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What is the best chain saw or electric saw: a comparative review of units

What is the best chain saw or electric saw: a comparative review of units

Construction suburban area is not possible withoutthe use of various tools. The question of acquisition saws necessary for sawing wood and boards, as well as other works on wood, at some point, be sure to get up and to the owner of a country house. What is the best chain saw or power saw? Both tools are noteworthy. The only question is, which one to choose. Each device has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Power supply - the main distinguishing feature

Since the electric saw is powered by electricity,the use of the tool of this type is only possible in places where there is a possibility to connect to the mains. With this tool comfortable to work at home, at a construction site. When working with an electric saw difficulties may arise when the work will be required not only in the vicinity of the house, but also to process the entire plot.

Extension for working with electric saw

For smooth movement of the tool on the site for outdoor work required purchasing extension a few tens of meters in length

In addition, the active movement, for example,during the pruning of fruit trees, care should be taken, so that from the power cord does not get underfoot and does not fall under a running chain saw.

Power saw is more intended for the construction work: it is convenient to cut the tree, and cut along the thin boards. Sections were obtained from the electric saw flat and smooth.

The ability to use the tool at any angle

Thanks to the main features of chainsaws - mobility, they are an indispensable tool in the logging. Easy-to-use tools can be used in almost any position

Trump chainsaw - autonomy. Chainsaw become a convenient tool in the rural economy, power surges which are far from rare. Owners who have forays into nature in order to organize activities: picnic, expedition, hunting or fishing, can always take with them in the trunk of a car handy tool.

Working conditions and environmental friendliness

Comparing two tools - chain saw or electric saw, many consumers pay attention to factors such as ease of operation, and environmental friendliness.

Power saws, quite easy to use: run the tool by pressing a single button. Pretty light and compact devices become indispensable helpers for simple work: to trim anything close to the house, cut the knots, not thick sawn timber. But in working with wood, having a more compact structure, power saws may not be enough.

Duration of continuous work tool

You should also take into account the fact thatthe tool can operate continuously for only 20 minutes because it very quickly heats the engine, while the chainsaw successfully operate without interruption for a few hours

By choosing to operate a power saw, should beprepared for the fact that it can be used only under favorable weather conditions. Excessive moisture can cause damage to the instrument. Power saw - an indispensable tool for working indoors: the compact design of the minimum vibration and emits little noise.

Power saws are fairly simple to use: sufficient in operation to monitor the tension of the chain, and lubricant level for this circuit. When working with chain saws should also monitor the lubrication of the engine.

Starting chainsaws

Chainsaw work on the fuel mixture. tool motor starts to work with the help of the starter cord

For many users who are not experiencedin working with chain saws, the need to prepare the fuel mixture, to monitor the quality and quantity of the components, it is a limiting factor for choosing this type of product. Manipulation of the launch and maintenance of the tool is not so difficult as it seems at first glance.

Tools for working in confined spaces

For indoors chainsaw - notthe best option: fumes and exhaust gases emitted during the operation tool, make it impossible to carry out a long time in the unventilated room

Chainsaws less finicky to weather conditions: small rain, and even snow in her work is not a hindrance. But, at the same time during a hard frost chainsaw can and does not start, can not be said about the power saws.

The financial side of the issue

If we consider the acquisition of control or a chainsaw from a financial point of view, the power saws - a more economical option. electric saws cost an order of magnitude lower than the "gasoline" counterparts.

Electrical gasoline is more profitable due to the factit is not necessary to purchase supplies such as gasoline and engine oil for them. In addition, the electric saw models are equipped with fewer accessories and spare parts than petrol units. Yes, the electricity required to power saws will make their part of the cost, but the cost of electricity is always less than the price of gasoline. While fuel-efficient models today's chainsaws the difference in price can reduce.

No matter in what type of instrument will stop the host range of the saw will be a real "magic wand" to facilitate the work for improving the site.

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