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Automatic drip lawn: summing up the water to hard to reach areas

Automatic drip lawn: summing up the water to hard to reach areas

Lush vegetation on the lawn and beautiful flowersthe beds require constant attention and care. Over time, regular watering turns into a boring duty. Help can auto drip lawn, so simple and clear in terms of the equipment and installation, which can be done by hand. Should I stop your choice for this type of watering, and how it differs from the sprinkler? Let's face it.


Pros and cons of the use of drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is recommended forirrigation greenhouse plants, trees and shrubs, flower beds, flower beds, plantations. His suit and watering the lawn, if you can not mount a sprinkler installation (for example, if the pitch is narrow or complex curved shape).

The main part of the system - long hoseapertures disposed throughout. Spot watering ensures uniform and constant distribution of water. The system operates at a rate that allows water to fall onto the ground surface and to absorb a certain amount of time. For 2 chasa one drip point soil saturated with water by 10-15 cm deep and the same in radius - with the proviso that the system is adjusted for watering flowers.

Combined irrigation scheme

Drip irrigation for turf installed in areas where there is no possibility to arrange a sprinkler irrigation. In this scheme, - a narrow portion of the right side

The benefits of using drip system:

  • possible distortion irrigation sector (unlike sprinklers partially dependent on wind direction and strength);
  • provided watering particular basal portion of the plant;
  • Water does not flow into the adjacent landscape zones;
  • watering evenly distributed throughout the area portion;
  • not peel occurs on the surface of the soil;
  • installation of the system does not require excavation work, it takes a little time;
  • it is possible to plant nutrition mineral fertilizers;
  • saving both water and personal time.

Another undeniable plus - budgeted costthe entire set of equipment. Minimum set, including the main pipe, fittings, dropper tube to drain, drip caps, timer, punch - is no more than 3,000 rubles. Separately purchased a water tank and a submersible pump. automatic irrigation system is made with their own hands - it is an opportunity to save money on buying expensive equipment.

Members of drip irrigation systems draw only two minuses:

  • short service life (2 to 5 years) - which means that as the wear parts of the system need to be replaced by new ones;
  • the possibility of damage dropper (hoses), rodents and pets.
Drip equipment

The minimum set for automatic drip irrigation kit includes drippers, timer, fittings, plugs, valves. Submersible pump, if necessary, sold separately

The order of the system mount

Proper arrangement of automatic irrigationIt depends on the size of the treated area. As an example, take the installation of irrigation systems on the lawn of 6 meters in length. Suppose, on the edge of the lawn planted with flowers, the distance between which is 40 cm.

Driving a small lawn drip irrigation, a few beds or beds

Driving a small lawn drip irrigation, a few beds or beds

Stages of assembly equipment:

  • Better to start with the installation of the fence to the water tank. You can use any suitable barrel or buy a plastic tank in the shop.
  • Set in a submersible pump capacity. With its purchase should pay attention to specifications - pump capacity should be sufficient to irrigate the entire area of ​​the lawn.
  • Accession to the pump main pipe(Suitable tube 16 mm in diameter). There are two options of output pipe capacity: through tank cover permitting pump power, or through a specially drilled hole diameter of 16 mm at the bottom of the container. The hole is inserted into the fitting with a seal, and in it - pipe. Fix sealant compound.
  • The layout of the main pipe 3 or 4 droppers using fittings. Droppers are laid before the end of the lawn. At the end of each tube (or tubes) installed plug.
  • Slips for the individual watering flower bushes - dropper pass along the landing, around the root system.
  • Using the punch, do in the main pipedrip holes (ready-made options droppers are labeled, you simply select the appropriate - for example, 8 l / h or 12 l / h). The droppers under the flower bushes punched holes near each plant. When using additional tubes with their ends are fitted with drip tips that stick near the root system.
  • Set the timer, which regulates thepump. At some point, it includes the supply of electricity, starts the pump - and the system functions specified period of time. For example, you can specify inclusion of the system at 8 o'clock, off at 8.30. If the dripper has two parameters l / hr for the period of each plant will receive 1 liter of water. Electronic timer is operating from the battery, and mechanical.
Barrel for drip irrigation

As the capacity for drip irrigation, many use the usual barrel, setting it at a certain height

starting cranes

Starting valves connect the main pipe and a dropper (hoses)

Timer to set the watering time

Timer to adjust watering time can be purchased along with the irrigation system

We offer you also see the video clip on the topic:

Operation and maintenance of equipment

To our automatic watering lawnto function properly, you need to test it, and along with the wash. To remove this stub ends and include water droppers. Pure water flowing out of all hoses, - a sign that the system is tight and working properly. Such washing should be carried out from time to time to prevent the clogging of pipes and hoses.

Visual inspection of hoses and pipes will helptime to eliminate blockages. Turn on the system, it should pass along each drip, ignoring the wet spots around the holes. Depending on the adjustment, it must have a diameter of 10 to 40 cm and being uniform in size. If there is no spot or it is smaller than the other - have to clean or replace the dropper. Puddles of water also indicate improper operation of the system - most likely, leakproof.

drip irrigation system

Checking the drip irrigation system can be carried out in parts: it is necessary to open the taps start only on certain hoses

Drip irrigation

Proper operation of drippers is easy to check the size of the wet spots on the ground

A problem may arise - stop automatic watering area. The reason is likely to be clogged in a drip.

What types of blockages are and how to fix them?

  1. Mechanical. Tubes and pipes clogged with suspended particles - sand, silt, undissolved fertilizer. The problems will not, if you apply special filters, which must be periodically cleaned.
  2. Chemical. It occurs due to too hard water. Normal values ​​pH - 5-7, for their support resorting to acid supplements, recommended for watering systems.
  3. Biological. Blockages of the type associated withbiological performance, as a result of which there are raid, slime, algae. Easy chlorination and regular washing will save equipment from biological contaminants.

In autumn, after the irrigation season,equipment are washed, dried and dismantle. The tubes and droppers should not remain water. Electronic and mechanical devices - pumps, timers, controllers, sensors - better to move in a heated room. Hoses and tubes can be left for the winter in the ground, but their life from this greatly reduced.

Filters for irrigation systems

Filters for drip irrigation systems are a barrier to mechanical and biological contaminants

Drip equipment

If at the end of the season drip equipment wash and clean for the winter, it will last much longer

That's all. Arranging early spring automatic watering with their hands, you can enjoy hassle-free all summer green lawn and flower beds blooming luxuriantly.

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