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The principles of an automatic irrigation system Plot

The principles of an automatic irrigation system Plot

Organize watering suburban area manuallyalways difficult, especially if the area is not so small. in the area of ​​irrigation system will solve one of the most pressing problems - lawns, flowerbeds, the beds will always be properly moisturized and you will not break your head over how convenient to water the garden, without spending a lot of effort. You will be able to rest more in the country, without having to spend hours of time on hand-watering.


What are automatic irrigation system? They are divided into sprinkler and drip. Work mechanism depends on the parameters humidity sensor - the system is turned off during rain, at high humidity. Powered Irrigation System on the clock, each zone has its own garden watering duration that you define yourself.

Device features a sprinkler system

Sprinkler automatic watering system willto carry out irrigation site on schedule. The best time for the installation - the autumn, at which time the risk of damage to the plant less. Automatic watering will replace hoses and buckets in the garden on a small fountain, through which you can grow even a beautiful lawn, flowerbed luxury. When properly thought out and carefully install all the mechanisms of the system are hidden underground or disguised, so that the appearance of the landscape setting will not be affected. The system will carry out watering the garden for a given program and during your absence, and you will not have to worry about the state of the plant.

Beautiful garden

If you are fond of landscape design,planted plants need regular watering abundant, construction auto-irrigation at the site will be for you the best option - the garden will be "supervised", even if you're away, do not need to hire a gardener. The system is not cheap, but it will pay for itself necessarily

The main thing in such a system - this is the control panelmechanism - a mini-computer, which manages in accordance with the selected program. He shut down the system in rainy weather, pump operation is performed automatically. For portable weather monitoring weather station. The remote can also be installed in the house and on the street, the program is set for a certain period - defined by the number of irrigated areas in the garden, the number of irrigations per day.

Pipes are supplied to the solenoid valves,control valves gives the command to open or close, so head to the irrigation water is supplied. Watering section provides the sprinkler (or sprinkler head). Sprinklers installed under the ground, when the system is under pressure, watering is carried out through a retractable nozzle.


Sprinkler with a closed valve in the idle state is in the earth, when pressure is applied to the system, the nozzle extends and sprinkler head starts to work at a steady state

For watering small area usedmostly rolling heads, they do well and watering flowerbeds. They work within a radius of five meters. For watering heads made special nozzles, through which you can carry out root watering, watering to a remote location, and others.

Spraying unidirectional

Unidirectional sputtering in this case used for lawn watering in track. Throw adjusted in such a way that covers the width of the lawn

No less common and rotary sprinklers,They are equipped with a circular rotation mechanism and allow watering large areas, and therefore mainly used in parks, for watering lawns and sports fields etc. When watering young plants, large trees, shrubs root-zone used Babler nozzle.

Rotating sprinkler

Such a rotating sprinkler irrigation for a large area of ​​lawn. Water is sprayed evenly in all directions, providing full irrigation

Water is supplied to the head at different wateringangle, with different force, resulting in a directional or watering or irrigation water with a spread at various distances. In fan rotary sprinkler and irrigation intensity varies, so they are not installed in the same zone. If watering is not carried out from the water, you will need to buy and pumping station.

Circular irrigation

Circular irrigation is good for a small flower bed or lawn. The best watering time - morning or evening, day by strong heat on plant leaves may be left burns

Council. Irrigation systems are available today for questioning by various companies, the choice, pay attention to the company's reputation, reviews, the quality of work on installation (and they are almost the same as much and the system), and, of course, guaranteed.

Let's say you have chosen the right system. Before starting the installation, you must have a site plan, dendroplan (which will be given space planting, varieties, variety, location in the area), as well as the location of the source from which you will draw water for irrigation, place the point of the power supply arrangement.

Think about where you want to locatesprinklers, other than the main zone, as they should be - it may be caring for remote or inaccessible areas, from the area of ​​tracks, etc. On account of these factors depends on the cost of installation.

automatic watering system in the area

An example of positioning the system of automatic irrigation in the country - when the competent organization of any plot in the garden will be left without irrigation. Experts will select the right equipment for all garden areas

When is it best to mount the automatic watering system? The most convenient way to do this, when you have already prepared layer for planting lawns, planted all the plants, made tracks. A high-quality installation will ensure a long and successful operation of your system.

Drip automatic watering for the garden and a small portion

For many gardeners this choice ispreferable - it is very economical, the installation of automatic watering drip system will be much cheaper. If the site is small, you do not need to water the vast area, so that sprinkling irrigation is generally not needed.

drop avtopoliv

Driving drip automatic watering the garden - water is distributed from a large barrel for each separate beds. So you can ensure the perfect irrigation for each crop

With drip irrigation water (it can be fedtogether with fertilizers) in small doses is entered in the root zone of plants. In winter, the system is not dismantled, it is necessary only to purge the pipeline with compressed air before the onset of winter and start the system after winterizing. The use of soft plastic tubing of frost allows you to leave the device in the winter, they can spend the winter in the ground, and on open ground.

Drip irrigation can be used anywhere - ingarden, gardening, in the greenhouse or in a greenhouse. If you connect the controller to the system, it will turn off watering during rain, and generally run for a given program, as well as at the sprinkler system of automatic irrigation.

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With the water supply system automatic watering systemrelated only tap for filling the tank, it is a stand-alone building, which includes a pump, a tank, automation, system of baffles and pipes. Experts selected pump type and volume of the tank, given the volume of the system. But crowns and automatic you can pick up on their own - the choice here depends on the financial position and the frequency of the service area.

Council. To dropper not flooded plants, the capacity is set at a low altitude - up to one and a half meters. It is convenient to use barrel 150-200 l tightly veiled cover.

By using drip irrigation systemirrigation water savings of 50%. The method allows to avoid burns on the leaves of plants, as sometimes happens when a sprinkler watering in the hottest time of the day. The risk of fungal diseases of plants, Phytophthora is virtually eliminated. If necessary, adjust the degree of soil moisture at any point.

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation provides fullwetting the root zone, the ability to add fertilizer, mineral additives allows to grow a great crop, providing ideal conditions for crop growth and development

The system is ideal for the cultivation of vegetables, notit was invented by accident in the 50-ies of the last century in Israel - a country with a hot dry climate, when there was an acute shortage of water. Possibility with the water needed to make fertilizer with microelements, fertilizer can collect a good harvest.

Home avtopoliv

Today, automatic watering can be used at home. For example, if you are growing tropical plants, large trees so watering will promote their full development

Drip irrigation systems are collected and vacationers with their hands, but if you're in the forces are not sure, it is better to buy ready-made system - it is simple and reliable to operate and very quickly pay for itself.

The use of irrigation systems allowplants reside in favorable conditions, these mechanisms resolve a number of very important tasks, allowing your garden to look beautiful and well-kept, garden - give excellent yields, and you - to have more time to enjoy your vacation in the lap of nature.

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