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How to make a garden wheelbarrow with his hands: decorative and practical options

How to make a garden wheelbarrow with his hands: decorative and practical options

In the garden area is always busy. From time to time you have to carry something heavy, which is not always good for health. Especially difficult it is for those who are not accustomed to serious physical stress. To get from staying in the country pleasure, not a pain in the spine, do not carry weight in their hands, and carry them to the truck. Gardening wheelbarrow made with their hands out of scrap materials, will be an excellent assistant for the period of construction, harvesting and other work. All the more so for its construction no special skills or materials are not required. All you need, or already in the country, or easy to buy.


Option # 1 - robust and simple wooden wheelbarrow

Garden and construction wheelbarrow can be purchased ateach store. But there is no need to waste money if you can do it yourself? The drawings for the construction of a wooden wheelbarrow will not be necessary: ​​the product simple and does not require large material costs. If something is not enough, in the process you can always buy more.

Council. In the construction of the garden wheelbarrows to prefer hardwood: elm, birch, oak or maple. Such material will last a long time and reliable in operation. Softwood better not to use.

We make mounting frame

Of planed boards collect box - foundationproduct. Dimensions chosen on the basis of their own physical preparation and management needs. In our example, the duct width is 46 cm, and its length - 56 cm.

The box and the wheel will be mounted on the mounting frame- The main reference of the cars. For its construction we need two bars of 3-5 cm thick and 120 cm in length each. These bars we used as handles for the wheelbarrow. For their comfortable stay the ends to move goods on the site.

The construction of cars (part 1)

It is important to choose the right wood for cars: soft wood more susceptible to decay, longer deformed during the operation and, ultimately, serve a little

The bars are laid on the table, connecting the frontends together. The opposite ends of the bars in the distance pushing the width of your own shoulders. On top put the joined ends of smaller diameter bar. In the photo he is shown in a different color. It must outline in pencil, leaving the frame bars of parallel lines. So we mark up the place later to the bars to be mounted wheel. According spent lines at the bars do saw cut with a hacksaw or a circular saw, as shown in the photo.

The wheel is also a wooden

The wheel diameter of 28 cm, we will do the same fromtimber. Take six well-planed boards with dimensions 30h15h2 cm. Glue them in the square, as shown in the figure, using PVA glue. Keeping under pressure overnight: until the adhesive dries. On the surface, mark up the square circle. In addition, the future of the fastening wheel screws for wood. Drill wheel, focusing on the external part of the markup. The roughness of the surface of the rim are handled by the rasp.

The construction of cars (part 2)

If you make a wheelbarrow for garden work, it is better to buy ready-made wheel (metal with rubber tires). And if you make a decorative wheelbarrow, it is best tree does not fit

Mount the frame and the wheel

Go back to the mounting frame. Two bars are interconnected by means of spacers. It must be set so that between the front ends of the bars (the ones that are cut from the inside) Place the wheel. As the wheel width of 6 cm, the distance between the ends of the bars must be 9 cm. For these reasons, we determine the size of the spacer, zapilivaem its ends and attached to the bars with screws.

For wheel mounting, we need metalpin with thread 150-200 mm, 4 nuts and 4 washers. All diameter of 12-14 mm. At the ends of the bars drilled holes for this stud. Exactly in the middle of our wooden wheel drill hole, which is slightly more than the diameter of the stud.

Construction wheelbarrows (Part 3)

Similarly, in a wheelbarrow body is welded to the metal mounting frame it. Basic techniques work the same and do not depend on the material used

One end of the pin into the hole on the sticksone of the bars. Set on a stud washer, then the nut, then the wheel and then another nut and washer. Threaded stud through the second timber. Anchoring the outer side of the wheel bars, washers and nuts. Studs should be rigidly secured to the bars, so tighten mounting two wrenches.

It remains to collect the finished product

On the upside-down box putmounting frame with the wheel so that the wheels do not touch the box. Note the position of the frame in the box with a pencil. We make two full-length wedge box 5 cm thick and 10 cm wide. Put them on the pencil line and attach to the surface of the box with screws from the bottom of the product. These wedges, too, self-tapping screws attach the frame to the wheel.

The final stage

It remains to establish the spacer, which is rigidly bonded to each rack. Wheelbarrow is ready, it can be poryt linseed oil and used in the works

Make a backup-brackets to the wheelbarrow was convenientplace during loading and unloading. Pick up their length such that, when mounted on their box was placed parallel to the ground. The rigid connection provides bar-resistant spacer attached as shown in the photograph. It remains to cover the finished product with linseed oil to car has served you faithfully for many years.

The use of old cars

Wheelbarrow of wood is long to the delight of the owners, but also after the product failure is not clutter and decorate plot as creative flower garden

By the way, this truck looks quite decorative and can decorate any site if the work is no longer needed.

Option # 2 - Wheelbarrow of metal or barrels

Universal car that can be used andat harvest, and in the performance of construction work, must be strong. For transportation of cement, sand or soil is better to use the product of the metal. Independently make a wheelbarrow, too easy, but need the skill of working with welding equipment.

An excellent option would be a trolley, weldedMetal sheet 2 mm thick. Originally from a sheet body is going, and then it is welded to the chassis and handles. Depending on the expected load on the finished product, for it can be used a wheel of the motorcycle, a moped, and even a bicycle.

Can reduce the cost of the product, if its box makefor example, from an old railway barrel. Start a better job with the production of the supporting structure in the form of the letter "A". For it is suitable and lightweight metal profile (square tube). The bow of the structure is provided with a wheel, and its response elements to be used as handles.

Wheelbarrow of barrels

Typically, these drums to get them "on the occasion of" the owners and cost very cheap, and a garden wheelbarrow of this iron barrel is an easy and very convenient

Half barrels, cut along fixed toframe. By framing is necessary to weld or arc tube, which will play the role of the racks. They need to wheelbarrow gained the necessary stability when loading and unloading.

Now that you know how to make a garden wheelbarrow yourself, you do not have to buy in the stores products from China, which last very long.

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