How to implement remote control of lighting on their site?

How to implement remote control of lighting on their site?

Lighting the infield is used for different purposes. Most often the light is necessary to ensure basic security. Uninvited guests sidestep areas where their appearance will not go unnoticed. Another important feature is the creation of comfortable conditions of stay of the owners of the site. Properly lit area with well-placed lighting creates a sense of security. Special mention deserves the festive lights. Nice, if its inclusion will happen as if by magic. Meanwhile, the remote lighting today from the dream turns into reality.

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The use of all technical innovations, which can be used in the garden is the choice of civilized man. Is no exception the possibility of remote control of lighting. The advantages of this innovation is obvious.

It can help:

  • to ensure a smooth switching on and off lighting devices;
  • to adjust the lighting levels of the site;
  • extend the life of lighting devices;
  • to lower the level of electricity consumption.

Well-organized management of electric lights allows you to extend its use in different areas of the garden. Will not leave anyone indifferent swimming in the illuminated pool, or simply a contemplation of the fountain of music and light accompanied by.

There is something magical about a walk on the lighted paths of the garden and evening gatherings for tea in the beautifully lit gazebo. Here you can relax in the evening from the day’s summer heat. Yes, and the house with the able lights of its architectural details produces a completely different, calming impression.

Illuminated fountain

The fountain is beautiful in itself, but in the evening time after the heat of the day can not only enjoy its coolness, but also to see how wonderful he is, if properly illuminated

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Equipment for light control

To provide remote switching of lighting, can be used the following equipment:

  • controllers wall-mounted type;
  • light switches remote control;
  • a personal computer (PC);
  • mobile device (phone or smartphone).

Now let us examine the capabilities of each of these devices.

Controller of wall type

Externally mounted controller, similar to a conventional switch. It is also used to transmit a signal to turn on or off the light. On the wall it can be attached with several screws. The power to this device is from the battery.

Light switches and their types

Remote light switches are divided into two groups — the infrared and radio:

  • Infrared. Today we are so used to remotes with which you can turn on the TV or switch channels, they become completely helpless if it «smart» the device is suddenly lost. Improving the management of TV has spawned many other devices, the team who also served with remotes. Further developments contributed to the emergence of electric devices controlled by infrared rays. A disadvantage of the control panels on the infrared rays is their limited coverage: only in sight. Even 12 meters can become for them an insurmountable distance.
  • RC. The light switch with remote control is radio copes with its functions and outside of direct visibility. Also important is the fact that clogged the airwaves in the work of such panels does not occur. To meet the needs of the garden plot is enough transmitter power 10милливатт, operating at a frequency of 433 or 868 MHz. The radius of such a device is 100 meters. However, the presence of natural obstacles can reduce the range of its signal. But by using relay it is possible to solve this problem.
Remote light switches

Remote switches lighting of the site can be radio-controlled and infrared. The main difference is the girth areas with the signal

Here is an example of Chinese simple device:

You can also alter an existing remote control in conjunction with a special controller:

PC and light control

To control the lighting of the house and area, using a personal computer. For he developed a special software. If the owner of the site spends a lot of time working at the computer, then use the remote to control the light he didn’t need – just bring your own PC.

The computer is useful when you need remote influence. You can, for example, to turn off a forgotten light or Vice versa, to enable it to create the effect of the presence of the house owners.

PC and smartphone controlled lighting

And a personal computer and a regular cell phone or smartphone can be used as equipment for remote control of lighting with the appropriate software

Control via mobile devices

The smartphone in this case performs the same function as the computer. It can also be loaded with the appropriate software application. Having an ordinary cell phone can not only turn on and off the light, but to regulate its intensity. This is done using coded sms messages.

Lighting scenarios the garden plot

To achieve the above effects from the use of the remote control system electricity at the site, required careful study of the project. Get to work at random without minimum knowledge in the field of electricians impossible. To work such a plan to attract the best professionals. Begin:

  • to develop a detailed placement plan on the plot of lighting, taking into account their capacity;
  • identify the sectors of lighting and the order of combining the lamps in the circuit;
  • select the power cables with the account attributable to load them, pave them in accordance with the developed plan and the existing rules of fire safety;
  • to mount the shield automation with the selected backlighting scenarios.
Plan the placement of lighting fixtures

The task of developing a plan of accommodation on a plot of illuminants based on their capacity and capabilities of enterprises in the chain need to be outsourced to experts

Most frequently used scenarios, lighting garden, home and local area are the following:

  • Holiday. The lighting scheme included the house and surrounding area. It is assumed the change of intensity and color.
  • Night lighting of the garden. The perimeter of the site, individual features (gazebo, for example), the architectural forms and paths make up this lighting scheme.
  • Romantic. The scheme covers the allocation of certain areas of the site when using the subdued light, and with the inclusion of garden paths. Such areas are most likely to be a pond, fountain, gazebo, etc.
  • Disturbing. The scheme covers the entire territory of the plot with the use of blink.

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Backlight house and the local area

Adequate home lighting makes it particularly cosy and attractive in the evening, and illuminated the garden looks inviting and magical

Illuminated pond

On the banks of this fabulous pond with lighting I want to sit a long time, enjoying the evening cool and spicy scent of flowers

Commonly used and emergency lighting: illumination of the elements of the house, gates and wickets. When the gate or gates open, connected garage lighting, walkways, entrance doors to the house.

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