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How to cut a tree Chainsaw: safety rules for tree felling

How to cut a tree Chainsaw: safety rules for tree felling

Cutting of trees with an ax and a conventional sawsthing of the past, the majority of owners of private houses and summer residents today acquire chainsaws. Have a chainsaw is necessary - if the site is not under the felling of old trees, periodically need to trim the branches, and in the case of force majeure is often the case that falls or breaks a big tree - here you need to know how to cut down a tree chainsaw.


accident prevention

A similar situation may occur in the forest,where you leave on vacation, and in the country. If you notice that the tree is in poor condition and its fall can damage the property, with the rolls is not necessary to pull

Many people do not think about safety, but a few important rules, in order to avoid dangerous situations, you need to learn.

Safety precautions when using a chainsaw

Yes, there are special rules:

  • Wear appropriate footwear and clothing, non-slip shoes, safety glasses, gloves, thick clothing. Ear plugs help to reduce noise.
  • Check whether the well-sharpened and tensioned chain. The tension is good, if the teeth are guides in the slot when you pulls the chain from the top of the bus. When pouring the oil should always check whether the chain is stretched well.
  • Do not use in windy conditions.

As a chainsaw to cut down a tree, without causing harmsurrounding objects, which are located nearby? Try to plan the trajectory of the fall, after analyzing the territory and the tree itself, which is going to be cut down. If it is dry, large dead branches, knots may fall, so they can be cut down in advance, and here we must be careful.

From the working area, you must gounhindered. If there are other trees near, try to work so that the felled branches are not stuck in their branches, this may result in an accident, and then to get them is not easy. Felled trees then you will need to handle and take out or removed from the site. Choose rolls for such direction, to then freely to saw and remove the tree.

Cleaning -Important stage after felling

Cleaning - an important step after tree felling. Select to fall tree location where it will be convenient to cut it into pieces, and then make a plot or loaded on the machine

The procedure works during tree felling

Execution scores occurs in several stages. The first (top) is undercut by a quarter the diameter of the trunk, under the angle 45 °, approach to the tree should be from the fall. Then it is undercut below. It has done horizontally to the point where both undercut connect. After two to file you should have an angle cut in the trunk, the size of 45 °. Not sawing wood completely, otherwise it will be impossible to guess in which direction it will drop the barrel.

Now the course is felling propyl. Before you start, make sure the drop zone there are no people, animals and objects that can be damaged. The felling cut is made from the other side, which is opposite to the intended direction of the fall of the trunk, it must be located at a distance of five centimeters from the bottom of the signature parallel to it.

Carrying out felling propyl leave Nedopil - 1/10the overall diameter of a tree trunk. This is important as it provides the correct trajectory of his fall. If you do not do this propyl, or do less than the specified size, the trajectory of the fall of the tree will be unpredictable.

Immerse saw the barrel slowly. To the bus is not jammed in the barrel, insert the wedge into the main propyl before the tree starts to fall. The wedge must be made of plastic or wood, metal wedge can damage the circuit. The engine speed when operating the saw - max.

While working, watch carefully where the barrel moves. So you can take timely action, if you feel that the fall has gone in the wrong direction.


The arrows indicate the cuts: 1 upper, 2 -Lower, 3 - felling. Nedopilennaya part of the tree is the hinge that prevents the fall in the wrong direction

Two variants of the undercut

Two versions of Signature: in the first case is made signature double right angle, making it more difficult, but the tree is guaranteed to fall in the direction that you have planned, in the second case is made most frequently occurring variant of the signature above

When the trunk begins to fall, quickly remove the saw from the cut, stop the engine and leave the work area. All actions are performed quickly, the delay could be dangerous.

Council. Wood is more convenient to file away in the curve direction, most of twigs and branches, if flattened barrel - in the direction of a smaller diameter.

The video below shows an example of the work - fast felling trees where necessary to perform undercuts spent a minimum of time:

That's it, we looked at how to bring downTrees chainsaw - in compliance with the above rules, you can effortlessly dump right tree. And the main thing here - to be alert and focused. Before the first roll, you can train in a small dry tree, if it is on your site there, or look in a nearby landing.

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