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How to choose the outdoor gas heater to give: a brief educational program

How to choose the outdoor gas heater to give: a brief educational program

Villa - the main source of vitamins for cityresidents, so as soon as the snow melts, they "fly" to create a greenhouse, hotbed, plant seedlings. Ends season again with snow, but in late autumn. And the most insulting, when invested labor destroy unexpected frost, sudden changes in spring temperatures. Earlier flowering trees trying to protect by means of fires, but now the ingenious owners found that the cold weather is fighting well gas heater for questioning. Of course, it did not come up specifically for the heating of the seedlings or trees. Infrared devices created for visitors to open a cafe, so as to hold them longer at the tables. Season of such establishments short and heaters made it possible to extend it, and thus increase profits.

It was only later on outdoor gas heater "glanced" practical gardeners, noticing how many problems can be solved at the site with the help of infrared trends.


What can be warm with the help of the heater?

  1. Young trees, if the night burst unexpected frost.
  2. Seedlings in unheated greenhouse or a greenhouse, if the spring heat alternates with negative night temperatures.
  3. Heat-loving culture, in which long-termripening, which requires warm weather until early September. But in our latitudes in August the nights are too cold, and watermelons, melons, eggplants do not have time to ripen. So at night near the beds put portable gas heater.
  4. Bt ducklings, chickens, etc., if they are a few days old.
  5. Tiled path, porch, stairs in winterperiod if they are iced over. Heater instantly melt the frost, which caused injury cases. In addition, this method is more gentle to meet, rather than breaking the ice with a crowbar and shovel cleaning.
  6. Zone of recreation in the area, patio, pergola, if the owners wanted to sit down a friendly company in the fresh air, and the temperature is not happy.

Areas of use of the gas heater in the country is so vast that every owner can enter in this list a couple more examples.

Why better gas electric?

Also gas, can be found on sale, andelectric infrared heaters. But for gardeners it is profitable gas systems. They are mobile and can easily be extended to the most remote corners of the site, while the electrical "tied" to the network, and if you need to use them away from the power supply, you have to buy an extension cord huge square footage and pull the wire through the entire cottage. It takes a long time (particularly coiling!). And if power outages, and so it does not connect.

In addition, at the price of gas is cheaper than electricity, andcylinder can always refuel at the gas station. Gas heater has another advantage that may accompany owners even when traveling or on vacation outside the cottages. Gathered men fishing damp morning, put a heater near her - and catch comfortably.

Electric heaters

Electric heaters are very popular in restaurants than in the country. Besides, not everyone in the country in general has electricity

Construction and operation of the unit

To infrared gas heaterradiation worked in its lower part is a gas cylinder. These systems operate on LPG, either propane or butane. Ideally, it is necessary to look at the sale of a model capable of running on both types, because it shows high efficiency propane warmers spring and autumn, when around zero and below the temperature, and butane - in the summer.

The main elements of the gas infra-red heater design

Heat from the gas infra-red heater is distributed in the form of a cone extending from the hood to the ground

The advantage of infrared rays that they do not waste energy for heating the air, and act on the solar method: warm objects and people. From this, it becomes warm, as soon as the device is turned on.

For ignition of the heater does not need matches becausethe system turns on the principle of a conventional kitchen lighters - pezopodzhigom. You press the button on the case - is cut by a spark ignited the gas. Fire begins to warm the special net, and when it is heated to the desired level, it begins to give off infrared radiation. The rays are reflected from the inner reflector and "fly" on the street, heating certain area and all those in it.

Form: pyramidal or torsherny?

Gas heaters can be found in the sale of twoforms. The first - the traditional, invented initially, it looks like an ordinary lamp with cap, resembling a cone, and the extended leg. But if the base floor lamps reminiscent of a circle, the heaters, it is more like a high stand. In this ground-rack hide "the heart of the system" - 25/30-liter tank. This amount of gas will be enough for a day, if the device does not turn on and off. But continuously gas heaters are rarely used. Typically, either two hours or overnight. If you install the device for heating greenhouses or night flowering seedlings, the fuel will be enough for about four nights. If used for warming a rest people, about six or seven nights.

The second form came later. It is more stylish and looks like a pyramid. The pyramidal device differently distributed infrared rays. If torshernyh models they are directed downwards, the heat is supplied in the form of a column, which begins at the ground and rises about 1.5 m. That is, flame is elongated in a glass flask and distributed evenly over the entire height of the glass. But even with strong heating of the flask is no danger of getting burned, because from the outside all closed heater special grille. It also protects the glass casing from accidental bumps, drops and so forth.

Pyramid and torscherevy heater

Pyramid heater distributes heat more evenly around him than torsherny

Tips for choosing a particular model

If you there is a need to buy a gas model, pay attention to the following points:

  • Do you have the device wheels? Heaters are heavy, and if you have to carry them away, it is easier to pull on wheels than on their own hands.
  • What security? Ask the sellers if provided with this modelautomatic gas cut-off system in case the wind will blow the flame. A good supplement will feature shutoff in case of accidental fall of the appliance or a strong inclination.
  • How does a reflector? The reflector defines the zone on whichapply infrared rays. And the diameter is larger, the larger the radius of the area that falls under the warm rays. Look for those heaters that do not have an integral reflector and sectional. If this element is suddenly messed up, you do not have to buy the whole thing, and it will be necessary to replace only the broken section.
  • What is the capacity of the device? The wider the area you plan to heat, thethe device should be more powerful. Practice has shown that vacationers choose heaters whose power = 12 kW. Their strength is enough for normal heating in the range of O to 6 meters. Less powerful systems for street needs unprofitable, and more powerful consume a lot of gas, although the efficiency and heating area is not too different from the 12 kW-ovyh.
  • Easy adjustment. Two types of adjustment is in heaters: fixed (the strong and weak gas supply) and smooth (cottager itself can regulate the desired level, taking into account the ambient temperature). The second option, of course, profitable.

With all the advantages of these devices are able toraise the temperature about 10 degrees, and even then, if the street 10 and above. The lower the temperature, the heat level is weaker. But if you use gas heaters for homes, their efficiency is higher but the air quality is worse (combustion products enter the premises!). These systems are not recommended for prolonged use in small rooms.

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