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Adjusting the carburetor chainsaw: dismantle all the technical details of works

Adjusting the carburetor chainsaw: dismantle all the technical details of works

Dacha construction and repair can not do withoutuse of chain saws, as well as gardening. Due to the instrument malfunction may get all the work, so it is important to be able to disassemble it, find the problems and fix them. With enough experience and skill can even adjust the chainsaw carburettor - a complicated procedure, and more specifically, the jeweler. How to spend on setting procedure, and we suggest you make out today.


carburetor device chainsaw

No repair action is not without the knowledge bases of the mechanism of the device. Analyzing the constituent elements and principles of work, it is easier to determine the cause breakage.


Any fault in the carburetor engine stop faces

Carburetor - one of the main functionalengine parts, which serves for preparing and supplying a fuel mixture consisting of certain proportions of fuel and air. Once the proportions are violated - the engine starts to "act up", if not stop working.

To achieve proper operation of the carburetor as possible, examining it "stuffing":

  • Tube with transverse damper for adjusting the air flow.
  • Diffuser - the restriction to increase the air flow rate is about the fuel supply inlet port.
  • Spray from which fuel flows (fuel needle in the diagram).
  • The float chamber, regulating the fuel level at the channel inlet.

Here's how it looks on the chart:

Driving carburetor

The diagram displays the interaction of fuel and air flow

Principle of operation: air stream in the diffuser atomizes fuel, creating a mixture coming into the cylinder. The larger the amount of fuel supplied, the higher the engine speed. Carburetors work on different models of the same scheme.

When adjustment is necessary at all?

Specifically chainsaw carburetor adjustmentrequired in rare cases, most often there are problems with the fuel intake, or wear and tear. But sometimes the "symptoms" indicate that it is necessary to adjust the mechanism. Here are some signs:

  • Once the engine starts, it immediately stalls. As an option - do not start. The reason is an excess of air and fuel shortage.
  • The increase in fuel consumption, and as a consequence - large amounts of exhaust gases. This is due to a reverse process - the mixture of fuel saturation.

Reasons for failure can be adjustment and mechanical:

  • Due to strong vibrations damaged the protective cap as a result of losing all three bolts installed fixation.
  • Because of the wear of the piston engine. In this case the chain saw carburetor adjustment will gain only for a while, it is better to replace the worn-out part.
  • Due to the obstruction, which occurs due to low-quality fuel, scale or filter damage. Carburetor requires complete disassembly, cleaning and adjustment.
Damage chainsaw

If the chainsaw suddenly stopped working, to find out why it is necessary to disassemble

Step by step instructions for disassembly

The device carburettor models of various brandsalmost the same, so let us take for example a chainsaw Partner. Each item carefully remove and put in order, to make it easy to collect.


Carburetors chainsaws of various manufacturers differ, and if it is not in principle

The top cover is removed by loosening three screws. After her - foam, an integral part of the air filter.

Protective cover

The arrows indicate the screws to be unscrewed to remove the cover

Then remove the fuel hose behind him - drive traction.

Fuel hose

The upper arrow indicates the fuel hose, the bottom - the drive rod

Next, remove the cable lug.


The arrow shows the cable tip, which must be removed

Left from the union contract the gasoline hose.

Gasoline hose

Just carefully remove the gasoline hose at which the arrow

Carburetor finally disconnect, it is ready foradjustment. Its mechanism is quite complicated, so if you need further disassembly of the carburettor, the elements should be removed very carefully - they are small, so they can be lost.

carburetor parts

The carburettor consists of many small parts, which at dismantling should lay in order

Features settings and adjustments

To learn how to adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw, should learn to distinguish between the three screws (on some models only one).

Dismantling the carburettor

Screws H and L only are similar in appearance, they are actually different

Each screw has a letter designation:

  • «L» is used to adjust the low speed;
  • «H» necessary for adjusting the upper turns;
  • "T" is necessary to adjust the idle speed (models with one screw only present one).

Factory setting is optimal, and with screws adjust the engine in special situations (work related to different climatic conditions).

screw Outputs

Scheme visible outputs of the carburettor adjustment screws with the lid closed


For chainsaw settings using a special tool

The setting is done only with screws L and N. In order to increase turnover, they are rotated clockwise. In order to reduce - counterclockwise. The sequence of use of screws: L - N - T. If there is any doubt about the adjustment, it is better to consult a specialist, since improper adjustment of the ability to bring the engine down.

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