from roots and stumps before the commencement of construction works and planning

Using the stump grinder

In this way the mass of advantages: lawn remains almost intact, for timber cutters need a small area. Stump is milled on a solid depth - 30 cm below the soil level. But cutter to remove the stumps is expensive, and it makes no sense to buy, to remove only one stump.

Crushing stump

In this case, a mini-tractor and crushing machine for removing the stump. So it is possible to remove the stump, located among other trees, without fear of damage to their roots

Video shows the removal of the stump cutter forest:

Market services offering uprooting stumps, replete with suggestions of this kind, so that you can always hire professionals working with forest mills.

Ways to manually uprooting

The ax, a shovel and a hacksaw to help

Stump extraction can be carried out manually withUsing an ax, shovels, saws, cable and winch. Although there are no material costs, this method does not require that you need to spend a lot of time and energy, especially if you need to uproot a large tree stump. So here it is better to weigh the "pros" and "cons."

First you need to examine the stump, find the mostthick roots, dig around it and cut the ax or use a hacksaw. Then you need to dig around a tree stump on a half-meter depth and a winch to pull it. So convenient to uproot the stumps high - stem residue acts as a lever when the stump is inverted.

Processing roots

Pre-treatment before removing the stump of the roots - all the large roots dug in, sawn hacksaw or removed with an ax

manually uprooting

Stump ready for uprooting - the roots are separated, the cable is fixed. The small size allows the stump to remove it by a cable and winch

soil erosion method

This method can be used in areas withsandy or clay soil, the soil is washed away by hosing, so it will take a large amount of water supplied under pressure. Dig a hole next to the stump to it dripping and hosing blur the soil around the stump. When the soil is good will be diluted, the roots free from soil. Most areas of thick roots need to saw, and then you can get the stump out of the ground.

The use of chemicals

The use of nitrate

Chemical stump extraction are often made withusing nitrate. The essence of the method is as follows: in stump holes must be drilled to the maximum possible depth of a diameter of about 1 cm, the more holes - the better.

The hole is filled and filled with saltpeterwater, then stump hiding polyethylene that rainfall does not wash nitrate. Doing this, it is desirable in the autumn, to the stump in this state remained throughout the winter until spring. This is sufficient time for the impregnation of wood and nitrate roots. With the onset of spring stump need to burn, it will be good to burn and burn out almost completely. This method is suitable for clay and sandy soils, but it is extremely dangerous if you flee to his land with peat soil.

The use of urea

Urea Following impregnation of wood, it startsdecompose rapidly. Technique is almost the same as in the above case - ammonium nitrate is poured into the drilled hole filled with water and stump hiding cellophane.

Urea - a good fertilizer, so that you can andnot to remove the remains of the stump. Leave it for a year or more under a layer of earth, and then in its place will land with fertile soil, where it is possible to arrange a flower garden or a vegetable garden.

Common salt as a means of combating the stumps

Use coarse salt - onethe easiest way to get rid of the stump. The hole is filled with salt, but the stump is filled with a layer of turf. After some time on the stump will remain only trash.

What better way to choose?

Each of the above methods is effective in its own way:

  • Uprooting trees mechanically handy if you need to clear the land for construction of the house or do the layout area.
  • Stump at a site where there are already objects will be more comfortable using chemical means. It's inexpensive and not labor the way.
  • If you plan on-site stump smash flower bed is recommended to uproot the stumps by hand or use a shredder: crushing machine or timber mill.

If desired, you can even make a stump abode for edible mushrooms, but this is a topic for another discussion.

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