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How to choose a cultivator for questioning: what to look for before purchasing?

How to choose a cultivator for questioning: what to look for before purchasing?

To ease the suburban chores, far-sightedhosts acquire all sorts of equipment. Especially carefully selected units to work with the soil, because it requires not only the annual vskopki but also loosening, harrowing, removing weeds and so forth. And in this case is indispensable to give the cultivator. But they produced so many options, it's hard to choose the most suitable. It is important to consider how you plan to use it in areas which the complexity and how often. Let us analyze the existing types of cultivators in terms of their most profitable use.


Hand cultivators: zalezut in any gap

Despite the apparent suburban mechanization of labor, nothurry to dismiss such a useful thing as a hand cultivator. He will certainly come in handy in those places area where the equipment will not pass on wheels - on the alpine coaster, flower beds, rabatkah, right next to the fence and pr. for the life of flowers and perennials periodically need to "bother" the soil to give more oxygen to the roots. Technique rosary not handle, because you can damage the neighboring plants, and there is simply no place to turn around. Therefore, in the most confined spaces comes to the aid of hand-cultivator.

Cultivator star (rotary)

His cutting mechanism - the shaft, which putdiscs, resembling an asterisk. Cultivator face down on the long handle to move with the ground without bending. Due to the irregular shape discs pointed tool cuts into the ground and grabs her, lifting and twisting slightly. Together with the ground and weeds emerge.

Hand cultivator

Hand cultivator rotary type is capable of operating in the most difficult places, such as the Alpine hills, narrow ridges and along fences

They are very convenient to move the high ridge cucumbers, potatoes spud planted locally manually (for example, long), cultivate the soil under the conifers on the lawn or flowerbeds, etc..

The only drawback of the tool - bad moves heavy, covered with a crust of the earth. He was not able to break the clay soil.

Row crop cultivators

It is a device with three orfive curved teeth, pointed at the ends. They are easy to "bite" into the compacted soil or nailed rain, breaking the crust. When working with the power necessary to swing one's arms and lower the cultivator to the teeth deeply entered into the soil, and then pull yourself. There are models with a long handle (to the garden) and short (for loosening seedlings in boxes and potted plants).

Row crop cultivators

Cultivators with a small handle is convenient to work in the greenhouse where the seedlings are grown in boxes or potted plants

Gardening equipment: light, medium and heavyweight

In addition to the manual models are available cultivators running on gasoline or electricity.

Depending on the power and weight, they are divided into threeGroup: Lightweight, Featherweight (middle) and heavy. But we can not say which of the groups of "hiding" the best cultivator, because each has its own pros and cons.

Light cultivators

In this group, the majority of units -power. Due to the absence in the motor housing, this technique has a high maneuverability. She is easy to manage. And when you consider that many of the excavation work, we have to do to women, these cultivators are perfect for the weak gentle hands. Total unit weight not exceeding 15 kg, but there are very tiny variations - about 9 kg. They take the mouse and move to another area region will not be difficult, because the weight is equivalent desyatilitrovomu bucket with water.

Light cultivator

Light cultivators easy to manage and weigh little, so any woman without a man's help cope with them

Electric cultivator

The main problem of the electric cultivator - get in the wire down. We must make sure that it does not come under the cutter and popped out of the socket

Light machinery is not able to cultivate the soilto a depth of more than 20 cm (because of its weight). It is designed for processing small plots (10 acres) with loose, well-dressed soils. Heavy soil it too tough. But in greenhouses where space is limited, such a "beast" will be a good helper. The only disadvantage of electrical options - cable, which limits the work area and underfoot.

Cultivators average power

This group includes units whose weightIt ranges from 15 to 35 kg. their power level (3-4 hp) allows you to handle lots of 10-30 acres. Most of the representatives of the "middle class" - gasoline. Due to the heavier weight of the treated soil are deeper and are not afraid of heavy, rain and soil nailed down. But to manage them more difficult than easy technique, because this unit is not recommended for seniors and women.

Cultivator average power

average power cultivator is most suitable for summer cottages 10-15 acres, because it shows good endurance in combination with an acceptable price

Powerful cultivators

This group is the most motley, becauseIt includes not only the cultivation but also the tillers. Let us not make the same mistake, because the walk-behind tractor - a kind of mini-tractor, and he has his own problems at the site. Therefore confine ourselves to models whose weight is between 35 and 60 kg, and power - up to 6 hp This group only gasoline, because it is designed for areas 30-50 acres, and that amount of work an electric cultivator just do not pull.

Heavy cultivator

Powerful unit most deeply dug up the earth, so that if there is no virgin land in the area, they can be produced in autumn and spring plowing the garden

It is necessary to take into account the considerable weight of the cultivator, andits dimensions. On the narrow beds, this technique is very clumsy. Its field of activity - the planting of potatoes, beets, carrots, which have wide grooves and arranged in long rows. Very easy to use powerful cultivator digging near barrel circles trees. It is easy to raise wheat grass, sow thistle and other weeds, helps maintain the garden tidy condition. But again, the trees should be free space, so the technique could maneuver.

Nozzles for the cultivator: what are the most useful?

Each cultivator attached nozzle, which allow various agricultural operations. Part goes directly to the kit, and some are offered as optional equipment.

Before you choose a cultivator, read,what is included in its package. But keep in mind that the lighter model in order to lower the number of operations it is intended. For example, the nozzle "Potato" is only in the group of heavy equipment, because it works at great depths.

The most necessary tools:

  • hiller;
  • ploskorez;
  • Potato;
  • plow;
  • aerator for lawn;
  • Rotary mower;
  • garden waste shredder;
  • shovel, snow blower.

Note that the width of the milling will depend on thepower tiller. The "beast" is more powerful, the more widely the seizure of farmland. This may be a disadvantage if the beds are small. Therefore, try to trim the size of equipment under his backyard.

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