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How to choose a good electric jigsaw, so you do not regret?

How to choose a good electric jigsaw, so you do not regret?

Jigsaw has a universalopportunities for working any material in the home. Any master in charge of building and repair, wood carving, joinery, there is this kind of tool. To know how to select an electric jigsaw from a wide range offered in specialty stores, it is necessary to understand the basic technical characteristics. Manufacturers produced models endow various additional functions, which is reflected in the price of the instrument. However, not all of these functions are demanded in practice. So, when choosing can not rely solely on the cost model, thinking that the more expensive tools, the better. Then, by the same criteria as how to carry out selection of jigsaw?


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What is a jigsaw and what it is used?

Jigsaw electric saw and abbreviatedjigsaw, relates to hand tools, equipped with an electric drive. The small size of the instrument affects its weight, which is practically not felt. Use the jigsaw to quickly and accurately you can perform the following activities:

  • straight cuts materials such as wood, plastic, drywall. sheet metal, laminate, ceramic tile, etc .;
  • curvilinear cut any of the materials listed above;
  • cutting circular holes of the desired diameter;
  • cutting rectangular holes.

Purpose jigsaw is to perform a large number of operations both in longitudinal and transverse cutting of sheet material, and shaped.

Jigsaw Skil

Example: electric jigsaw, produced in Holland by the Skil, used in the home to perform straight cut parts made of wood and other materials

Design features jig saws

Cutting of material is provided byspecial saw blade, driven by the electric motor. The frequency of the reciprocating movement made by sawing vertically reaches 3,500 strokes per minute. To install the mechanism used by the support platform, which is also called plate or sole. The base plate is used as a guide and provides high precision cutting of the material by maintaining a constant distance from the treated surface.

Availability rotatably supporting platformangle reaches 45 degrees, allows you to change the slope of the cut. The material for the manufacture of the platform is usually steel, aluminum or high strength plastic. Sawing manufacturers closed transparent protective screen is made of plexiglass (plexiglass), which ensures the safety of the work.

Jigsaws and different type handle design, which can be:

  • skoboobraznoy formAllowing a good view of cutting line;
  • mushroom shapedTo facilitate work on inclined planes.

The quality of work does not affect the type of pen, and so choose a tool according to this criterion, based solely on personal preference.

The design of the electric jigsaw

The design of the electric jigsaw intended for professional use, equipped with many additional features to facilitate the operation of this type of hand tool

Hitachi Cordless Jig Saw

Cordless Jig Saw Hitachi, manufactured by well-known Japanese company, is designed to work in places that are inaccessible to connect the instrument to the mains

If you plan to use a jigsaw withoutConnection to the power supply, then purchase the rechargeable model. Only in this way, keep in mind that the use of this tool is limited in time. Power battery models are usually low.

Additional features of the power

Here, it can be incorporated into the design jigsaw:

  • stroke frequency adjustment function It is used with different types ofmaterials. Selecting the stroke frequency can be carried out not only before the start of the operation, but also during it by pressing the start of a strong-lock button. Thus it is possible to increase productivity. The truth is this operation mode power turns fast deterioration of the working canvas.
  • The presence of multi-stage pendulum mechanismCharacteristic of all modern modelsJigsaw allows sawing perform additional horizontal movement (in the direction of sawing, and vice versa) and to perform a material cut only when moving "up". This function affects the increase in productivity without reducing the service life of saw blade, but contributes to the deterioration of the quality of the cut surface. Therefore, when making the cut finishing this function is recommended to disable. This recommendation should be followed when working with sheet steel and hardwood.
  • working area backlight functionBuilt into the jigsaw design, increases the degree of convenience when working in low natural light.
  • The presence of quick-change system saws It facilitates the process of extracting the worn cutting blade by pressing a special lever.
  • Automatic blowing sawdust fan, cooling the engine, frees the cutting line formed from sawdust and dust settling.
  • Ability to connect the power tool to the vacuum cleaner through a special pipe provides rapid clearance from the working surface of the waste, which improves the visibility of the cut line.
  • Availability turning sawing deviceWhereby the working fabric can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing the material to cut a circle of different diameters.
  • lock angle is required to secure the tool position at an angle of zero to 45 degrees.

With this you need - to choose to you.

Professional or home unit?

Electric jigsaws, as well as allpower tools, available for both professional and home use. The equipment is used in everyday life it is not so intense, so its power is inferior to professional models, designed for continuous operation. Characteristically for household tools and a small number of additional functions, and the minimum service life, which is enough for a single application elektrobzika intended. Prices for household models of electric jigsaws 2-3 times lower than professional models.

When choosing, consider the fact that householdJigsaw can cut thin parts made of wood, having a thickness of not more than 70 mm and made of steel - not more than 2.4 mm. Professional models with high capacity and performance, the strength to cut wood up to 135 mm thick, aluminum sheets - up to 20 mm, steel sheets - up to 10 mm. Knowing the thickness of the material that you will be cut, it is easy to determine which is best to choose a jigsaw to perform this operation. Power tools for use in everyday life, is manufactured in China and Poland. Quality tool for professionals produce in Germany, Japan and Sweden.

Cut out round holes jigsaw

Cut out round holes of various diameters electric jigsaws in wood, steel and other sheet materials is carried out quickly and smoothly

elektrobzika Model for professionals from the German company Bosch

Model elektrobzika (electric jigsaw), intended for professional use, released at a known power tool market, the German company Bosch

The main criteria for choosing a particular model

The main indicator, which should be immediatelynote this power tool. Remember that domestic models this figure ranges from 350 to 500 watts, while the professional models - 700 watts. From jigsaw power depends on the depth of the cut, the length of the period of trouble-free operation, operate the tool life.

Important! For powerful character models and more weight, which is important when working with electric hand tools.

No less important criterion is the number ofstrokes per minute. After all, the value of this indicator depends on the speed of operation, as well as a clean cut. Most models of the number of strokes per minute ranges from 0 to 2700-3100. Although there are jigsaws, in which the figure reaches 3,500 strokes / min.

Comfort depends on the use of power toolsof the saw blade replacement system that can be mounted either with screws or clamping device. In the latter case, the replacement blade is made in an accelerated version without special tools.

Note the presence of the possibility ofstroke frequency adjustment only if you intend to use the jigsaw to handle various building materials. Some sheet materials are cut at certain values ​​of this indicator.

If expensive health, purchase patterns,which can be connected to a vacuum cleaner. This feature protects the eyes and respiratory system of the fine dust produced during the operation of the unit, and will keep the work area clean.

Availability of complete replacement saw blades, specialoils for lubrication of working surfaces, screwdrivers and other small things is a nice addition to the product. However, all this can be purchased if necessary in the same specialized shops and service centers, public producers.

Light and silent jigsaws Makita

Light and silent jigsaws MakitaThey are of high quality workmanship and the large number of additional functions. The tool is available on the company's own factories located in Japan, US, UK, China, Romania

Edition Jigsaw engaged in suchknown companies such as Bosch, Makita, Meister, Hitachi, Metabo, Skil. Before you choose a particular jigsaw producer, pay attention to the technical characteristics of similar models sold under different brands. With this approach, you can get the right tool for less money.

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