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Making the trailer for motoblock 4 variant the manufacture of their own hands

Making the trailer for motoblock 4 variant the manufacture of their own hands

The need for Trailer for motoblock inFarmland is difficult to overestimate. It can be useful for a variety of cases: transportation of seedlings and the harvested crop, as well as the necessary tools and even garbage. Spending a few days in which to make a trailer for motoblock own hands, you can greatly simplify your work in the future.


The simplest model of the trailer

For the construction of the required in construction sector is necessary to prepare:

  • Steel tube 60x30 mm and 25x25 mm;
  • Suspension and wheels (can be from the "Moskvich" car);
  • Dyuralalyuminievy sheet 2 mm thick;
  • Parting steel sheet 0.8 mm thick;
  • Channel №5;
  • Fasteners;
  • Tools (jigsaw, Bulgarian, welding machine and screwdriver).

The frame of the trailer is an integralstructure disposed on the frame grid. For everything it is necessary to make two traverses from the corner of 25x25 mm, which will act as the front and rear cross members and side members of the pipe 60x30 mm. All the elements connected with five cross arms so as to form a lattice as a result.

A small trailer with drop sides

A simple model of the trailer with drop sides - a very necessary thing in the economy. It can be used not only to transport boxes and bags from the harvest, but any long loads

At arrangement of lattice platform must be placed relative to the side members and the cross traverses so as to remain small issues. These are subsequently welded longitudinal pipes.

To help with the longitudinal welding pipes attachedfour racks to the upper part of which is welded piping from the corner of 25x25 mm. To equip the trailer dropside, frame construction made separately from the carcass. Grid platform dyuralalyuminievym cover sheet, fixing bolts. For sewing the beads can be applied over the thin metal sheets, fixing them on strapping and stands by welding.

To produce two beams channel bars of the same lengthis inserted into each other, equipping one of the ends of the wheel axle design. The finished beam by means of springs connected to the spars. To this end, the ends of the springs put on the arm axis and the axis of earrings, a central part of ladders welded to the beam.

The drawbar is made of rectangular tubes 60x30mm. For the production of double-beam design the front ends of pipes stacked and welded to the body of the trailer coupling of the unit, and the rear overlapping 200 mm welded to the front ends of the side members.

The trailer is ready. If desired, it can be equipped with brake lights, turn signals and marker lights.

Production of multi-trailer

Step # 1 - Preparation of materials for the construction

When planning to make their own trailer, it is first necessary to develop a drawing, in which to calculate the dimensions of the structure and to its future appearance.

Trailer for transporting the harvested crop

Thinking dimensions and load capacityconstruction should be calculated, so that with the help of a pass for one trailer could carry an average of 6-7 bags of vegetables, a total mass of about 400-450 kg

Having defined the size of the trailer, it is necessarycalculate the required number of meters of metal-roll. Also it is necessary to calculate the number of channels, which will act as a frame for coupling. By taking this step enough attention, you can not only save costs, protect themselves from the possible costs for the purchase of spare screws and parts, but also confident in the correctness of their actions.

In the manufacture of home-made trailer can not do without the welding apparatus, since samorezah functional design will not last long.

For the arrangement of a solid frame of the trailer fitsteel corner section 50h25 mm and 40x40 mm, as well as cutting pipes of rectangular and circular cross-section. In the manufacture of the trailer body required board thickness of 20 mm and a beam size of 50x50 mm for the support beams.

Step # 2 - production of basic elements

The basis of the manufacture can take the finished development of constructive part.

Construction Trailer for motoblock

The trailer has an increased margin of safety, it can be used on complex patterned surfaces

The design has four main components: the body, the carrier, frame and wheels. All of them are connected by welding.

Key elements for the carrier arrangement

four reinforcing ribs are provided to enhance the structural strength of the drawbar in the joint from the steering unit housing

Body wooden structure is assembled from planks of 20 mm, the corners of which are equipped with steel angles. Attached to the body of the trailer frame by three wooden beams - support beams.

Driving manufacturing trailer frames

The frame of the trailer is made of a set of steel elements: pipes, angles and rods

Since this is a traileruniaxial structure, load distribution must be such that the center of gravity was shifted to the front of the comfort of the wheel axle. The only drawback of such a body is that it does not provide the tailboard. If desired, the design can be improved a bit, friendly folding wall. It is also desirable to make the loop on the back side with straps that will be needed to fix the cargo during transportation.

Step # 3 - The arrangement of the chassis

Chassis design is a key in the production of home-made trailer for motoblock.

The optimum size of the wheels to the trailer

The wheels and springs can be purchased new, but it is much easier to use the worn out parts of the domestic car, for example, with the "Moskvich" and "Lada"

In this case, the wheel mounted on the trailer,which were removed from the cycle-FDD and used in the assembly with the hub. To match with the diameter of the pivot wheel bearings need to sharpen the ends.

At arrangement of the axle enoughuse steel rod 30 mm in diameter. The length of the rod should be such that the assembled structure wheel rims do not extend beyond the body. The rod is attached by welding through and angled support gusset to the chassis longitudinal members and the longitudinal hinge.

To connect the trailer motor-block should bemake the console. It will be attached to the bracket attachment, so the upper part of it should be repeated lines of grip hiller. The lower part of the console is the axis around which with the help of angular contact bearings in the secured position rotates freely swivel carrier.

manufacturing Swivel carrier scheme

The original version proposed by the author, provides a swivel carrier with trailer

The drawbar is inserted into the tubular body longitudinalhinge and secured using a snap ring. This design makes it easier to control the unit on uneven surfaces, as the wheels of the trailer will be operated independently from the wheels of the motor cultivator.

The trailer is almost ready for use. It remains only to place in front of the driver's seat for the body and attach to a special box on the drawbar has led the bandwagon on which to build in the drive. Control unit Driver will carry a seat, holding and manipulating levers. The seat is desirable to equip the soft pillow, so as not to turn the job trailer now test the body's tolerance to vibration.

Other variants of manufacturing of trailers: Video examples

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